Does the EODD Diet Really Work? - An Every Other Day Diet Review

Over the years, weight loss diets have gotten a bad rap. Maybe rightfully so because many of them simply do not work.

So each time a new diet pops up, it is looked at with skepticism. Does it work? Can you really lose weight with this? Is it a scam? The many questions people ask.

One new diet to emerge recently is the Every Other Day Diet by Jon Benson. It seems to have a twist to it but just like all the other diets, we have to ask the same questions. Does the EODD Diet really work?

I recently took a look at this diet and I'll answer your question in a moment as give my Every Other Day Diet review.

Not To Be Confused with the QOD Diet

The Every Other Day Diet is not to be confused with another diet that shares the same name. The QOD Diet is an older diet by John T. Daugirdas that is also called the Every Other Day Diet.

Daugirdas QOD diet has been criticized by dieters because it makes fasting a part of the diet process. One of the biggest myths about dieting is that you should starve yourself in order to shred pounds.

Something different.
Something different.

This is not true and as Jon Benson points out in his Every Other Day Diet, it does more harm than good. Putting your body into starvation mode will actually make your body store fat as a means of survival.

Many dieters have pointed out that the QOD diet actually made them feel sick, nauseous and dizzy and because of this and for other obvious reasons I do not recommend the QOD Diet and reassure you that Jon Benson's Every Other Day Diet works differently.

How Does the Eat Every Other Day Diet Work?

In order to determine whether or not the EODD Diet works and if it would be a good choice for you, we must first understand how it works.

The Every Other Day Diet is based on a dieting method known as calorie shifting. In EODD, it is known as Planned Variance or "interval eating" but it's just another way of saying calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting diets have become very popular lately and tend to break away from traditional dieting rules and myths. One of the selling points of these diets is that you can eat anything and still lose weight...even icecream. Or pizza.

The way this method works is that you vary your caloric intake from day to day in an attempt to trick your metabolism into burning fat instead of storing it.

Using Benson's SNAPP system, you can easily apply this calorie shifting method without counting calories. The SNAPP system was designed to help you remember what to eat, keep you organized and give the body all the nutrients it needs without the hassle of complex recipes. Your calorie intake is already organized with SNAPP with your "burn days" and your "feed days".

Because no diet can be a "one size fits all" due to people having different metabolic rates and so on, EODD has a number or plans depending on what you want to achieve. Even athletes have an EODD plan (The Extreme Plan) to help them burn off any excess fat and build muscle for a fitter body.

The diet combines the SNAPP method with a simple exercise system called the 9-2-5 for nine minutes in the morning, two minutes in the afternoon and 5 minutes in the evening. If you thought exercise meant you had to spend hours at the gym, then you're going to be pleasantly surprised at how easy and doable this is.

Does the EODD Diet Work?

As mentioned in the book's foreword by a contributing doctor, a diet that works:

  • must be scientifically sound
  • must have real world support
  • must be one that people can and will follow

The EODD Diet qualifies on all three counts and is a diet that does work. To ensure that it works for you, not much is required except these three things.

Dedication - being dedicated to losing that excess fat will help you stick to the plan. Envisioning how you would like to look and feel should help. Its always very easy to fail and then blame the plan if you're not dedicated.

Exercise - I'm always a little wary of plans that say that you don't have to exercise to lose weight. Exercise is an integral part to burning off calories that would otherwise be stored. The plan's exercise regiment isn't a tedious one. In fact, as mentioned before you will actually find the 9-2-5 system fun and very doable.

Be Reasonable - Have realistic expectations for this diet. You will not wake up the next morning and find that you lost 10 pounds overnight. On most safe weight loss diets you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

The Every Other Day Diet promotes safe weight loss so that you're losing weight associated with fat and not water weight or muscle. It combines the easy SNAPP system with simple exercise for an effective lifestyle change that will help your body to burn fat and tone your muscles at the same time.

The EODD diet, as with most calorie shifting diets, works very well.

See how the EODD Diet can help you burn fat...

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Rosemary 6 years ago

Great post! We do need to move toward healthier weight loss methods that keep the metabolism high but don't sap our strength.

theslimdude 3 years ago

Any success with this diet plan?

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