Different kinds of foods to keep healthy

Healthy Natural Foods

Start at the heart of health with great food choices.
Start at the heart of health with great food choices.
Healthy fruits and vegetables.
Healthy fruits and vegetables.

5 Key Foods to Healthy Blood Pressure

Even before we talk best food choices, think about how much you spend on food. That is money you never see again. Stressful? Cut the stress in half by using proper planning resources.

Each one of these keys, by itself, only accounts for a minimal assistance to a healthy blood pressure. Collectively, they can add up to 15% or more lowering of blood pressure levels. Our bodies are designed to maintain optimum performance in a natural environment. Of course most of us are bombarded with unnatural factors daily. Pollution, plastics, carcinogenic sweeteners, noise, stress, over medication, and a plethora of other toxins. The more we can assist our bodies to return to a clean natural state, the better they will perform.

Per request, here are some high nutrition, low fat, low sugar healthy food choices to help lower blood pressure:

#5 - Skim, Soy, or I have just recently enjoyed almond milk. Fortified with calcium and vitamin D that work together. Vitamin D is naturally created while you are outside in the sun. You only need about a half hour day of sunshine for your body to create optimum levels of vitamin D. If you are low on vitamin D, your body will have a challenge using calcium in your skeletal and muscular systems. Vitamin D degrades easily, so the fresher your milk the better.

#4 - Spinach and other leafy greens. These are loaded with natural phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The challenge of the modern diet is finding time and quality sources of these body building components. The wellness industry is predicted to be the next trillion dollar industry. In large part, to the fact it is cheaper to be healthy than to be hospitalized. There are many sources for supplementation, and thus, it requires a little research to find the most effective brands. Most of the cheap mineral supplements found on a store shelf are very ineffective. That is why the bottle directs you to take two horse pills two or three times a day. Because our body is not designed to absorb ground up rocks.

#3 - Beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot. Potassium, magnesium, and fiber help to stabilize blood pressure. While potassium and magnesium work on a biochemical level, fiber aids in proper digestive health. The better your digestive health the less internal stress. As my fans are aware, the more stress in her life (whether you see it as a self creation or from external factors) the less effective our body systems will be. Our thoughts are things and have a direct effect on our health. Take time to destress through exercise, martial arts, painting, prayer, meditation, loving your family, camping, vacations, and healthy nutrition.

#2 - Walnuts and almonds. Full of omega-3 fatty acids, healthy nuts helps support your cardiovascular system. Healthy omega-3s help reduce bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol or LDL can lead to blocked arteries and heart disease.

The Number One Healthy Food


The #1 Health Food

The number one health food is dark chocolate. Not to be overdone, and only eat an average of 50-100 calories a day. Even the American Medical Association has recognized studies that show dark chocolate lowering blood pressure without weight gain.

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Teresa 6 years ago

First i-search about this healthy foods,then i try this at home.....The result is my body become healthy....You can try this at ur home it is really good job.......

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 5 years ago from Near the Ocean

I have trouble digesting soy but do great with almond milk. Thanks for the chocolate info :)

mae 4 years ago

thank you for the chocolate........

melba lomot 4 years ago

its was very beautiful but its that true

unknown 4 years ago

it reaaly works and i used it in a project that i made

bethanie 4 years ago

lots of different food

chue 4 years ago

chocolate is my favorate....dilicious and give high calories

kilabot 009 4 years ago


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