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There are many types of psychoactive narcotic drugs. Marijuana is one of them. Inert feelings are created in brain due to this drug which creates damaged brain cells. Thus, marijuana has so many effects on the human body and mind.

Marijuana Ingredients

Marijuana generally refers to the dried flowers and subtending leaves and stems of the female cannabis plant. The major chemical component of the psychoactive marijuana is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol which is abbreviated as THC. There are also 66 other cannabinoids that are contained in marijuana. They are cannabinol (CBN), cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). 5% THC is contained in marijuana.

There have been many studies to identify the negative impacts due to the marijuana. Specialists have observed that brain is affected by THC. While smoking marijuana, THC passes from the lungs into the blood stream while the chemicals are carried by it to the brain and other organs of the body. THC has effects on several parts of the brain and creates a series of reactions that lead to high stages as time passed. Thus, marijuana intoxication causes weakened coordination, distorted awareness, difficulty in thinking and solving a problem. Prolonged use also causes problems with learning and memory. The bad impacts of marijuana on memory and learning may last for days or weeks. The long-term effects of marijuana on the brain are the changing of brain cells that contain dopamine. The dopamine neurons control human behaviors including reward and motivation.

Marijuana Side Effects

Long-term usage of marijuana may lead to addiction. This has harmful effects on social relationships with family, work, school and entertaining activities. It causes sleeplessness, decreased taste, bad temper and anxiety all of which make it hard to quit. Excessive use of marijuana causes depression, anxiety, suicidal desire and schizophrenia.

Chronic use of marijuana, especially in youngsters causes risk of mental illness, vulnerability, and exposure to violence. The heart beat rate after abusing marijuana is increased by 20 to 80 percent and this effect can last for over 3 hours.

Marijuana Disadvantages

Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana usage has many horrific impacts in an abuser’s life. Behavioral interference including motivational influence and behavioral therapy has shown effectiveness in treatment of marijuana users.

Currently, no medications are available while research has given the hope that there will be some medications to prevent and ease withdrawal of the intoxication results of marijuana.

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dallas 4 years ago

screw you.... marijuana is good!

Rosemary 4 years ago

I am thrilled with this news because a neighbor uses this drug constantly and the smoke finds its way into my flat and knocks me out, debilitating me, leaving me whizzing, coughing, sneezing, eyes and nose watering, chest burns, stomach pains down to my bladder, and sluggish limps and vomiting.

Rosemary 4 years ago

I am thrilled with this news because a neighbor uses this drug constantly and the smoke finds its way into my flat and knocks me out, debilitating me, leaving me whizzing, coughing, sneezing, eyes and nose watering, chest burns, stomach pains down to my bladder, and sluggish reluctant limbs, vomiting and headaches.

jack wilberg 4 years ago

It seems like scientist are working hard to find some serious disadvantage . Till then THC sounds bullshit to me , when everyone is smoking tobacco its better to take weed cause its much much much less harmful than tobacoo.....

jack wilberg 4 years ago

It seems like scientist are working hard to find some serious disadvantage . Till then THC sounds bullshit to me , when everyone is smoking tobacco its better to take weed cause its much much much less harmful than tobacoo.....

screaming in silence 4 years ago

im 18 and i was severly addicted to weed for over 2 years. over the past year of slowing down my habbits i developed a form of schizophrenia because of it. i find it difficult to quit pot now because it eases my schitzo, but at the same time weed elevates it. it has wrecked my life and i feel i cant do anything. when im with my family and friends im hilarious and outgoing, but on the other hand when im talking to people i don't know i sketch out. ive sketched on loved ones and its not fun but im now engaged to the same woman. ive never done any other drug. i love weed and i hate it. so fuck you people who think it isn't harmfull and fuck you people who think it is harmfull

mike 4 years ago


Mr Dude man. 4 years ago

Dude.... that's deep. keep on toking ma man

dick mcsuckmyballs 4 years ago

marijuana doesn't effect you heart rate at all.

penis mcsuckmydick 4 years ago

ur very wrong dick. jst because it doesn't effect u doesn't mean other don't get it

beenthere 3 years ago

I smoked marijuana for 10 years from age 13 to 23. If I could go back to that time period, would I do it again? In all honesty, no. I am not entirerly in agrreement with everything stated about the dissadvantages of marijuana, like loss of taste. Its more like everything tastes extra good. It being addictive is debatable. In the various forms of hemp use, I have heard that hemp has many worthy uses that I have no objection towards. I have also heard of some people who are very allergic to hemp. Yet, the uses of marijuana needs to not be confused with the uses for hemp. It's just a fact that Marijuana does have a psychoaffective impact on our brain. For so many, the adverse effects of marijuana are not experienced in shorterm nor longterm use, so they do not understand what it is like for those who have, and may also not believe those who have. Yet, let's be real here, it's not so hard to understand that people can and do have different reactions to drugs whether legal or not legal drugs. These following effects while using marijuana are what I experienced. I would like to add that during those 10 years, marijuana was the only form of ellicit drug I used daily, and that there was only one source from whom I got it from, of whom readily supplied me for free, grew it himself, used it himself and he has used it since he was in grade school (6th grade, he is now 55 years old). He is also closely related to me, and his reasoning for supplying me as much as I wanted for free was because he did not want me to use any drugs sold on the streets where it could possibley be laced with some other psychoaffective drug. I experienced short term memory loss, coughing, red glassy eyes, munchies, giggles, feelings of happy highs, feeling mellow, lazzy, sleepy, poor judgement while driving a vehicle, slowed reflex, relaxed, pain relief, talk-a-tive to very quiet, towards the end of the ten year period I experienced accessive coughing, wheezing, chronicbroncitis, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, severe headaches, moodswings, snappy, vertigo, temporary full loss of vision while still awake and standing, temporary loss of movement of my entire body though my eyes were open and could still see and hear. Needless to say, I was scared straight. It took a year to physically get over the wheezing, chronicbroncitis. I have tried to smoke marijuana just a couple of times since where both times I experienced vertigo, and wheezing. I have often wondered why marijuana affected me in the end that way while my friends did not seem to have these same adverse reactions, yet I have heard from friends that they know of others who have had the same or similar experiences as I did with smoking marijuana. If you are wondering how it has affcted my close relative who supplied me and who still uses marijuana till today, I have wondered who he could have been without it in his life. He too experiences severe headaches for many years now, had at one time stopped for several months and headache free. Currently he is not all there in the head, though seemingly harmless, he is somewhat paranoid and manipulative, has not been able to hold onto a job for very long for most of his life, a strong advocate for pro-marijuana and hemp use, tells fantastic frabicated stories, divorced, children moved far away, estranged from his parents, siblings, unpridictable, has had two restraint orders against him, can be verbally and physically abusive, untrustworthy, unreliable, and homeless from time to time. Could this all have stemmed from his chronic marijuana use since childhood for most of his life? You decide. So to any readers out there who feel strongly pro-marijuana and post crude and spiteful remarks to those who are not, please at least try to understand that it's not all a bunch of B.S. when you hear about the disadvantages of using marijuana. It may not have happen to you, may never will, or heaven forbid, perhaps just not as yet. The disadvantages of marijuana are not funny, are harmful, and you will not like to experience them. The use of it for terminal illnesses I think is okay. Be aware. Be safe. Be blessed.

Shankie 3 years ago

Keep on rollin!!!

alenkhe 3 years ago

try the advantages

satish 2 years ago

It is very dengerous drug once I taked dis drug and I feeld alone and like a mad

nash 2 years ago

You try to weigh wch is heavier than the other,,,, is it the advantage or disadvantages

Didthat 2 years ago

u guys just didn't understand what beenthere said.i realize wht u sayin.2 years now and m slowly getting addicted.I wont smoke this shit anymore.

hari 2 years ago

i cant sleep well. ..i can sleep only 2 hours a day. .eventhough that wont give happy. ...

lucky 2 years ago

jbkvhkv, ullbljhljlg hkhkgljfljgbjgj,j,hgl hlhlkglljgkk;hhh i glg

lucky 2 years ago

sab maroge madarchodo khub pio joint ,

scratch 2 years ago

Marijuana makes me feel high and natural not tobacco

smack 2 years ago

Owe really..

Datsoftdude. 2 years ago

If its good for you ROLL ON,if it aint....QUIT!!

ritwik 2 years ago

Marijuana is so bad I smoked it from last two years and I feel very lazy sleepy and alone it also impact on my mind and I tried to quit it and I also request to those people who addicted of marijuana

sakhy.mwelase@gmail.com 2 years ago

Let the spirit of sflif keep burning jah rastafari.....igziabeher

brian 20 months ago

Marijuana is my life i have to burn it every day!!!!

sebetsa 20 months ago

Fire burn.jah rastafari king selasie I the first n da last.weed is good nt bad.

Khalil 19 months ago

in my country the use of marijauna is common. I can guess that about 80% of male smoke. I had friend who brought me in it for 3-5 years. The last two years I was using increasingly marijauna which caused me to stop being pro-thinking or pro-active, I lost all my innovation abilities and started digging my grave with depression. My mind stopped learning new things as I was a student too. I was pretty awesome before that I have had beautiful and strong hair which is increasingly reduced now. The THC which is mentioned has an important role in hair fall. I faced extreme problem with my memory. Don't do it, if you it, try to love yourself a little bit and get off the shit from your ass.

cameroon 17 months ago

so what now?do i just quit?i think it my heart rate fast but i dont know about the rest for me.and i may be cardiac,but what about the advantages? i cant just forget they exist,and besides everything has an advantage and disadvantage if abused,so i just need to regulate it right?

Benjamin from PNG 7 months ago

I take marijuana after my day's job(whether schooling or any physical activity) to ease me from all my mental and physical pain etc.

I suggests that you take it not regularly,but when you feal tired, just to relax yourself from all your worries and pain...

ritesh 4 months ago

marijuana is prasad of shivji..

so dnt avoid.... its happens lots of knlwdge , tention free, and reach to near god like shiv ji... its reall world

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