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What Antioxidants got to do with Anti-Ageing

The Industrial Revolution occurred in the period from 1733 and extended to the period from 1820 to 1840. This industrial transition changed our manufacturing processes from hand procedures to machine production methods. The new industrial phase facilitated the production of new machines and tools, the development of chemical manufacturing, iron production and an arsenal of chemicals for mining, manufacturing, industrial and household use.

Fast forward to today, the oceans are contaminated with mercury and tons of cooperate waste. in most or all major cities the environments are polluted. Our foods are processed with preservatives to last longer. Aerosol spray cans are full of industrial chemicals for our household convenience, hair sprays are now part of a normal life style which are being inhaled by most females on a daily basis, and, manufacturing plants and vehicles burn fossil fuels for energy which is expelled into the air. In other words, we live and breathe chemicals, it's in the air, in our foods, in our cells, in our hair. industrial Chemicals are every where.

The World is one big industry

During the Industrial Revolution, illnesses and diseases ravaged the weak and the young and, plagues destroyed large populations. There were no procedures, medicines or methods to control and maintain care; neither were there ways to isolate the infected/sick. The methods utilized during the industrial revolution were inadequate. It was the period when medical technology began taking root, and many instruments were manufactured to aid doctors in their fight against diseases. Most of the instruments were being produced in England during 1733 to 1760, establishing an industrial growth that embodied the Industrial Revolution. Actually, about the very same period the first cotton mill went into production, and the toxic fumes from the cotton mill killed many of the workers, the rapid use of chemicals in some industrial towns dropped the life expectancy rate of the population to as low as 17 years of age.

The world of today is one big industry churning out all types of toxic fumes into our cities atmosphere. With the passage of time, we've evolved and adapted to living and breathing with the pollutions we produce. Contrary to the early years of the industrial revolution we now have great medical technologies and our life span has increased into the eighties, yet, more and more new types of toxic fumes permeate the environment daily. Pollution is know to have a major effect on the way we age which is sadly part of living in an industrial city.

AntiOxidant Medicinal Plants

Antioxidants and Free Radicals
Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Oxidants and free radical damage

In the mid 1990s, a study was conducted that showed the highest count of oxidant damage occurred with the disabled elderly while the lowest contents oxidation was found on younger healthy adults. In the same study, high blood levels containing the antioxidants of vitamins E and C were associated with few disabilities and signs of ageing, and oxidants or free radical damage was associated to those with the deficiency of the antioxidant vitamins. The study showed the possibility of oxidant damage playing a major roll in the ageing process of the body.

Fast forward to real time: I recently had coffee with an old friend of mine who happens to be program director. She designs programs to empower individuals or groups in activities to keep them active mentally and physically. During our conversation, she mentioned that there were an increased number of younger people befallen by mental illnesses, some in there early forties. In her observation, in most cases the common factor was the use of chemicals. Her clients all had histories of working with chemical solvents, long term drugs use, and working with aerosol sprays for industrial and cosmetics use. I know from basic chemistry how these components react to oxidation. The final analysis applies to the body cells, molecules and atoms. When the atom or group of atoms are compromised then it becomes a free radical.

Free Radicals cause chain or domino effect reactions by their behaviour in damaging the nearest healthy cell. Inhaling and ingesting industrial chemicals are known for creating free radicals in the body. These chemicals have a devastating effect in speeding up the ageing process.

Ungraceful ageing or unsuccessful ageing

Ungraceful ageing is what may be considered by some as Unsuccessful ageing; this is a break down of the body's ability to defend itself against infections and cellular damage. The damaging process occurs when the body becomes incapable of fending off the destroying elements of pollutions, chemicals, infections and free radicals. Free radicals are also found in food preservatives and some medications as well as in the air. The invasion of these pollutants to our bodies causes oxidant stress. The reality is the immune system become impaired, and in some cases (such as with HIV patients or severe poisoning) the system fails completely. As a result, the immune system fails to protect and defend the body from free radicals damage. The stress weakens the cellular structure leaving the system incapable of regenerating skin cells or repairing the damaged cells. The body also looses the ability to recover from illnesses and infections, which results in the dysfunction and break down of internal organs causing premature ageing. It should be noted that, an elderly individual with signs of unsuccessful ageing does not necessarily indicate a life of unhealthy living or a negative lifestyle; contrary, with peoples, majority of the factors are unknown and unpredictable.

Antioxidants Co-Factors

Antioxidant Foods
Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidants and the Immune System

Let us Re-winded to Yester-years; lets say during the biblical period, man lived to be hundreds of years old. The Industrial Revolution wasn't even a remote possibility. There were no radios, magnetic or microwaves, and chemicals, etc. As food for thought, we know that oxidants damage can break down the immune system and speeds up the ageing process. We also know that antioxidants neutralizes the oxidation of cells allowing for regeneration, thus, slowing down the ageing process. Antioxidants are therefore a key factor in slowing down the ageing process but there are other anti-ageing methods that could be incorporated into your daily fitness routines.

It is important to recognise that while ageing is a way of life, staying active mentally, spiritually and physically by proper dieting, supplementing antioxidants and keeping a good fitness routine will all play there part in declining the ageing process. And if your eyesight is bad then you may want to consider Dr. William H. Bates natural eye exercises for better vision?

Acknowledgement: I would like to express my special thanks to the Web of information on the Internet, especially on the dates and insights on the Industrial Revolution.

Free Radicals or Oxidative Stress causes Cellular Damage

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