Diet Plans: A Nutrisystem Review

What is NutriSystem?

I have seen a lot of NutriSystem commercials recently. Most of these commercials show famous people that supposedly lost a lot of weight on the Nutrisystem diet. NutriSystem, if you didn't already know, is a diet unlike any other. Instead of telling you what to eat and what not to eat, NutriSystem allows you to order from a wide variety of foods. This food is then shipped to you, and you are prompted to follow the eating plan that comes with it.


Does it work?

This is a question asked about many diets: Does it work? I have a friend who tried the NutriSystem diet, and the results showed. However, the terrible food forced her to quit soon after. NutriSystem claims the diet works because it is based on an advanced study of the glycemic index. That seems to be a fancy way of saying less food with less flavor. My friend let me try a few NutriSystem meals that left me anything but satisfied.

Terrible food!

I first tried the eggs. I was very excited to hear that my friend had some packs of NutriSystem scrambled eggs. When I opened one of these packages, I was confronted by a mound of yellow powder. The lid of the package read "Add Hot Water." That's exactly what I did, and what was once powder expanded dramatically to become a pile of slimy eggs. These eggs tasted exactly like they looked and smelled, terrible. Fortunately, my friend said I could try a hamburger. Now I was really excited. I mean, what other diet lets you eat a hamburger?! I opened the package this time to find a dry hamburger. Again, the lid read "Add Hot Water." Again, I followed the directions and added hot water. The burger came to life and expanded to about twice its original size. Unlike the eggs, the burger actually looked pretty good. If only it tasted as good as it looked. I was left nearly puking up what I had just consumed. Finally, it was time for desert. I opened a box of chocolates. I was plesently surprised when I didn't see the words "Add Hot Water." Unfortunately, the chocolates still tasted like cardboard.

NutriSystem Scrambled Eggs



In conclusion, I would not recommend the NutriSystem diet. My friend ended up quitting the diet after about 2 weeks time. Dan Marino claims "NutriSystem lets you eat like a man!" If you call a hamburger that you have to add hot water to manly food, then something must be wrong with you. There is no way I could actually live off NutriSystem food for more than a week. The portions are tiny and the food is terrible. Do yourself a favor and don't go near the NutriSystem diet. You won't regret it!

NutriSystem Commercial

A Second Opinion

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dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

This was really funny, Marshall! If you really wanna lose weight, live off campus (from college) with a bunch of guys with no money. We did this and barely survived on beer. Go figure. Thanks Marshall! You must be close to finish the challenge by now.

pgrundy 7 years ago

Whenever these commercials come on the TV we always laugh because the food looks SO BAD! It's like, whoa! If it looks THAT BAD on TV, with all the special lighting and what not, what does it look like for real?????

What a rip off! Thanks for the hub. I'm sure you can feed yourself terrible food in small portions for A LOT less money than Nutrisystem charges.

(P.S.--There are worse things than being fat. I wish everybody would just lighten up about all that.)

marshall92 profile image

marshall92 7 years ago Author

dohn121: Sounds like a fun way to lose weight :). I have 27/30 hubs completed! Thanks for your comment!

pgrundy: Very true. The food looks and tastes bad. I think I would rather starve myself for a week if I were fat. Thanks for your comment!

carmellowyoshi profile image

carmellowyoshi 7 years ago

ok, i honestly laughed at this hub. nice work marsh!

bradshaweric 6 years ago

im going to start it today...with smartones and healthy choice as goes nothing

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