Does Your Nose Bleed?

Heard of Epistaxis? No? Don't go hunting for the dictionary! I will tell you what it is. You may not find it in the dictionary, anyway! It is plain and simple nose bleeding. Physicians, just to spite the rest of us, bandy about this word!

Nosebleeds are not pleasant unless you are a Nosferatau, one of his victims or at least a bedbug. The pain in bleeding in the nose may not be much in most cases but you will look an eyesore and may set off some alarmist reaction from others.

We can classify nosebleeds into two broad categories. One external and mostly brought about by the victim himself. He picks (Oh, God) his nose till kingdom come and the membranes which are not made of rocks start bleeding. Some blow their individual noses as if there is no tomorrow and start off the process. Noses are made to bleed. Both upper and lower septum are damaged and the blood oozes out.

When the air is dry, the nose which inhales the air around it is dry too. The dry air can cause irritation and ruptures may result. Unnecessary drug trafficking into the body (usually narcotics) can also be a potential catalyst. In these cases, only one nostril usually bleeds. So, don't do it, folks!

Extreme heat sometimes causes nose bleeding. While it is not possible to move about only where there is air conditioning or practical to carry an air conditioner on your back, you may keep the fact that extreme heat is an agent of nose bleeding and not be too alarmed about it.

Both nostrils doing their thing simultaneously is a different proposition. Vitamin deficiency and some times hypertension are the culprits causing nose bleeding. In women, Menstrual periods are a cause for worry. A nose sympathetic to the vagina starts to take over the latter's work and starts bleeding in some cases. Physicians call this vicarious menstruation. Did you know this?

Having said all this, the truth is you can not pinpoint the cause in most cases. Grandma's remedies include sitting up straight and giving a pinch above the nostrils as if they were your favorite niece and nephew.

Those who are prone to nose bleeding had better avoid hot and spicy food. They should sleep through the night. Never wake up, unless there is a fire raging in your bedroom threatening to gobble you up.

Some, not all, blood pressure patients have a tendency to bleed in their noses. Anger is something they had better avoid. If you have to be angry, do not accentuate it by working on it and relishing it. Keep your blood cool.

If the bleeding doesn't stop, do what anybody would do. Pay a visit to your doc!

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Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Good info on nosebleeds thirdmillenium. Have been bothered with them for awhile now off and on. By the way, it kinda gets me goat that people who probably get their info from Nat. Geo or the History channel comment with such disdain on something like the Great Pyramid.

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