Doctor office Supplies List - The essential medical gown

Doctor Supplies

Doctors Supplies - The Essential Modest Hospital Gown
Doctors Supplies - The Essential Modest Hospital Gown

Doctor Supplies - The Essential Hospital Gown

I am a concerned patient and friend. As you read you'll find that I have come to understand what kind of doctor supplies need to be implemented in family practices. Now, I have to admit. This comes by way of an embarrassing story a 'friend of mine' had whilst I was with her visiting the doctor. To keep her name safe, we'll just call her . . . Bertha. (Yes, she was large). She was there for a procedure which I was not allowed (nor did I want to witness) inside of the medical clinic.

Part of the examination required her to disrobe. Suggestion number one to stock in the supplies for doctors: Gowns that protect dignity. The reason for this is because while she was having preliminary examinations, her back was toward the door. A nurse decided to enter (yes, she did knock but did not wait for a response) and there she was: Exposed for all the world to see in the lobby. Mortified, she left the doctor's office, hoping that a modest gown was part of the doctor supplies.

She told me this story, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Her plea I echo to medical physicians everywhere: One, don't put patients by the doors, and two, find a modest hospital gown as part of your doctor supplies.

Any good doctor comes prepared. Doctor supplies are hardly quantitative and can seem overwhelming to remember. Now, I'm not talking about the doctor office supplies, or the sundry items found in medical clinics. Just those items to protect vulnerable patients.

Why do we need modest hospital gowns as part of the essential doctor supply closets? Well, do you think that my friend 'Bertha' is going to back to that clinic? Not likely, nor is she going to seek medical treatment without PTSD flashbacks. Any physician would gladly have repeat clientele, so long as their experience was made, well, less embarrassing.


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