Don't Believe Your Lying Heart


How can a heart feel lonely
when it isn't alone?
How can a person feel homeless
when they're living at home?
How can someone be dreaming
when they don't have any dreams?
Why is is that life is never
never exactly what it seems?

The lying heart.

How can there be a sunrise
when there isn't any sun?
How can a person be happy
when they aren't having any fun?
How can they even open their eyes
with so much left under done?
Why does it have to be so hard
all the time...

Lying lying heart.

But I'll be fine
I'll get back in line
I'll pick myself up again
and realize it was all tricks
played on me with my own mind.
As if I had been blind.
Cause I had been blind.

I don't believe my lying heart.

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