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Soft, Weak, Computer Nerd

Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2
Pre-90X Day 2

Can you really transform in 90 days?

My friends - My main goal here is to answer the question - Does P90X Work?

You need not look further, I imagine you ended up here during research of P90X. Today we have so many reasons to be skeptical of the things we see on TV. Especially workout programs and all those new fancy gadgets that claim they will get you in shape.

Before I get started though I want you to understand that most things do work, it's in your hands whether you have the mindset to follow through.

Imagine if you will a person with no real direction in their fitness, someone who wanted to be fit but couldn't get themselves to do it. They would spend hours in front of a computer screen playing games wondering what would happen if they just did it! If they just pushed play and never looked back. My friends, this is the story of my life and P90X ultimately changed me forever. Not just physically but mentally.

For four years I sat stagnant playing the World of Warcraft, leveling my character, achieving great accomplishments in a fictitious world. Many times i had the thought, "What could I accomplish if I spent this determination and attention in my real life? ". That thought passed through my mind many times but even with P90X in my possession I could not get myself to do it.

I soon realized that it's not just having the program, it's about having the mindset to succeed. The mindset that you will push through the pain and lack luster days to achieve the results you truly want.

Well that's exactly what it took. Imagine one day just hitting play and never looking back, dropping everything that doesn't matter for everything that does. That's exactly what I did with P90X. I was on a quest to answer - Does P90X Work? I knew it would, but I also knew it wouldn't work if I was not consistent.

P90X is not just a small 90 day change, it's a new life, Beachbody itself is a new life style. Your not just doing a program, your connecting with millions of others with the same mind set for success. Beachbody is a community of people who are seeking better health and better fitness. P90X is just one of the many tools to get your there.

So does P90X work? Oh my friends, more than you could imagine. Let me give you a brief look at my 90 day journey through P90X.

As I said above I literally just pushed play one day and never looked back - My day one was not built up of anticipation and desire, I just simply knew what I wanted and went for it. I had no real plan, no real diet setup, I hadn't even taken day one pictures.

I knew it would all come together and everything could be done on the fly. By day two I was feeling sore and took my pictures + measurements. By the end of week one I was so sore I could hardly stand up, now keep in mind this is because I thought I was a super hero and tried to go at it 110%. Not a good idea. This stuff is hard core folks. I recommend you take week one and condition. Do the workouts but do them at 80%, learn the form, track how much weight you did with your work sheets, and understand exactly what it is you are in for.

By the end of the first phase which was 30 days I started to get pretty extreme results. It wasn't even the physical results that floored me but how good I felt emotionally. My body hadn't felt so good since I Swam back in high school / college 6 years previous. It's incredible the discipline you get from working out. It's almost addictive because you feel so good you don't want to miss workouts.

Day 30-60 was where the real physically changes came. With the new phase came a new approach at the DVD's and my strength drastically increased. I went from 4-6 chin ups with a chair to 8-14 with no chair, that's just one example. My photo's really started to show the change as my spare tire disappeared and my overall body start to get ripped.

Phase 2 really only builds the anticipation for phase 3 which is the biggest transformation phase of them all. Not only are you lifting heavier and doing many more reps but your body is ultimately turning into a power machine, it's ridiculous how good you feel.

*Keep in mind I got sick twice during the program but still managed to stay with it and get results. In week 6 I had a minor head cold and just pushed through my workouts. In week 11 I ended up with a severe body ache flu, I took four days off and literally slept them away. I was afraid I would lose progress but I did what I had to do. To my surprise once I got rolling again I had actually lost nothing and was back in the game by the end of week 12.

This stuff is not easy, it's not something you do every once in a while. If you are wondering - Does P90X Work? then this is your answer. Yes.

However, you must bring it consistently, you do your workouts 6 days a week, and you must eat healthy. You can't expect to lose weight if you are not eating right and you can't expect to gain muscle if your eating OK but not working your muscles!

Your body is a complicated machine, but if you treat it right it will respond. P90X is the tool you need if you like something Very Intense with never a dull moment. Sometimes you may get a little bored but that happens to everyone. Push through the hard days and rest of the days will just cruise by. Remember this is not just 90 days, this is a new life.

So Does P90X Work? Yes, without a doubt. This is coming from a real person who took 90 days to change their life. I am a new person and that's why I am sharing this with you.

I will leave you with this - You can either dream of success or you can get out and do what you need to be a success. Who do you want to be? A dreamer or a Doer?

I once dreamed of completing P90X and changing my body - One day I decided enough was enough and I did it, one day at a time. That's it.

Mean, Ripped, P90X Grad

P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later
P90X Grad - Only 90 days later

My P90X Transformation Results {Day 1 -90}

After 90 Days

P90X Day 86 Results

The Mason Twist Challenge - Do After 90 Days of P90X!

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getfitbloggger 7 years ago

Wow, nice results! Can definitely tell it worked!

fgwilli profile image

fgwilli 7 years ago from United States

yeah.. I like this system. Muscle Confusion is very effective, and also essential for breaking through plateaus!

Justin C Taylor 7 years ago

How long do you have to spend everyday? I've heard it's an hour - could you do only 30 minutes and just do the program longer than 90 days?

lol 7 years ago

you have chicken legs

Silver 7 years ago

Looking great. I am a computer nerd myself lol, so I can relate to the soft body of someone who sits in a chair all day long. I liked your videos. They helped to encourage me on my P90X Journey. I am on Day 11 myself. I have even started my own blog which has started to get some traffic. I do a daily video update on my blog, along with weekly photo/progress updates.

Woody 7 years ago

Good job man. This has inspired me to start back on the program. I guess I'll do cardio all this week and then next week start up the P90x again. Did you follow the diet to a T?

P90X Results 7 years ago

nice results dude! My buddy just started classic after finishing lean (which is what i'm planning on starting) and you can already see the different after a few weeks. Here's what he looks like so far:

luis 7 years ago

hey man im on day 19 on the p90x and i lost 8 pounds

this pogram really works it gets u sore for the first weeks

but is a good pain at the end i kno im gonna get good results 7 years ago

Great job dude! Very motivating.

insanity workout 7 years ago

Those are great results.

Rocky 7 years ago

My abs get better workout when I take a dump.

cole 6 years ago

hey Rocky, that's because you couldn't do the P90X you BIATCH

CB 6 years ago

nice work wizard

ICEMAN  6 years ago

LOL Rocky ........ Well i just bought and ill let you guys know the results

marco 6 years ago

im 15 and im on my first week of this and i got it (with my own money) mainly for the conditioning, i definitely feel it the next day

jim bob 6 years ago

i love the workout but i hate that it sounds like a drug name, i saw my cousin for the first time in about a year, he asked me wat i had done to get like this. i saud "im on p90x," then he gave me a funny look. His first impression was i was doing ecstacy

tellthetruth 6 years ago

john doe...this message is for you.

he looks great and his body is NOT out of proportion.

you're only jealous because you don't have the will power or manhood to follow through an exercise plan and stop eating mcdonald's.

john doe 6 years ago

im not jealous of him at all

bobby jon 6 years ago

his bodies not out or proportion, he lets one of his shoulders droop down further then the other, the human bodies not perfectly symmetrical. he just lets stands casually

justdoit 6 years ago

A can't believe that there are such narrow minded people still out there after all the media about weight problems and the lack of activity we humans enjoy world wide now. Why would you even think of making comments like that? If you understood how hard it is for most people to move from being unfit and unhealthy to the place Jason got to in just 90 says you wouldn't even think about making such stupid, ignorant comments. Jason (?) - you have done something that many people need to do and many people seeing this will be inspired by what you have done. I was inspired and I thank your for posting this. Please feel proud of what you have done and ignore any ignorant comments from those who 'think' they know it all.

none 6 years ago

good results I suppose, better than day 1. muscles still look under developed though

lilskip 6 years ago

I have to say i bought P90X yesterday and was hoping i didn't waste my money on this.. i have been unahppy with my life for a while now, diet after diet and still ending up the same..overweight... (p.s. im a girl) so anyways.. im really hoping to get in shape and look good! this realy inspired me! thanks for posting this because i can never tell if the comments on the homepage are realy or not.. you look great and it shows! THANKS!!!

nick 6 years ago

question, after 90 days, what do you afterwords to see more results? just repeat?

Jess 6 years ago

Good for you for posting! Thanks - I am doing a lot of research before I commit and so far hearing great things! I have further to go, so I will need to do several cycles, but I am getting psyched up!

Danielle 6 years ago

You did good and much deserve much credit. It's hard work to work out and better yourself, but so rewarding once you see results like you had. And to everyone that has anything negative to say...PUT THE HO HO DOWN AND GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND GET F*CKING LIFE. :)

Walt 6 years ago

Awesome results! I'm halfway through the program, and will need another round of it before I get the results I want, but there is no question that this program works, and is worth every cent if you actually dedicate yourself to getting up off the couch, pressing play day after day, and move towards a healthier you. It's a lifestyle change for me, and I have programmed myself to take this as a lifelong program, not just a 90 day fad or diet. Thanks for posting your results.

justin feeman 6 years ago

hey nice job i just started p90x and love it best workout ive ever done

:D 6 years ago

You're hot. Very motivating :D

P90X Exercise Program 6 years ago

Great job Jason. Keep "Bringing It"!!

Sarah Lewis 6 years ago

I just started this week and I was wondering if you struggled and made it through the one hour? Or just felt like you shouldn't push your body and gradually built it up until you can do the full hour? Also, did you follow the diet 100%?

P90X Workout 6 years ago

I love the AB RipperX myself...It hurts so GOOD!

JD 6 years ago

You show some change in your body and I'm sure the program I'd at least decent. But after 3 MONTHS of working out an hour per day 6 DAYS PER WEEK it seems like little improvement. I started out like you and in just one summer, less than 3 months, put on much more muscle and lost fat just through hard weightlifting 4 to 5 days per week. I think P90X is popular because it guides you through each day, so it is great for people who can't manage things for themselves. But if you are someone who is a decent study you are better off just doing a heavy split routine.

Beth Whittington 6 years ago

To the people saying you could get better results by weightlifting at the gym, apparently you don't relize the Cardio component on P90x, and how it not only allows you to gain strength and build size, it also dramatically increases your cardiovascular endurance, which weightlifting alone does not do.

amber24paige 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing interesting things with all of us. I like way of your thought process.

P90X Workout

90 Day Workout 6 years ago

As Beth pointed out, comparing P90X to lifting weights at the gym is apples to oranges. The cool thing about Tony Horton's workout is the fact that it is so well rounded, incorporating training methods for strength training, agility, cardio, flexibility, and more.

Chrissy 6 years ago

Great Job!!!! For all those people out there who have nothing but negative comments to make, you suck....jealous much? I just ordered the P90X and i'm very excited to get started. Can't wait to see how i do!

uu 6 years ago

Very good!I also like p90x!I think it can help us to enhance their physique,

maintaining a healthy body!

Tony 6 years ago

I am on day 40 and I am very surprised with the results so far. I have never gained this much muscle definition/mass and lost fat this fast. I am a big guy who has naturally larger muscle mass than the average guy, even when I dont work out. I'm 6' 2" and started the program at 248 lbs. I started the program with a decent upper body but a flabby (large love handles) midsection. At 40 days, my "weight" hasn't changed much (now 245) but that is due to a large increase in muscle mass. Since I am a big guy, I have an advantage with muscle mass since I am pushing more body weight. My midsection is coming together, as I have lost a considerable ammount of fat and I haven't even changed my diet (I am not following the nutrition guide). I now feel comfortable with my shirt off and now wear my swim trunks down at my actual waist (I was one of those guys who pulled up his trunks to the middle of the love handle to help hide it. Who did I think I was fooling?). I now have a line going down my abs as they are starting to push through the fat. I have never had that before. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this program if you can stick with it. BRING IT!

Sunshine 6 years ago

My partner and I do this at work and the results are amazing. The cardio you get with the workouts is amazing. I would recommend this to everyone I know!

Walker 6 years ago

Thanks Dude ... This is cool :D

Kobie 6 years ago

hey everyone im on day 2 of this im a female , i just want to make sure i loose weight on this and not just build muscle im doing this with my partner and he wants to build muscle so i hope its the right thing for me i have lost 33 kilos and only have 12 to go and its getting very hard to loose it so thought id give this a go any women out there who can help. Thanks x

lastdaysgunslinger 6 years ago

The problem is that you said you had only a set of dumbells and that was all but in your videos we see a pull up bar and additional equipment. I was hoping you only had dumbells because that would have meant you could get your results without alot of equipment involved but as everything else this program ends up costing someone 500.00. Oh well ill try it with what i have and hope it works out.

Lou 6 years ago

just purchased the program this morning, looking forward to December i'll let you know how i do.....

Jess 6 years ago

just finished my first works..its hard..but you have to bring it.I went from a size 16 to a size 6 in 90 days...I have definition in my arms I never had before..I definitely put on muscle mass, but it was lean and not bulky. I'm 33 years old and haven't been this fit since I was a gymnast at age works,press play every day.

Brandon 6 years ago

I have always been that kid who is kinda chubby but not really fat, but lately I've been putting on weight and I'm looking to change that I think I need to lose like 15-25 pounds to be where I want to be. I should be getting this workout program soon. Your pictures and story really inspired me because I am sort of a "couch potato" but I think I can do this. Beach here I come!

frustrated 6 years ago

OK, so I completed P90x about two months ago to get ready for my bridesmaid role in a wedding. I lost over 20lbs and I continued to lose wieght without even doing anything after that. Got tons of compliments and felt good. However, I'm now beginning to gain some back and I know its time to get back on P90x. Well, I find it soooo difficult to get going. I've "started" three times but I'm having a very hard time getting motivated. Any suggestions?

Katie 6 years ago

Great job!!!! Your results are amazing!!!!! are you already checked into wowy?

dave360 profile image

dave360 6 years ago

Great job, congrats on the body transformation.

dave360 profile image

dave360 6 years ago

Keep posting on future body improvement ;)

Frieda Martin 6 years ago

With this routine I gradually built up each day. First day I could only do 30minutes, then I started again in the afternoon and pushed myself further until 45minutes. Day 2 I started doing the complete workout. From then on I was able to do the full one hour. Works great! Lost five pounds in the first week only and my abs and buns are already getting toned. I'm on week 3

Joe 6 years ago

the thing about P90X is its not "body building" its overall complete body fitness. You deffinately will gain muscle, but its not only about muscle you will be running circles around everyone with this workout.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

Wow. A lot of people have P90X blogs that they want to link to.

deena 5 years ago

Hey! I just started p90x two weeks ago and so far I love it. I am somewhat of an impatient person so I just wanted to ask you guys how long it will take before I start seeing real results? I don't plan on quitting but i need to see changes as i go to help keep me motivated ya know? I used to be a size 4 now I am a size 8 because of some stressful things that happened in my life and I am dying to loose the weight and to be fit again. let me know...

jjenkins238 profile image

jjenkins238 5 years ago from Florida

Good stuff man. You made some great improvements.

Noah 5 years ago

Way to go, what you are doing now?

19 yrs 140 pounds  5 years ago

will this gain muscle or lose it ???

Beachbody Fit Coach 5 years ago

Jason...fantastic results! What are you doing now?

To address '19 yrs 140 pounds'...P90x will help you gain muscle. With the nutrition plan, you can also figure your calories so that you gain weight too if that's your desire. Good luck!

Beachbody Fit Coach 5 years ago

Jason...fantastic results! What are you doing now?

To address '19 yrs 140 pounds'...P90x will help you gain muscle. With the nutrition plan, you can also figure your calories so that you gain weight too if that's your desire. Good luck!

justyn 5 years ago

I took kick boxing for about 5 years I had a great body. For a 16 year old I'm 21 now and still some what have my abbs. I love the abbey riper. But I'm not that sore afterwards I'm on week 3 now is my body just getting use to it. Is this normal

p90x 5 years ago

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Amazed 5 years ago

My God, your an inspiration to those who keep dreaming of a better life!

I'm gonna buy P90X, and change my life?

B E H 5 years ago

Nice job, man... stick with it. I'm on round 3 - the first two were interupted with car accidents around week 10. I'm on day 2 of week 11, Abs are coming in now!

James 5 years ago

I Bought P90X 3 pr 4 years ago, I did 2 weeks of the Lean Plan and quit because of some excuse I made back then. Yeah there was crap going on but that was no reason to not spend and hour or less a day working out.

After looking at Jasons results I descide to pick it up again. So its off to the closet to knock the dust off of the box.

I am hoping.. No I know I will finish it this time. I have nothing to loose and whole lot to gain.

@Jason Thanks for the inspiration to get off the couch and start getting on with the rest of my life.

jonely profile image

jonely 5 years ago

I started P90X for "something fun" a month after I got back from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (the tallest free standing mountain in the world, the tallest Mt. in Africa, over 19,000 ft high). P90X kicked my butt! After one 3 month session, I couldn't get enough. I was in better shape than before my climb, and I've used it to augment all my athletic endeavors. 3 years later, I'm still doing P90X and P90X+ with excellent results. I'm 44 years old and stronger and more fit than most women younger than me. I love it!

J S 5 years ago

Looks like your work has paid off. However, you should see a chiropractor. You have a slight case of scoliosis.

Aaron I 5 years ago

I am doing the Insanity Workout and have had great result and is now on my fifth round with two weeks to go and than I am going to start the P90x program. I am in the best shape of my life and feel that it can only get better. Those post that I read are very insparing and will get me through the tough times.

Felix 4 years ago

question, i started p90x last night on day one for the first time, and i was able to do the 1st session of the dvd but i wasn't able to move on to the second abs part, dos that mean i wont be able to do this program? im i suppose to do one session or the entire dvd? i really hope i didn't waste my money here on something i cant even do? please help, i need some answers... :/

james 4 years ago

good job

ooogeantvert 4 years ago

p90X is hardcore

if you haven't done sport since you were born like me. starting p90X right away the result can be gruesome and painful

So it's my opinion that starting with p90 and p90m to up your muscle mass and have enough muscle to start p90X

i was 95kg(209lbs) for 1M85(6'1), lost 25kg(55lbs) and most of my muscle mass,looking like an anorexic you can imagine the trouble of doing p90X

i did almost 2weeks p90 throwing the yoga-x and plymetric from p90X in and from the look of it and my increase in strengh i should be able to start p90X in 1or2 weeks

anyway good job and i recognized myself with the geek and the wow experience ^^ see you in diablo

Alex26 4 years ago

I'm on day 45 and feel great. I'm 6'4 and I've always been a big guy. So far I've managed to lose about 13 lbs and feel great. I bring it everyday!!!! Kenpo X is my favorite workout and Plyometrics is second. I'm still struggling with pull ups and chin ups and continue using the chair for help but I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep up by round 2 or 3.

SmoggySloth 4 years ago

I tested it for 7 days and i doubled the number of chin ups i could do. This shit works, and now i am following the diet plan.

Bigred 4 years ago

I'm already in pretty good shape but I want to better myself in all aspects of look and feel I bought it yesterday so do u think it'll improve my physical appearance as well?

erv 4 years ago

I've been doing it for about 2 weeks and have lost like 13 lbs. I'm a lady and I'm digging it.

ninou 3 years ago

hey, just discovered your page. Great results, not too much as lots of people ! i'm beginning week 2 and also loving. Quite good to know that the results are coming on phase 2 or 3, i will then be patient :) thks again.

School 3 years ago

For the record you spell lose with one o not two! You lose weight. My pants are loose... Damn people.. Not one person has spelled it correctly. Great results though..

TinCity 3 years ago

P90x is one awesome workout. I got the home workout edition from Amazon and it is worth every penny. Got an awesome price for what I received and I'm so excited that I want to share my discount that I received with anyone who is thinking about getting p90x: - You will not be disappointed. If you follow everything in the program, you will start seeing results within a few weeks.

Neha 2 years ago

Abdominal strength-building is a big thing at our scoohl. Here are some exercises that may help:1. Reverse crunches: Lie on your back, arms crossed across your chest or flat on the ground at your side. Bend your knees and lift your legs so that your shins are parallel to the ground. Cross your ankles. From this position, lower your legs until your feet are about 3 inches off the ground, then hold for a count of four. Raise your legs back up. Repeat 8 times.2. V reaches: Lie on your back, arms flat at your sides. Lift your legs into the air, then split them into a large V. Reach your arms through your legs and hold for a count of 4, then relax. Repeat 8 times.3. Rope pulls: Lie on your back, knees bent but feet flat on the floor. Pretend that there is a rope going from your stomach up to the ceiling. For a count of eight, lift your back and abs off the floor and use your arms to climb the rope up. Relax, then repeat 8 times.4. Double extensions: Lie on the ground with knees bent and slightly raised, feet off the floor, arms crossed across your chest. Lift your head and upper back to focus on your knees. Simultaeneously, shoot your legs straight out to hover about 4 inches off the floor while you shoot your arms over your head. Return and repeat 8 times.5. Pushes: Lie on the ground with your knees bent, legs elevated off the floor. Raise your back and abs off the floor and extend your arms to either side of your knees, palms open and facing away from you. Sit up as high as you can, pushing away something in front of you. Pulse for a count of 8, rest, then repeat.These should get you started.

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