Don Imus Has Prostate Cancer

Don Imus diagnosed with symptoms of prostate cancer

Don Imus was diagnosed with symptoms of prostate cancerĀ  and was given a prognosis by his doctors that he is down with stage II prostate cancer. He jus told his listeners on Monday morning and the reaction, as can be seen on the internet, has been less than sympathetic..

Don Imus has a good chance to survive prostate cancer...About one in six US men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives, but only about one in 35 men will die of it, according to the American Cancer Society.

Don Imus also has many treatment options open to him. He can opt to wait it out:) or he can go for prostate surgery on his nuts, or try some of the newer more creative treatment options for prostate cancer like high-intensity focused ultrasound.

But whatever it is, Don Imus should thank his lucky stars that he had symptoms of prostate cancer and that he was diagnosed on time by his oncologist. Otherwise his symptons of prostate cancer would probable evolve into more advanced stages of cancer which cannot be treated.

At stage II, Don Imus can still attempt different prostate cancer treatment options and hope for recover. Whatever it is, going for regular health screening is a lesson learnt here. All men should at least get a health check for any cancer symptoms and also seek treatment should they detect prostate cancer. Whether it be natural prostate cancer cures or the reliable treatment options at the urology lab..pls do not wait. Act now.

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