Rid Yourself Of Blood Pressure Medication Naturally - It Is Possible By Practicing A Healthier Lifestyle

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Is It Possible To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally? YES!

I am now 36 years old and slightly overweight. Last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I knew then what superman felt like when he was exposed to kryptonite. So after the doctor took away my immortality, I went to the pharmacy and filled my prescription for Avapro.

I took it hard, the doc wasn't so nice about it either. I asked her how long I'd be on the meds, I figured three four months max then the BP would be under control, nope. "You"ll be on these meds the rest of your life, If you want to get off of them you'd have to run a marathon every day of your life, and even then your blood pressure might still be elevated."

Well, that just freaked me right out. I spent the next week feeling like a geriatric patient while taking these little white pills every day, just like the doctor ordered. My blood pressure did go lower with the meds, down to 117/78 from the original 140/90. Then I started thinking about what the doctor told me that day when my superpowers were stripped from me, I decided that I would prove her wrong. I started working out, and eating right. I did the Weight Watchers thing with my wife and Jennifer Hudson, together we counted points with our calculators and made creative snacks that were low in everything and high in flavor (and fiber)...

Off The Meds!

A few short months later I had lost close to thirty pounds! This had a positive impact on my blood pressure, It was now down to 99/65. All was well and I felt and looked great.

However, after a while of living this way I began to feel lightheaded and dizzy almost to the point of fainting after getting up from crouching for more than thirty seconds. Hmmm, I thought, could it be? My blood pressure was too low? I thought about it and I actually went against my doctors wishes, (don't ever do that), and I weaned myself off of the meds. It's important to wean yourself off of this type of drug carefully, otherwise you may cause your blood pressure to spike suddenly.

It was my then 70 year old grandfather who inspired me to ditch the meds. When I was a kid I remember seeing him looking all drugged and exhausted from all the side effects of the meds he was taking. He was being a good human, listening to his doctor and taking his meds as told to. Poor man, every med he was taking had an undesirable side effect. One day he had enough. He decided that he didn't want to live the rest of his life feeling groggy, so he decided to just stop everything. He took all of his pills and threw them in the garbage! My grandma was so mad! I saw his point and kind of took a different approach but to the same effect.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging you to ditch you're meds without telling your doctor. In my case the blood pressure meds were a temporary band aid for the real problem, my excess weight and lack of exercise. The meds allowed me to have safe blood pressure levels immediately while diet and exercise remedied the real causes of the problem.

My Real Kryptonite

This whole journey helped me realize that my unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle was my real Kryptonite.

I had already made that change in my lifestyle and was ready to ditch my meds just like my grandfather did all those years ago.

I did not want to mask the symptoms of my unhealthy lifestyle with meds as so many do. This is a dangerous game leading to stronger and stronger medication. I did not want to become dependent on a little white pill when I could have solved the problem naturally.

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