Different Kinds of Exercises For Beginners

Different Kinds of Exercises

Exercise is always good for us since it brings about several positive effects, both physically and psychologically. It is recommended that everyone should exercise at least 30 minutes daily for good health. But, people often get confused when they think upon beginning an exercise routine. However, creating an exercise routine is not nearly as hard as it seems. Exercise comes in many different forms from the simple everyday exercise we all get such as just walking, to more vigorous fitness routines such as an aerobics workout. All forms of exercise use muscles and using our muscles on a regular basis can increase muscle size, strength and endurance, but not every form of exercise will have the same effect. To create the best exercise routine, it is important to first understand the different kinds of exercise.

In reality, there are two main different kinds of exercise. Almost all exercises fall under the category of cardiovascular or resistance. To create an effective exercise routine, it is important to find a balance between these two kinds of exercise.

Cardiovascular Exercises / Aerobic Exercises

The first kind of exercise, also called aerobic exercise, helps to lose weight or improve the health of their body. They include any exercise which has the goal of improving the respiratory and circulatory system, strengthening skeleton, helping in digestion, improving metabolism and co- ordination.

This category of exercise includes activities such as jogging, running, cycling, dancing, playing sports and many others. Cardiovascular exercise can be an excellent way to improve your health. To obtain the best results from this form of exercise, you should try to engage in any form of cardio three to four times per week.

Resistance training /Anaerobic Exercise

The second kind of exercise also called anaerobic exercise or weight-lifting encompasses all the exercises with the primary goal of increasing or toning muscle mass. This includes things such as weight training, functional training, sprinting, Pilates and Yoga.

To get optimal results, resistance training should be engaged in three to four times per week. This type of training can be done either on the same day as cardiovascular training, or on alternate days. The choice really comes down to your personal preferences and schedule. Lifting weights of heavy loads forces the muscles to contract, training on regular occasions with weights will then cause your muscles cells to enlarge and as a result your muscles get bigger.

There are some forms of exercise which makes use of both resistance and endurance training, swimming for example is an endurance exercise as you have to push against the water to move and pushing against the water also causes resistance.

By finding the best balance of cardiovascular and resistance exercises, you can ensure that you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Flexibility Exercise:

Flexibility exercise is performed to enhance the movements of muscles and joints. Stretching and bending are the common ways of flexibility training. This exercise type helps in preventing muscle stiffness and joint pain (to some extent). Along with a warm-up session, stretching exercise should be performed before and after the exercise schedule. This will help to reduce muscle soreness or injuries, and in the proper recovery of the muscles after the exercise.

Different Types of Exercise:


It combines rhythmic aerobic exercise and includes stretching and strength training routines to improve all elements of fitness. It is usually performed along with music.

Toning classes:

Toning classes are designed to firm up your muscles, and usually concentrate on areas like the legs, bottom and stomach.


Yoga is a form of exercise that concentrates on different positions and deep breathing techniques. It can improve your flexibility and posture and relax your body and mind.


Helps make the body more strong and supple and can improve posture (the way you stand). It teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aimed at strengthening the deep torso muscles. There's a lot of balancing work, which is difficult at first but gets easier as your muscles get stronger.

Body combat: Body combat uses techniques from tai-chi, boxing and karate. It is meant to improve your heart rate working of the lungs. There are lots of kicking and punching moves, which require a fairly good level of fitness.

Swimming: Swimming works every muscle in your body and is of low impact and so people with health conditions such as arthritis, back pain, or women who are pregnant can do it without any risk. Aqua aerobics classes take place in the pool, and use the water as resistance (weight) for toning. It is usually done in shallow water.

Weightlifting: Weight bearing exercises are good for toning up muscles and strengthening the bones. Lots of people do a few weight bearing exercises along with their usual workout. People that want to make their muscles much bigger, do a lot of weight lifting. This needs to be kept up over time for best results.

There is no specific time and place for exercise, and it is never too late to start exercising. However, it is to be noted that too much exercise, without a proper diet may be harmful to health. It is advisable that pregnant women and people who have medical complications should consult and seek advice from the physician, before following a particular exercise program. This will help in recognizing and preventing any possible health risks.

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