Dietary Changes for a Long, Healthy Life

I promise to stay away from the supper obvious in this post. Everyone knows to cut down on sweets and fried foods, and everyone knows that we all need exercise. So let’s focus on a couple of simple things that are easy changes to your daily life that also won’t break the bank, like many diets can.

First of all let’s take a look at salads. I know that we all play the, “but I had a salad for lunch,” card on occasion. If your salad was primarily iceberg lettuce, than you have done nothing for your body. OK, it’s better than a taco salad, but it’s not really healthy. There are almost no vitamins or minerals in iceberg lettuce. Instead, make a salad out of mixed field greens and spinach leaves. You want the darkest colored leaves as possible. Add in a handful of dried cranberries and sliced almonds. Toss with a very light vinaigrette. This salad not only provides tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but it costs the same to make as an iceberg salad with cheese. A couple slices of tomato also add a flavor kick.

The next change is vegetables. I know that you need no reminder to eat veggies, but the type and variety of the vegetables is the key. If possible, try to eat at least one carrot, one head of broccoli, and at least one stalk of celery every day. This combination is great for regulating blood pressure and provides a bunch of vitamins. Eating vegetables every day is one of the main things that you an do to extend your healthy life.

Water is also one of those easy and cheap changes to your daily life. Without a surplus of water in your diet, your body cannot operate at its best. Also, without enough water in your diet, your body cannot get rid of its waste as easily. As waste builds up inside of you, it can cause all types of health issues. Excess waste can even turn septic and can poison you and can even kill you if it gets bad enough. Drink enough water that your urine stays clear throughout the day, even after meals. If you can, try to avoid soda pop. Even diet cola can be just as bad for you as regular. Also, caffeine can slow the body’s ability to repair itself.

Fruits are also extremely important to get a good mix of. An apple a day is a great idea, but an apple, a pear, a banana, and an orange every day is ten times better. Mix up your fruits and if you have a tough time working in different fruits, dump them all in a blender and make a smoothie out of them. Pre-made smoothies and fruit/veggie drinks are OK, but are not nearly as good for you as the real ingredients. Many of these beverages add preservative, salt, and other flavorings that change them from a great idea to a bad idea.

Reduce the amount of red meat that you eat. Add extra protein by eating a handful of unsalted nuts every day. Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds are excellent for you in moderation. Cheese and dairy are also good for you in moderation. You can eat them every day, just monitor how much. A few ounces of cheese is good, a brick of cheese is bad.

There are tons of healthy living ideas that you can research on your own. The main thing that you need to know is that you can change your diet and improve your life without breaking the bank and without going on some crazy diet or meal plan. Avoid crash diets and pills that claim that they can make you healthier. The only pills that you should ever ingest would be a decent multi-vitamin. But, I assure you, proper eating will do more for your health than any vitamin ever could.

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

I like that you gave such an emphasis on water - so many of us disregard good old H20 for artificial beverages.

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