Does Being Positive Take More Time Than Being Negative? How To Choose Happiness and Success...

You must first decide you want it...then take action.
You must first decide you want it...then take action. | Source
There are times we'll fail, fall and drop things...that's alright.  Just begin again.
There are times we'll fail, fall and drop things...that's alright. Just begin again. | Source
A beak full of seeds is wonderful...
A beak full of seeds is wonderful... | Source

One of the worst feelings we can have is that of being stuck. Finding ourselves caught in what some refer to as the “same ol’ same ol’” and not knowing how to move beyond it.

Most of us are happiest when we’re experiencing progress, or movement; when we have some sort of growth, fruitfulness, or momentum in our lives. But how do we achieve that? Can we actually choose happiness and success? If so, then how?

What a lot of folks don’t seem to realize, or are unwilling to admit, is that we do have the power to choose. That we are choosing all the time. That not doing anything about our situation is, in fact, a choice.

Do we think that being broke, negative and unhappy is unalterable fate, while happiness and success is just dumb luck? While this may be an oversimplification, I think there are lots of folks who believe some version of this.

Of course acknowledging our ability to choose is the proverbial two-edged sword; because if I can and don’t, it’s on me. It is simply and beautifully expressed in the adage, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

It truly is up to each one of us to believe in ourselves, have a vision, and then make the decision to take action. If we sit around waiting for someone or something to intervene, we usually end up working to fulfill someone else’s vision, rather than our own. We often end up making a living at the expense of our health and happiness, rather than furthering our joy and enhancing our life.

I spend a lot of time in nature, observing. One thing I've come to marvel at is the industry and ingenuity of birds. Once grown, they never sit on a tree branch and wait for another bird to put food in their beak.

It can help to determine where we are in our lives now, and envision where we’d like to be, as a way to begin. Are we basically motivated by fear or love? Do we have a heart focused on scarcity or generosity? Is our attitude essentially one of grumbling or gratitude?

  • Are you passive or passionate?
  • What moves, motivates and inspires you to do something; or keeps you from doing it?
  • What is your basic operating system?
  • Do you tend to be mostly an unhappy person or a joyful person?
  • Do you feel successful, fruitful & satisfied with your life, or is something lacking?

The way we respond to these questions can be a great way to help us decide on next steps. It has been correctly asserted that our comfort zone is our failure zone. Robert G. Allen, best-selling author and financial advisor puts it this way, “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” What this means, in essence, is that if we want things to be different than they are, then we need to start doing things differently than we are currently doing them. We need to change our perspective, move beyond our current position, realize that our fear of change is no longer as strong as our fear of continuing on the way we are.

Pursuing significant, meaningful change always involves an internal struggle and is a very personal decision. Coming to the realization that we actually do have the ability to change is also very freeing.

When we finally stop blaming others for our circumstances, something almost magical happens. When we actually stop claiming that we’d sure like to, but we just don’t have the time or the money or the resources, or a supportive spouse or whatever, we begin to sense a monumental shift.

Because once we take responsibility for where we are in our lives, once we truly realize that it is not about resources, but that it is about our own inner resourcefulness, everything begins to move forward. It doesn’t take any more time to be happy than it does to be miserable. It doesn’t take any more effort to be positive than it does to be negative. What it takes is a decision, either way. As Earl Nightingale put it, "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."

This is why we are admonished to spend time with positive people, with successful people, and with purposeful people. There are great opportunities we can pursue and even wonderful mentors to coach us. But the decision, the discernment, the due diligence and the determination must be ours.

No one else can define your motivation and sustain your efforts for you. That part must always be an inside job. But once you take responsibility for where you are in life, and make the decision to choose happiness and success, there are lots of individuals eager to assist you, rejoice with you and cheer you on.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Great message, Linda! I hope a great many gloomy people read this.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Oh my, Sir William, hope I wasn't too harsh. Sometimes you know, I just feel a stirring in my heart to push, nudge, shake a bit more...Thank you, as always, for taking time to read and comment.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 3 years ago from Brownsville,TX

Well Linda I like to think I am a passionate person.. people tell me that.. I do hate sitting on the sidelines and waiting for something to happen.. I have always been a doer.. I love this hub

many blessings to you

and thank you for visiting my hub.. I love poetry that is my favorite thing to do..

So good to meet you

many blessings


Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author


Thanks for visiting, reading and taking time to comment! I sense you are a deeply compassionate, poetic doer...

I'm grateful for our hub connection! Bless your heart, L.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Linda, You've given some terrific insight here into life's puzzle. I love everything you've said, along with the authors whose words you've brought here for others to enjoy. Earl Nightingale is one of my very favorite speakers along with Robert Allen who has an amazing story about two brothers.

Truly, you've shared the secret here on how to have the best life every day of it. Your words will certainly help guide others. BTW, I marked it funny for your comment about birds not waiting for someone to come and feed them. How true! Great example for life.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Peg, Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments. So glad you found that funny :~) as it was meant to be. Love Earl Nightingale too! Now want to explore Robert Allen's story. So grateful for our connection. BTW, you are the ONLY fellow hubber I follow who has a score of 100, and I can certainly see why! Blessings, L.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

what a profound and useful hub.. yeah voted up :)

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

Your words of wisdom ring true. Attitude is everything! Choosing to see life as positive certainly makes for happier living circumstances. I liked your pretty bird pictures and what you said about birds is so true. They are industrious little beings and can serve as a good example to us. Voted up, useful and beautiful for the photos and the thoughts.

Sheri Faye profile image

Sheri Faye 3 years ago from Chemainus. BC, Canada

This is great information to share. I think happiness is a choice and dicipline. I have read many books over the year on motivation and continue to do so and it does help. Great hub!

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Dear Frank,

Thanks so much for taking time to read and comment. Especially love the energy in your "yeah." All the best! L.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Dear Peggy W.

Thanks so much for your insights and kind words. I love watching, photographing and learning from birds...they are so amazing! Cheers, L.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Hi Sheri Faye,

Thank you for reading and commenting. I wholeheartedly agree with you that happiness is a choice and it does take discipline, too. Appreciate your insights. Cheers, L.

Sueswan 3 years ago

Hi Linda,

I think we need to follow our own path and heart. Others may help but we need to take the first step.

Voted up, awesome and sharing.



Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 3 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Hi Susan,

I wholeheartedly agree with you. All we need already resides within, and learning to trust that inner knowing is so important. Especially when the "world" often gives us such discounting and often hurtful messages. I like to ask not: is it right or wrong; but rather: does it diminish or lift up? Thanks so much for the vote :0) L.

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