Dreaming of Messages from the Dead


What Does My Dream About Dead People Mean?

Many aspects of a dream contribute to the overall meaning of the dream. The colors, objects, situations, symbols, and the dreamer's associated feelings all influence the dream's meaning. Dreams reflect the dreamer’s mental, emotional, and physical state, and a dream's symbols and contexts reflect the dreamer’s beliefs and cultural influences.

Dreams mean many things to different people. Despite our differences, we often have similar dreams. But even if two people had the same dream, it might mean something completely different to each of them.

Still, as human beings we do sometimes share history, experience, attitudes, and emotions. And dreaming of dead people is a common experience, whenever you were born or wherever you live. So although only dreamers know what their dreams mean, this article discusses shared perceptions of the symbolism of dreaming of dead people.

The Meaning of Dreams of Dead People

In general, the dead people in our dreams are parts of our psyche attempting to communicate with us. This is likely a part of our subconscious from which we dissociate. This is a wise, quiet part of us that often appears not to even exist.

Aspects of the dead live on within us. Dreaming of a deceased loved one can be healthy but can also be negative and it is important to differentiate which it is for you. These types of dreams can be part of our growth or they can stunt our growth and keep us "stuck" on something.

We can grow from either type of dream (positive or negative). If this dream is keeping you stuck, you may need to resolve your feelings in your waking life and within the dream as well.

Resolving Your Feelings About Losing a Loved One

Dreaming of someone who has passed away may be a way for you to resolve your feelings about this loss. Oftentimes, people pass away before we are able to make amends or resolve an issue we had with them. Dreaming may help you to express unspoken feelings, put something right, or tie up loose ends. For example, the dream may help you forgive the person or yourself and as a consequence get peace and healing for yourself.


Something in Your Life Reminds You of a Quality the Deceased Person Possessed

If you are not attempting to resolve feelings associated with this person's death in your dream, you are likely to be dreaming of the person because they represent a quality that is important to you right now. Think about who you have dreamed about and begin to describe them. Is this person the opposite of you? Is this person very much like you? Did this person possess traits you had always wanted to emulate? Did this person have qualities that turned you off or you feared you possessed? This dream is likely more about your answers to these questions rather than the person who has passed away. Since death dreams tend to represent ending something or starting something new, it is possible the quality represented by the person is something you no longer want or need.

A friend once dreamed of one of her ex-coworkers who was no longer alive. She could not understand why she had started to dream of this woman so vividly, since they had never been very close and she had not passed away recently. Once the friend described the ex-coworker as someone who was always obsessed with weight loss and appeared to have a possible eating disorder, she was able to associate the dream with her own lifestyle and diet. She admitted she was beginning to obsess too much with her weight. She was worried she was spending too much time fixated on this and felt it was becoming unhealthy. The dream confirmed her fears and she began to seek a more balanced outlook.

You May Need to Let Go of Something or End Something in Your Life

Death often represents the end of one thing and the beginning of something new. Dreaming of death in general may mean you need to stop or end something in your life. When you are dreaming of a specific person, you may need to let go of something or end something associated with that person. This could be your negative feelings associated with your loss or characteristics or activities they represent for you.

I had a dream of someone I did not know very well but who had passed away. I saw him as a very angry, lonely man. I was not sure why I had dreamt of him until I connected his anger with my own. I realized I had to let go of some anger I was feeling towards someone because it was beginning to push people out of my life.

You May Need to Resolve Something Associated With When This Person Passed

A dead person in our dream may not represent themselves as much as they may represent the time period in which we knew them or when they passed away. If you are dreaming of a loved one or acquaintance that has passed, ask yourself what was happening to you when this person was in your life and what was happening for you when they passed away. It is possible that the dream is really about something that coincided with this person's life or death. Perhaps you're currently dealing with issues or experiences similar to those of that time period.

I had a client describe dreams he was having of a high school friend. They had not stayed in touch and the person had passed away about six years ago. He could not figure out why he was dreaming of this person almost every night. As we discussed what was going on in his life then and when he saw this friend the most, he realized that he was experiencing similar feelings as that time in high school. He struggled with depression throughout high school and drank with his friends to escape life in general. He had recently started to drink again and was engaging in other forms of escape such as playing videos games for hours to the point where video games were interferring with his sleep, eating, and productivity.


Messages Received From a Dead Person In a Dream

It is common to dream of receiving a message when dreaming of someone who has passed away. This message may relate to who or what the deceased person represents to you. The communication may be a message from your unconscious psyche or a wise aspect of yourself. The message has significant information for you although it may not be as it appears.

Take caution when receiving a negative message. Negative messages often reflect our own personal thoughts, fears, and worries and don't come from an outside source. Nevertheless, this is still an important dream and an important message. This dream may be showing us how harmful our fears and worries are to our emotional state and our decision-making in our waking life.

Dreaming About Messages From The Dead

What does dreaming of receiving a message from someone who is dead mean to you?

  • The deceased person is communicating with me.
  • God is communicating with me through my deceased loved one.
  • The deceased represents an aspect of self I associate with him/her.
  • My dreams do not mean anything in general. This means this person was just on my mind.
  • This dream is a warning about some future event.
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Are the Deceased Communicating With You?

Many believe people who have passed on visit us in our dreams. If you are dreaming of someone who has passed away and you believe they are delivering you an important message, what is this message?

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Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 3 years ago Author


Thank you for sharing your dream. All of the expansive mysterious about dreaming is fascinating.

michaelatm4 3 years ago

my grandpa had died around 7 years ago

in my dream i remember being in somebodies home and in one room sat on a couch was my parents and they seemed happy and then sitting in between them was my grandpa and my dad then told me my grandpa has to have a talk with me. my grandpa looks happy to see me and smiles as starts to talk i do not understand what hes saying so i look to my dad to help me understand then i look back at my grandpa and when starts talking again he sounds a little more like my dad and im not sure what he was saying still but i feel like he was telling me something along the line of not giving up. i feel as if my grandpa really came to see me and help me.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Chuddy,

Thank you for sharing your dream.

My first impression is that Sid is representing an aspect of self you disowned or repressed around the same time you either knew Sid or when Sid first past away. This part of self is back and it is surprising. This part of self is haunting you and needs further resolution.

The statement that you are next is rather unnerving. This could relate to your fear of your own death or your subconscious realization that you may need to change some habits and your lifestyle in order to have a longer and healthier life. Quit smoking perhaps? I would perceive Sid's advice to you as your own- your higher self or wise self providing you with guidance.

Also, this dream could relate more to just a threat of physical death. This could also relate to emotional, spiritual or psychological death. What is threatening your identity and your expression of self? Since you have something "haunting you" and you have repressed certain aspects of self, it may be a time to reclaim these aspects of self and feel whole again.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


This dream sounds like it could reflect your mom's thoughts and feelings about your neice.

Perhaps she realizes your neice is reacting to the loss of her father and the issue brings her back to the age she was when she lost him. I would think the healling would need to start there.

Also, I think the dream reflects a fear of your mothers that your neice would be lost too if she continues to make unhealthy decisions and take risks.

chuddy 4 years ago

Great article! Google sent me here so that means this article is huge..

I want to share, i hope you could help me on this, my dream in a very simplified/short way.

I was with, I cant really remember or recognize who but im sure it is a guy and a friend: roaming around places i cant really remember; doing normal stuffs i can barely remember as well. But the thing is(this is the part I remember the most for some reason i dont know why), while me and that guy were inside a mall(maybe a park), I saw my deceased college friend(we are not that close, we rarely talk to be honest when he was alive) sitting on a bench, he looks as if he was alive.

I told my friend: "look! sid(deceased name)is here," he kept on looking but he cant seem to see what i see, so i just ignored my friend and talked to "sid". I was very happy seeing him and he responded. We even high-five and feels very real, I think I also asked him "I thought you were dead" kind of thing but what i do remember is that he replied "yeah, and your going to be next.." with a happyface to a serious face. Then I replied: "yeah, I know, I can feel it." I responded that way cuz maybe I didn't took the message seriously until he said: "Just always.....[blank]" then my dream changed.

After that, I told my friend what happen while crying and scared, I want him to come with me and smoke some cigarette but he didn't as far as i can remember, then as i was about to sitdown on a chair and about to light up my cigarrete, dream is over.....

Please, what is your say on this. you have a better knowledge.

FYI: Sid died from a disease (dengue fever) which i happen to have a few months ago, and Im fully recovered now and so alive. That's the only thing, I think, that relates me to him aside from he's my not-so-close friend back then in college.

bluidflblnd 4 years ago

Last night my mom dreamed of my brother in law whom passed away almost 14 years ago. In this dream he was carring my niece who was his daughter to my mom, however she is now 18 but in the dream she was a little girl again around 3 to 5 years old. He didn't speak or anything was just carring her. What could this mean? I should mention that my family has been going through some pretty serious issues with my niece for about the past year or more, she has choosen to go down some rather unhealthy roads & we have all been trying to get her to see & realize the wrong, but the more we try the more she pushes everyone away to the point where we won't hear from her at all for weeks sometimes months at a time. What would her father being doing carring her to my mom & why would she be so young again?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


These dreams sound like they are reflecting some of your thoughts about your loved ones that have passed as well as the reality that you will lose more loved ones in time.

Since you are running and hiding in this dream, it would relate to not facing something important you need to confront. It sounds like you are noticing your aunt is depressed in some way. This may be your unconscious's way of prompting you to reach out to her and give her support.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi sophiejohnson-

I can tell you what this dream would mean to me- when he faded suddenly into a haze it would show that I am suddenly realizing he is gone. If he was not aware of me, it would either relate to the belief that he is no longer able to be aware of me or the reverse- that I am unable to be aware of him and truly connect again physically.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi maghizhan,

I can tell you what your wife's dream may relate to but only she can identify what the meaning actually is and could pick out what truly "clicks" for her.

Her experience at the hospital would have made an impression on her. It is possible she has internalized this experience as a spiritual one and this kid shows up in her dreams as representing her spirit, inner child or a combination of both. Being afraid of the dark could be associated with a fear of the unknown and a fear of self-exploration into unpleasant and unconscious emotions and thoughts. I would think what the kid and grandmother say and feel are likely related to your wife's feelings.

These dreams may reflect issues you are experiencing within your relationship. Is your relationship with your ex in some way keeping you froom getting close to your wife? What is interfering with your marriage? Is there something you would rather escape from rather than confront?

This dream may be helping her see that there are some unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and issues that may need her attention that she may have a tendency to attempt to avoid and escape from instead of confronting. It may be a good time to take on a new approach which could be challenging but would be beneficial for both of you.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


You may also want to read Dreaming of Zombies for further insight. In of your dreams, someone deceased becomes a zombie and chases you. If you are being chased, you are also running from something. what are you not facing that you need to? Zombies are also detached from emotion. Perhaps you are detached from emotions associated by your mother and grandfather. Waking up from the dead could relate to not fully accepting death but it can also symbolize how something you want to get rid of (what you are not facing) isn't just going away. The dream would mean to me you have something to confront and really deal with.

Joann 4 years ago

Two nights in a row I have dreamt of my uncle who has passed away about 2 years ago. My uncle was sickly. He had an aneurysm which caused him to become paralyzed from the shoulders and down. He wasn’t able to speak but he was alert of his surroundings and was mentally aware of his needs and wants. In my first dream, I ran into him walking in an area that to me seemed like a tunnel or alley of some sort. I asked him what he was doing here and he told me he was here for my aunt. He said she has been through a lot and God wants him to come and pick her up. He asked me to tell the girls (meaning his daughters) that he was here to pick her up. I went to one of my cousins and told her of what he said and we started hiding my aunt from him. We didn’t want my aunt to see him because she would want to go with him so we hid her from him. I don’t remember after that what happen, I must have woken up.

The very next night I dreamt of him again. This time I had been running away or hiding from something or someone and then my scene changed in my dream and I was walking into a living room where my uncle was lying on a recliner. There was a lady lying next to him. She was small but she was ill like him. She had a feeding tube in her belly and a trach in her throat as well. My uncle was able to speak but his voice sounded as if he was speaking with the voicebox the he used a couple of times. As I approached him, I told him I had just had a dream of him. He asked me what my dream was about and I started telling him of my actual dream that I had the night before about running into him and him telling me he was there to pick up my aunt. He just gave me a smile as if he knew of what I was talking about. Then he raised his voice at me but I don’t remember what he said. I just remember telling him he didn’t have to yell at me because I understood what he said and he told me that “some people didn’t understand him” and he looked at my little cousin (Georgianna), I ended up changing the subject with him and asked him who the lady was. He told me she was his buddy. Someone who had to go with him wherever he went and vice versa. He told me his son picked him up from the nursing home and his buddy had to leave with him as well. After that, I asked my cousin (one of his daughters) to take a walk with me. As her and I walked, I was telling her about my dream of the night before of how it happen. I told her that I ran into him in an alley or a tunnel and he had told me that my aunt had been through a lot and was hurting. God didn’t want her to hurt anymore so he sent him to come and pick her up. He told me she was very depressed and that she cried for him often and nobody knew. He told me she has a palace she needs to go to. After that I woke up and I had tears in my eyes.

I don’t know what this means but I know that lately I’ve had some thoughts in my head but I don’t think any of my thoughts relate to what my dream was.

sophiejohnson 4 years ago

In a very recent dream, I saw my son sitting on the edge of the bath at home. He was not looking at me, apparently unaware that I was observing him. He moved as if to stand up, but faded in a haze very suddenly. (When I woke, I found that the bathroom door was open, and that if I move to the end of my bed, I can see the place where my son had been sitting.)

I do not understand why he faded suddenly in a haze. Also, why was he not awareof me?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


This sounds like a dream in which you are processing the loss of your grandmother, your feelings, and the concept of death itself. The lollipop stands out to me- what does this mean to you? It makes me think of sugarcoating something- is the reality of her death too hard to face?

It is interesting that she returns from the dead only for a short time. This could show that you are beginning to accept her loss. This also could be a spiritual dream for you.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Talking to someone who has passed away in the dream is often a good way for us to process the loss and make sense of what has happened. Often times one loss reminds us of the other losses we have had prior that we may not have fully accepted or resolved.

I would view talking to the deceased and seeing them smile as positive symbols and active grieving.

sophiejohnson 4 years ago

Thank you, Sue, for your brilliant analysis.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I would guess you would have rather powerful dreams after your son's death.

I would thin the young woman you encounter is an aspect of self for you. I can't imagine accepting a death after one night so I would think this dream would also be a dream that is showing the beginning of processing this loss. If you didn't fully accept his death just yet, you may have the type of approach as this woman- in a hurry, frantically looking for him because you have not accepted he has passed away.

Not knowing the nature of your son's death, prison could relate to many things including being ill when alive or trapped in some way. People often see death as freeing in some way. The question of your son's whereabouts may relate to the mystery of where our loved ones go once they have passed.

maghizhan 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida


I am from India. My wife has some repeated dreams for the past two days even when she takes a small nap.

This part happened in real:

She has a serious problem with her health. She went to a hospital for checkup and a small kid was in the emergency. she saw him, and this kid held my wifes arm tight and was calling her sister and he died.

we dont know who is this kid. These incidents happened in real life.

This part in Dream:

From then on, My wife started seeing this kid in her dream and this kid seems to ask her to go with him. and that he is afraid of dark.

And she also sees her grandmother in her dream. the concerning thing is both her grandmother and the kid seems to have some problems with me and say wish my wife go with them. And my wife also sees my ex-girlfriend with me who is not allowing my wife to get near me.

These are as random as it comes to her. I am worried a lot. She is not able to sleep at all. She is such a sweet wife and I want her all the happiness.

Does any one has idea of what's happening or suggest something please.

CH 4 years ago

Last night i had a dream about my deceased mother, she passed away on 2005. In my dream, we are in her funeral, my cousin and aunt were crying, and then suddenly my mother wants to wake uo from the dead, she keeps on waking up like a zombie and then she started to chase after me, i was so scared. Im so confused, i dont know what is the meaning of my dream.

And before this i also had a dream about my deceased grand father who died last year. The same thing happened in my dream. He's chasing me when he is already dead. Please help me, im getting scared.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


it is positive your dream changed over time. This sounds like a dream that allows you to process your feelings and bring forth some unconscious and irrational beliefs into your awareness.

Since your mother is now opening the door in your dreams, it sounds like you are moving closer to acknowledging her and the loss of her. It is common for people to feel as though a death is their fault or that the person who has passed is somehow rejecting them or not wanting to be in our lives anymore. Although we can rationalize how a person does not choose to die and this is out of their control, we may still feel as though we did something to have caused such a terrible loss.

If I had this dream, I would be sorting through the emotions it highlights. If you are dreaming it, you likely feel it.

Ohla 4 years ago

Today I had a dream it was of my grandma that had passed a week ago, her funeral was yesterday, we all cried yes.

This mornin I had a dream of her giving me a bed telling me to put a lolly pop stick on my wall for her to stand on, before it she woken up from the dead, she died from cancer so she woke up in a hospital bed she talked to my sister first and then me then we went out and had party for me all I could do was cry I had her recorded on the iPad when she woke up from the dead but as soon as she woke up I said your back she said not for long in the dream I was bawling my eyes outs and woke up with tears all over my face

Christine 4 years ago

My son passed away a 2 months ago in a motorcycle accident, he was on the seen dead. I dream of him last night, he and his brother were in the dream and he smiles and talk to me. Cannot remember what we was talking about.

Few minutes later, I dream of their father (my ex) that passed away 8 years ago. He also was smiling and talking to me, but also cannot remember that we was talking about.

What does this dream means, I miss my son so much.

sophiejohnson 4 years ago

On the first night after my son's death, I dreamed that a solidly-built, slightly scruffy young woman, (not a person I know) threw open my bedroom door, and told me that someone (she seemed to name a person, again unknown to me, by a nickname) rang her ‘at four o’clock in the morning’ to tell her that my son ‘has been let out’, and that nobody knows where he is. I woke leaping out of bed, eager for more information from her.

There is a clear 'prison' connotation here, but my son has never been to prison, nor had any association with prisons. I don't think the solid young woman was hostile. Rather, she seemed in a hurry both to inform me and to find out if I know my son's whereabouts. I cannot make this dream out at all.

ted 4 years ago

The dead sometimes let us know that they haven't forgotten about us and that they saved you a place in Heaven and that they also let you know that they are doing better and plus they are in a better place and they are waiting for us to enter internal life with them Every dream that I had of my sister she was smiling and waiving

Julia 133 4 years ago

My father passed away about a year and a half ago from terminal cancer. He is always popping up in my dreams, but we dont really speak, he is just there. The dreams usually have a happy tone, I believe I have these dreams because I miss him and think about him a lot. I was at peace with his death quite early on but my mother on the other hand who is quite religeous believes it is her fault that he might not have gone to the "good place" . This morning I had another dream of my father, I answered the front door, it was dad, he was glowing with white light. It was like I was reuniting with a long lost friend. He was happy to see me, and so loving. We hugged, he told me he was ok and well and to tell mum. I dont remember much after that. I've had a similar dream about a year ago and both times when he visited I called out for mum but she is not there. I feel like this might have been a message from dad.

ek is so bly 4 years ago

Excellent hub, very interestimg read.

Sbucks 4 years ago

Hi, i was 22 when my mum passed and i was left to care for my younger sister, it was hard losing my mum but i had this reoccuring dream-i dreamt that my mum was still alive and back living at her house but didn't want me to know and every time i tried to contact her she wouldn't speak to me, it was as though she hated me, my dream did move on and i can remember eventully my mum opening the door to and letting in but still feeling not wanted... Its a most awful feeling when i wake, can you help me make some sort of sense of this?

lisa 4 years ago

Thank u :-)

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I can appreciate how tough this time is for your family. If you are looking for more information on a disembodied spirit, you came to the wrong place. :) What I can tell you is my opinion about how your psyche may be processing the loss, changes, and pain associated with this family experience.

I have noticed it is common for people to experience increased concerns about negative influences over a family when an unsupportive family member passive- as if they have superpowers in death. I do believe we give our power to others and it is a choice we are making. If this was my experience, I would want to rethink things and see how I may take back my own power. Is this the case of a self-fulfilling prophecy where I believe something will happen and my unconscious reactions are actually making it more likely to happen? Also, am I highlighting more negative experiences and attributing them to my grandfather's influence?

Counseling is always something I encourage people to pursue if they feel they are "spinning their wheels" and not getting anywhere alone. A therapist can give you the jump start you need to question automatic thoughts and beliefs about the situation that have imprisoned you.

Out of all the sensations you could have, you felt as if someone was touching your neck. I would associate this with the need for self-expression and a re-evaluation as to what you choose to "swallow" or accept and take in. It sounds like you may be at a point where you need to begin to question your perception of things, re-calibrate, and plan how you can move forward and grow.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I find this to be a beautiful dream. I think you are dreaming of him because you miss him so much (and I don't find that selfish) and you are also processing his death and accepting it. It will take time for you and your family to readjust to this loss- especially because it was so sudden. I personally would be honored if anyone had a dream like this about me after my passing.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


this dream about your grandmother is an interesting one. I find dreams about elders that have past awhile ago powerful. They may represent something spiritual for you or a wise aspect of self. In any event, I find them important to listen to. Preparing food at your aunts house sounds like your preparations for a transition. I find it to be a positive symbol that it is your grandmother making the preparations for you that will give you energy to make this change.

Your grandmother is in the hospital due to fist pain. The hospital is a place of healing, why does your grandmother (or yourself) need to heal? The fist is typically associated with anger, power and aggression. It can also be indicative of your readiness to fight and defend yourself. Do you need to grow in this area in some way? Perhaps you are either showing these traits too much or too little.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

to daddyslittltaxirider-

This dream does have a lot of symbols. If it were my dream, I would see it as relating to changes going in internally for me. Preparing for the move to California would relate to my preparations to grow and move on. The members of my family would relate to different aspects of self or my relationships with each member of my family. Is your dad actually sick? if not, perhaps your relationship needs improvement or the part of self you identify the most with your father needs to be expressed more. Perhaps you need to find more balance. Kissing relates to knowing and connecting to something in the dream. Instead of connecting with your father (you perceived this as unacceptable/gross) he could not breath and was almost drowned. What he represents is threatened. Seeing your nieces face may relate to how this part of self also relates to your inner child.

ch 4 years ago

Last i had a dream about my deceased mother, she passed away on 2005. In my dream, we are in her funeral, my cousin and aunt were crying, and then suddenly my mother wants to wake uo from the dead, she keeps on waking up like a zombie and then she started to chase after me, i was so scared. Im so confused, i dont know what is the meaning of my dream.

And before this i also had a dream about my deceased grandfather who died last year. The same dream. Please help me, im getting scared.

Lo 4 years ago

I had a dream about my uncle. He passed away november 2000 . when I had that dream i was in my early teens. The dream was around 2002-2003.. And I remember him telling me to start treating my father right and stop giving him head aches because he is going to die soon .I wasn't a bad kid but we use to bump heads...my uncle never told me when he was going to die or how soon ..so I really thought it was a silly dream,but  I sometimes wish I paid a lot more attention to that dream and enjoy the time I had with my father because when you are young you think that your parents are going to live forever. I am glad that our bond got a lot stronger throughout the years!!!!! My dad passed away november 2010 of cancer he was such a great father and I miss him so much!! My sister always has dreams about him and in one of her dreams  he told her that he wants her to have a baby and then another dream with him  holding a child and a month later she found out she was pregnant ..I believe the baby is a gift from my dad .. I really miss him 

siddy20 4 years ago

I have been having dreams about my grandfather.He passed away in 2007.He died of unnatural death. He is my fathers father. He loved my cousins more than me and hated my mom. He never got along with me and my mom side of the family. After he passed away, A lot of problems have started in the family. For instance Divorce, Court Cases, And weird strange feelings like someone watching us in our house since we moved here. I felt like someone touched my neck. Could you please tell me if this is good or bad feeling about whatever is happening in the family?

Lisa 4 years ago

About a month ago I lost my step dad who past away suddenly he jhad a heart attach on his way to work on tue I had a dream me and my mom were at a store and I felt someone following me when I went to look it was him I ran up to him and he was crying I felt as if he had sarrow for us cause my family is so sad for his loss I hugged him tight and told him I loved him very much and I patted his arm and told him not to forget us and my mom loved him I asked him not to leave so I could get my mom when I found my mom we went looking for him it changed we were I. A beautiful pastor grass was so green and we could see him running so fast up to us my mom said how much he looked like my lil 14 yr old brother when he came up to us she rubbed his face and told him how handsom and yong he looked he was glowing and looked happy he said how much he loved us then walkdd us to a lake dipped me in and baptized me then looked at my mom and said for her to Baptist my lil brother and not to forget my other brother also .. I feel so lost with out him how he was finea and the next his gone I miss him so much I feel selfish cause I know his in a beter place I just miss him soo

Xai 4 years ago

It's been almost 11 years since my grandmother died. But today she visited me in a dream. in dream my grandmother was very busy with preparing food at my aunt house and i helped her as well and ate so many foods and its really tasty then i came back my home and i visited again my aunt home at night for dinner and grandmother is not there than i asked my aunts daughter about her and she said he went to hospital cox of her fist paining what might be that mean :)

daddysLittlTaxiRider 4 years ago

I had a dream about my father.....In the dream it was alot of people I know. I was getting ready to move to california and leaving my sick dad my whole family. Before I leaving I hugged everyone my niece was crying historically. I went over to my father we hugged. He asked me to give him a kiss. As I was giving him a kiss he said lets lick tongues like dogs(our tongue touching each other) I refused, I was like daddy no and walked away. I went into the kitchen O hugged my nephew and as I was hugging him. I looked over at my daddy on the sofa breathing funny. Then it jump to him being face down in a big bowl of water shaking. soon as I pulled him up his face was my niece face. I then started hugging my brother and his baby mother whom he says he doesn't love. after I hugged them I went outside to get in the taxi that I was taking to cali. I awaken with tears in my eyes and loud sobing. To fill you in I catch taxis to and from work. what could the signs be?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


your dream could mean a lot of things. Your stepfather could be representing an aspect of who you are that mirrors him and his traits. He can also be representing an important guide- either internally or spiritual for you. Dreaming of restaurants and kitchens relate to preparation and use of our energy. Communicating with him sounds important. Perhaps this is allowing you to process the loss.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Your dream could relate to your desire to get a car and perhaps you feel if your father was around he could give this to you. On a deeper level, this dream sounds like it is reflecting you taking a passive position as you move forward in life. Is your father in some way controlling your life or heavily influencing your decisions? Do you feel as though your thoughts about him control your decisions or do you feel this is a temporary form of help provided by your father in your time of need?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi Livia,

You may want to explore other dream topics under my profile (if you click on my name you will find it). This dream sounds like it relates to an aspect of self that may not be getting enough attention. I would associate with something youthful, inner-child-like, and values that are more important to children then adults. Since her body hurt on the left side, this is often associated with emotions and feminine qualities. Perhaps you are not valuing these qualities as much as you should right now and you are suffering because of it.

Jess96 4 years ago

I keep having dreams of my stepfather who was the prominent male in my childhood but however passed away of cancer when i was 13. He comes to me every so often and I'll see him in random places in the dream like at a restaurant (not one we had been to before) or washing up in my kitchen or even getting off a train to meet me. Each time I feel myself getting upset in the dream And he will say something like 'are you upset' and I'll say 'no, I'm just happy to see you' and he'll smile and carry on with what he's doing and I watch him with a great feeling of inner peace. What do you make of this?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Although I had difficulty understanding what you typed, it is clear this dream has frightened you and you fear it could relate to a future, real life situation involving your daughter.

I can understand the need to protect your child. When we protect someone, it is important to make sure we are not overprotecting. Overprotecting can be harmful. Sometimes what we intend is not the actual outcome of our efforts.

I would guess your subsconscious was already aware of this person. You may fear your daughter could get involved with him or his "type." How can you help her make good decisions in relationships? If she has a disability, perhaps she can go to counseling or workshops and work on understanding relationships and how to protect herself. Empowering and educating her may be the best way to protect her.

GwenC. 4 years ago

I had a dream that my deceased father was driving a car. I was on the passenger side. The figure didn't resemble him at all; however I knew it was him. He was talking about the car he was driving and said that he bought it for me. I'm not sure what kind of car it was; but in my reality I am in desperate need of reliable tramsportation. What does this mean?

Livia 4 years ago

I had a dream last night.. Im in a room ( bedroom) with my sister and my mother. I saw my youngest half sister lying in the bed and she's passed away.. I cry so much. Beside her. And i want to touch her hand.. And my mom just look at me.. And there a guy coming he explain what happen. My half sister before she died she say that her body in left side is hurt.. Then after that she fall down and died.. What's that mean?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Your dreams are a little confusing for me as written. Overall, I get the impression that your depression and how you are working out this temporary state is being reflected in your dreams. It is possible that others are giving you positive messages but it is also very possible that a very healthy part of yourself that is in the process of self-healing is giving you these messages. It sounds like you have this information within and just need to find it.

Since depression can often stem from our own thoughts, it is often beneficial to gain new perspective from a therapist, a support group, etc. It sounds like paying attention to your dreams is giving you important insights and self-understanding.

Depression is viewed sometimes as anger (or other negative emotion) turned inward. Where is your anger and where is it stemming from? Are you killing off emotions or attempting to cut off different aspects of who you are instead of facing them, honoring them and expressing them?

evemap 4 years ago

I dream that i was upstairs in a strange house my daughter ere ther i heard a uy voice down sair who is here fried and i ask her for her daughter ishe sais downstair i said why is she downstais with him there in oing to look for d child i saw her on d 3 step sleepin in before i can get to her she roll down in going to take her up the guy step in front of me and raising his hand to hit me preventin me from lifting her up off the cold hard floord still sleeping, i call out to my daughter who were angry with me, i awoke from sleep. i told my dauhter d dream and decsribe d guy to her,she say nothing, then in real i saw d guy who i recognize from d dream, i tod her to keep away from him but eating food that he saye he cook, there is something in my spirip from d minute she told me about him, sensing danger i told her but to no avail. i am so worried about her and d child, this guy as i found out is a nogood primary school dropout, my daugther is a graduate, who is a little disable because of an accident,and who is hurting because of injustice, and out of a job.can u please hlp me.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi Sudha,

It sounds like your dreams have created some anxiety for you. I truly believe if dreams were messages from the dead and they would not continue to be given to you if they were creating such issues for you and not helping you in your waking life in anyway.

If this was happening to me, I would want to explore how these dreams could be reflecting my own feelings that i need to confront and deal with in order to move forward. What does death mean to you? What are you not facing in your life? What do you fear? It sounds like these dreams are reflecting a lot of unpleasant feelings you may be avoiding instead of working through.

4 years ago

I was awoken from a dream to my sister waking me up and telling me a childhood friend had died from a drug overdose. From the dream she awoke me from was me talking to a boy a have never spoken to before but knew him to see him, He went to my school and his girlfriend was my uncles girlfriends, sister. I was Looking after My uncles children a few days ago could it be that he sensed my own depression? As he hung himself a few months ago. He was confiding in me like we knew each other and it wasn't like he was dead. It was outside a shop I know and I was with another friend. Also in the dream was a a guy(in his car just sitting there staring over) I have been friends with ,with years We also got together a few time,then I get scared and back off as I'm afaid he will hurt me, He knew the dead man, could he be sending a message as too not be scared to love and to give it a go??

Sudha 4 years ago

Hi, I like Ur hub n information. Most of the time I dreaming about dead persons, like my brother's wife passed away in 1999. But from very next day A saw her dead body wrap with white cloth and suddenly his body parts moving n she alive. In 2007 I saw that she caught my father and after 2-3 months my father also passed away. Like this I hv lots of real dream story. I dnt want sleep even now. usually in night I am not sleep early. bcaz of my bad dreams :-( Even today I saw her in the same way she alive n she drop some bishop's weed ( ajwain or carom) on me. I dnt understand what is the meaning of this. I just kn my working n my personal life not moving. Please suggest me. if u can. Thanks

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi sunit,

That is good to here. I reread your post. I didn't say it was impossible but your dream sounded like it was more likely reflecting your feelings and fears. Since it's August and you realize your dream may have had another meaning, perhaps you may take another look at your dream and decide what it could be telling you.

sunit 4 years ago

hi sue,

remember me? sunit? if u go 8 to 9 weeks behind, i had writtern to u on my dreams,, my dead uncle coming in my dreams and saying he will take me in july,, of which u said it was NOT possible etc etc etc.. thanx am still alive..

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KrisNick09 4 years ago from Kentucky

I had a dream a few months ago, and I don't really have a question I just want to share.

I walk into my father's house, alone. I walk in and my father is on the couch talking to someone. My stepmom is in the kitchen cooking. And my dead granny is in the hallway watching. I knew she was staying in my room but nobody else knew she was there. She didn't have an oxygen tank and she was standing upright without a walker (both things she always had as far as I remember). I walked up to her and she leaned down and gave me a hug, it was the best hug I have ever had! It was all encompassing. I remember thinking in my dream that someone must be putting a blanket over my body right now, the hug was that warm, that real. Then she turned me towards my stepmom in the kitchen and gave me a push. I knew she was pushing me to my stepmom and not just the kitchen. As I walked towards her, I looked back and my granny was trying to get my fathers attention but he just kept talking.

My granny is the only dead person I know, so this kinda freaked me out a bit. I play it off as I think my subconscious finally found a way to help me let go of something. I never realized how upset I was that I cannot ever remember her doing anything but sitting on the couch frowning. I thought that she didn't approve of me and I am usually so good at reading people I just assumed it was true. I was so happy about the hug, felt so good that I called my dad. He was appalled that I thought she didn't care for me and we had a long conversation about it. I felt better than I had in years and it wasn't even a problem I thought I had. I prefer to believe that it was something she wanted to happen because if I believed it was just my mind coping it wouldn't mean as much to me.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


In general, this dream sounds like it reflects guilt. Why do you feel guilty? Do you feel like you did not do enough for your dad? Do you feel others did not do enough for your dad? Do you feel you are not honoring his memory enough?

Are you actually fighting with your wife in real life? If not, I wonder if she is representing something for you. Are you arguing with yourself? What were you arguing about? This could be a clue. Your father is trying to tell you something or the father aspect within yourself is trying to tell you something. In some way, do you feel you need to tell your dad something? You were very close- best friends, what would you be talking to him about now? Did you get advice from him? If so what advice would he be giving you now?

It sounds like a part of your father is within you and you need to tap into it. He certainly fulfilled an important role in your life. Now that is he gone, you will need to grow and develop this area further (in my opinion).

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Luke W- this dream would certainly scare me!

If we let go of the fear this envokes for a second, we can look at the dream from another perspective. Is this is a dream from someone who is passed telling you when you die or is this a dream that is full of symbolism and information important for your personal growth and development?

Your friend could represent himself, the part of you that he brought out, traits you have a common, an aspect of self you associate with this friend, etc.

It sounds like you may have had a lucid dream (felt real). This sounds like a powerful dream for you providing you further insight into your unconscious an a part of you that is usually in the dark and unknown to you. The unknown, just like death, can evoke a lot of fear.

If this was my dream, I would wonder if I was reconnecting with a forgotten aspect of self and giving myself a message. Perhaps you have a fear of death. Perhaps you have a fear of losing yourself within something. Who are you? what parts of you feel threatened? Sometimes our fun-loving side can feel like it is ceasing to exist due to other obligations such as career for example. The message is it is funny you go before she does. Who or what about you will outlast you? Perhaps this is a dream allowing you to reflect on spirituality and your own beliefs.

eva 4 years ago

My mom passed away suddenly last week in her sleep. She lived alone and was not found until shehad already been dead for 3 days. She had an autopsy done immediately and the next day she was cremated. My entire family lives in Europe so even if i would have left right away, i wouldn't have made it to the ceremony and cremation. So i stayed behind as encouraged by my family, since they know its hard to travel with a 2 year old, but i was able to send my family a heartfelt note to my mother that was read aloud at the ceremony. Last night i had a dream where i was talking to my husband asking him if he thought we could communicate with the other side, without really specifying what "other side" meant, right then over a door fairly close to us there was a word flashing and spelled from top to bottom and written backwards, as if the name of a hotel or some sort of business, it flashed "received" followed by another word flashing "thank you" it took me a moment ten i realized it was from my mom....i want to believe is possible and believe she heard my message and all the ones i send her daily.

Thank you,

crewchief00 4 years ago

My father died a over a year ago. Last night I had a dream where he specifically told me the following, "You know they didn't do me right. They gave me half of a nickel." A week or so ago, I also had a dream about my father. He was waiting on me to pick him up for church (he was a church deacon when he died). I was late picking him up because my wife and I were arguing. When I got there to pick him up, he said, "Son, I've been trying to tell you..." That's all I heard. My father and I were very close. We were best friends. What is he trying to tell me?

Luke W 4 years ago

Last night a dreamed of and old friend who passed away years ago. The weird thing was how much control i had because most of my dreams im just the eyes. i even told him hes been dead a long time this dream felt extremely different. i remember word for word what we talked about. he simply asked how i was and i epxlained to him everything going on. but the weirdst of them was the final words he had for me.i explained to him i only had 2 min before i woke up and to give me another hug before we parted. his words to me were its funny how you go a day before she does. i asked who but then i woke up.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Charlotte-

wow- that is quite an experience. Although anything is possible, my first instinct about this dream is that this could be a dream allowing you to fulfill a wish and desire. When he was alive, you were unable to be with him and may have always thought one day there was a possibility. This sudden death eliminated all possibility and this is quite a loss. This dream sounds like it may have been a very powerful way to say goodbye and begin to have closure.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


It sounds like you had unresolved issues and feelings regarding your ex prior to his death. Now that he has passed on, you will not have the opportunity to speak with him and resolve this or get closure. It sounds like your dream may reflect your feelings, your grief, and it may be your way of allowing yourself some level of closure. Perhaps you are communicating what you did not while he was still alive. The post its sound like all of the messages and reminders that you may have intended on telling him but did not have the opportunity to discuss in real life.

Anabanana 4 years ago

My ex boyfriend and i did not end our relationship well. We didn't fight or were enemies but he just drifted from me and left me hurt and angry and cheated. Tried talking with him before on facebook but we were both cold to each other. This was 3years ago. Then last march, i was told by mutual friends that he died from a surfing accident, all the hurt and pain came back and i was crying everyday. I told him i was sorry and i always loved him

. I even went to his wake. During the week of his wake, i dreamt of him. He was just standing and looking at this wall which was filled with stick ons or post its. I saw myself standing next to him talking but could not hear what i was saying to him. He was just standing. What did that dream mean pls?

Charlotte 4 years ago

My close friend and high school crush suddenly died in his sleep, he was just 23. We still spoke, and I loved him but we were never together.

The night before his funeral I dreamt that we met and I was fully aware that I was dreaming and I turned to him and said 'this isn't real, your not here you have died' and he replied 'yes, I'm gone but just for this once lets pretend this is real and we are together' and we lay in a space of nothing not talking just embracing each other, I stroked his skin and I felt the hold of him like it was a real force around me. I took in every freckle knowing that this would be the last time I would see him. Then he turned to me and said 'I have to go now' and I woke crying.

I am not a religious person and never thought of communicating with the dead but it was so special and I wanted to get an opinion on its meaning. Thank you

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


This dream may reflect your feelings about your job. What message is your dream giving you?

Since this friend was murdered, perhaps you feel this job is killing you. Since he had your name tattooed to his face with a star, this could relate to your identity (is this job just not who you are or is having a negative impact on who you are) and you are really meant to be a shining star?

unsure2012 4 years ago

My best friend was murdered 2 years ago. I had a dream about him last night in my dream he worked with me he would never work at my job. He had my name tattooed on his face with a star what could that mean? Mind you right now i hate my job.

Kate 4 years ago

My mother-in-laws sister passed away on Monday. On Wednesday night I had a dream that a little girl was in a room and was crying, she was taking all the clothes out of the wardrobe. The sister walked into the room with all new clothes and said to the little girl, you don't need to cry, it will be ok. Its just going to be a small change, but everything will be ok. When I told my mother-in-law about my dream it turned out that when I woke up from this dream, she was speaking to her nephew on the phone as her family is overseas and they were getting ready for the funeral, and his young daughter was crying because she didn't want to get changed.

I had met her sister once before, but I have never met any other family members, and didn't know that her nephew had a young daughter.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Isla,

This dream would certainly rattle me to. If I had this dream, I would hope I would calm down enough to look at it as objectively as possible. What is this dream telling you? If I had this dream, my first thought would be that my subconscious is somehow picking up on either a fear I am having or risk-taking behavior that I need to modify. The fact that you do not listen in this dream sounds like you may not be listening to a voice within you that is giving you an important message. The idea that you are being warned about a serial killer and danger may not relate to physical danger as much as an emotional danger, spiritual danger, or danger associated with decision-making. It may be a good idea to re-evaluate your approach to life and identify some red flags since this dream sounds like it is attempting to shock you in order to get your attention. What aren't you paying attention to?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I am leery of any general rules about which type of dreams mean something as significant as indicating the dreamer's fate. These type of dreams, I found, often arise when the dreamer is either worried about this subject or the dreamer has a strong desire to have this information and uncomfortable sitting with the unknown.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

deepkia, that is a great story. Thank you for sharing. I dont think I or anyone else can truly tell you what happened beyond what we would personally theorize. Perhaps your gran communicated with your uncle, perhaps your uncle knew and consciously told this story, perhaps your uncle had the knowledge subconsciously and his subconscious was able to bring him the information within the dream and remind him where money was stashed when he was younger.

sandy 4 years ago

can any particular dreams of the dead indicate dreamers death or long life?

Isla 4 years ago

Hi Sue, can you help me with my dream? It's a strange one I'm afraid.

My mother died 9 years ago when I was still a teenager. I don't tend to dream about her lots but had one very real and comforting dream once when she visited me in my bedroom while I slept. It was at a hard time in my life and I image it was my self-conscious reassuring me through a figur I associate with reassurance.

Last night something similar happened; I dream't that I woke in my bed and there was Mary Portas (she's a tv personality in the UK she helps struggling shops on a reality show but is quite a tough, formidable character) she said "I have a message from your Mum. The serial killer has brown hair. You must be very careful" - I did warn you it was a strange one - anyway, Mary walked out of my room and I followed her asking where my Mum is because obviously I'd give anything to see her but all Mary keep repeating is "You have to be really careful" and was getting pretty stressed with me not listening. So I woke up, in reality, and was so freaked out I couldn't get back to sleep. I even googled Mary Portas to check she hadn't been murdered. Lol in case the murderer's brown hair could be a vital clue. It sounds so silly.

I know dreams aren't premonitions and it's not really a message from my late mother but it has shaken me up considerably and to have some tips on how to healthily make sense of it would be so appreciated. Thanks so much, Isla x

deepika 4 years ago

my grandpa had marred off all his daughters before his death except for his youngest. when it was time for her marrige, there was a shortage of money in my family. but, gran came in my uncle's dream one night and told him that there was money hidden under a certain almirah and he was to use it for the wedding.NO ONE.i repeat NO one knew of this place. and yet, when he moved the almirah next morning.. we found more money than required .. and the marrige went lavishly. can you tell me how this happened??

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


You certainly have a dream with a a lot of message symbols in it. What type of message do you think you would be receiving from your grandfather?

Your grandfather could symbolizing himself, something about his traits, his life lessons for you, etc. may be coming and you need to receive this information.

Or, your grandfather could be symbolizing an aspect of self within you. What you have internalized from your grandfather? This may be your wise self. It sounds like you are getting important information likely necessary for your next personal growth and development.

sahinpolan 4 years ago

My dead grandfather is bringing a file for me ridding a rikshaw. what's the meaning of this dream?

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author


It sounds like you are processing a lot in your dreams. I am sorry to hear of so much loss for you lately. If you are worried your grandmother is mad that you have not grieved her yet, it is likely YOU are mad at yourself and feel guilty for not grieving. If you feel you have not grieved, it may mean you have not accepted her death and are not ready to feel this loss just yet. You need to know that this is normal. Everyone grieves differently and in their own time. It is important to understand that thoughts and feelings like that are coming from you- not your grandmother.

Her head being chopped off may relate to your feelings-- perhaps you are detached from truly believing or feeling her death. It sounds like you are severed the heart-mind connection in order to avoid some feelings for awhile. This may be the way you are deciding to cope right now. The grieving process takes a long time. Judging yourself and having unrealistic expectations for yourself emotionally is going to interfere with your ability to process these emotions and honor your grandmother's memory the way you may want.

SInce you are also describing this as a bombshell on you, you may need to reach out for more support. It should not all be on you and you may gain a lot of strength by leaning an those around you- friends, family, support groups, etc. I wish you well.

Natalia 4 years ago

Hi, Ive recently lost my grandma I had a dream that her head chopped off repeatly every night so far ! And it felt so real. And now my grandpa is in the hospital and his not making it ! Is she mad that i haven't grieved yet ...! And now it's all starting to bomb shell on me :-(

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

recalling dreams from when you are 5 and 6 are difficult. Our concepts of time at this age are also much different. Your recurring dreams of your father sound like they were a way in which you are bargaining to have get him back and processing that you cannot get him back, that he is gone, and moving towards acceptance.

Infection of the throat sounds like a double symbol- both throat and infections can be equated to taking in negative/harmful ideas/thoughts. Have you had negative thinking or beliefs that are harming our life? This dream may be telling you that you need to re-evaluate what you allow to influence you, what you decide to take in, and what you follow/believe just because.

nish 4 years ago

thanx dear, honestly that what all my friends say as well.. dreams could never indicate an actuall death of the dreamer,, myths i would say

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Thank you for sharing the Islamic Dream Interpretation perspective. I personally always caution anyone about believing the content of a dream from a literal sense. Dreams are usually metaphors for something going on emotionally, spiritually, psychologically for the dreamer.

I try to look at dreams from a practical sense- which interpretation of the dream is most helpful to the dreamer? If you learn you will die on a certain date and have no way to avoid it, how is this useful to you? Actually, it can do more harm than good if you begin to react negatively to this information.

I have found that anyone sharing dreams of death and dying with me (a lot of people share their dreams with me but this is not everyone of course) begin to identify areas of their life that are neglected, threatened or cut off in some way. Once we let go of the fear that the dream is forewarning us of our own death, it can help us understand that we are feeling a threat towards an emotional-type death, a spiritual death, etc.

Regardless, I think dreams of death are something to pay attention to and could be highlighting a danger-- I personally would consider actual physical danger last.

Rebekah 4 years ago

My father passed away around the time that I was five or six. I always used to have dreams of saving him from the sunrise-- finding the key to a gate at an old, blessed house we lived in when I was a child. I needed to find the key to release him before the sun was rising, but somehow I got to the gate with barely enough time one day, and opened the gate, and he stood in shining light, smiling kindly upon me, but I knew he was going, and that I couldn't bring him back. I'm not completely sure but this felt like a recurring dream-- one I believe I had before my father passed and maybe asked him about but never asked my mother if I told her of it beforehand.

13 years later, I find myself dreaming of him for the first time since those dreams. I'm not sure why, or how he was involved in my dream-- but I dreamed I had terrible strep throat, and that when I looked in my throat (i think from third person view) the white parts were oosing out of my tonsils. This can't be good, but I can't find anything on strep... Only that our throats are very vulnerable and I may be in some way feeling vulnerable or be aware of someone else's vulnerability. Can you help me clarify?

NISH 4 years ago

A.. If a dead person tells the dreamer, “You will die on such or such date,” he is to be believed.

B.. A dead person telling the dreamer that a given person has died suddenly or will die: Dangerous dream for both the dreamer and the person whose name was mentioned. Either of them or both might pass away...


sadie 4 years ago

Thank you xxx

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I have never come across a dream where the dream actually did indicate the physical death of the dreamer or relative. I believe it is possible for this to occur but it is not my area.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I have noticed those grieving a very close loved one often want to dream of them and feel they somehow have a block and cannot.

You have a lot of emotions to process. Keep in mind, we have 5-8 dreams a night. I am assuming you are dreaming of him but not recalling the dreams. This is typical when the loss and painful emotions are so early and raw. As you come to terms with the loss, I think it is more likely you will recall more dreams and be a bit more conscious of your dreams of him.

sadie 4 years ago

I lost my partner only 12 weeks ago, since he passed i have wanted to dream of him so badly and when it never happened i got so upset. The other night i dreamnt he was singing to me, I cant remember the songs though, I have not had anything since and it upsets me so much,do u think i am not ready to dream of him yet xx thanks xx

Nish 4 years ago

Hi! In your opninion is there any kind of a dream of the dead or wotsoever type which would indicate maybe a death of the dreamer or a relative?? If so, what kind of a dream would indicate that??

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


In general, receiving messages that a loved one is going to die soon usually reflect the dreamer's fear of death or losing a loved one. Does this relative have a specific significance to you? Many times our relatives reflect not a person but a character trait. Are you losing something within yourself that relates to your relative? Is your relationship with this relative dying in some way?

sunit 4 years ago

thanks.. last one.. my late father over the mobile breaking the news of a relative dead.. please note my relative still alive.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


It sounds like your dreams involve mourning and grieving. You may be dealing with the loss of not regaining contact with someone who was a part of your childhood. Pictures often relate to nostalgia and our memories of the past. It sounds like he is representing something for you that is important and that you need to connect with within you. What have you lost and how is this dream in some way fulfilling something for you?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


This dream sounds like it may relate to you not being in touch with parts of who you are. The aunt you don't recognize sounds like it is a part of you somewhat disowned. She has surgery (why does she need fixing?) which kills her. Since you tell the surgeons what to do, is it possible you are overcontrolling your life in some way and this has been harmful to you?

The friend handing you keys may show you that you have control over the direction you take although you cannot see right now how to get to where eyou need to be.

The people divided in two groups may relate to you- are you divided? do you need to get in touch with yourself more?

Vanesaam 4 years ago

Hi ; umm i've been dreaming this this long time family friend , my mom use to take care of him and his two sisters . And well I was 2 when my parents moved & we lost contact ! But he was like my big brother , my mom use to & still talks about him of how he use to take care of me & etc... But the last time I saw him was at his funeral ... But now I keep dreaming him .. My first dream was that I was receiving his ashses from his mom & sisters & they were showing me his trophies , pictures all of his stuff that had belonged to him . And my second dream was just recent ; i was talking to him but it was my birthday , but he was telling me oh here i made this for you & and it was pictures of me when I was a little girl with his sisters and him . (& my mom once told me that they always took pictures of me) but he was giving it to me as a birthday present & when I started crying when i saw it .. (but my

birthday it's till sept 8 & his birthday is 20 after mine)

I want to know what does my dream mean ??

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Sunit- it sounds like you know your dream is reflecting your fears of dying and death. It sounds like your fear is also creeping into your comment. I do not think your dream is warning you that you will die next month but I have a feeling you may not fully believe that until after next month :)

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

kp2025- perhaps the pregnancy is a symbol of a new potential of something- personal growth? a success? a relationship?

kp2025 4 years ago

I recently dreamt that my dead mother was telling me someone in my presence that she was pregnant. I know for a fact she wasn't. what could it mean?

Sunit 4 years ago

Thanx.. 1. I was missing my uncle alot before I had that dream... 2.. I always have had a subconcious mind about being carefull of dreaming about the dead especially when if they hug u tightly or etc etc.. 3.. Main point,, over a few years now, I have been leaving in fear of dying and death.. Could this be the reason for the dream??? Or does it really mean my uncle wants me next month??? Kindly advice..

Jennifer 4 years ago

Okay so this does say a lot about my dream but I want to know for sure.. Last night I had a dream that my aunt was having surgery and I told them where to cut her stomach and she died , then I felt guilty and scared but when I kept looking at her face she did not look familiar at all never seen her in. My life. Then when I was getting out my friend was outside holding my keys to a vehicle which I didn't see .. And instead I just kept walkin to the house next door and the lights where turned off and there were people divided in two groups just looking down not saying not even moving ! But I did saw another aunt in a white dress ..then I woke up scared :(

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Death of a loved one is a hard loss to accept. Since you lost someone recently, it sounds like you are processing your feelings and the loss within your dreams.

Seeing that the deceased have not actually died can relate to your struggle to accept the death. Do you forget he has passed sometimes? It may not feel real right now. Seeing him as not fully dead in a dream may relate to not fully accepting his death.

The book sounds like it could relate to not being able to obtain important information. Also, since this dream relates to his siblings who are likely having a harder time with the death, it may also relate to you feeling like you are not on the same page as someone else.

Dreams like this are often healthy and help you fully process the death so you can accept it and find closure.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Sunit,

As you can see from other comments, many people have this experience. Death is probably one of our top fears. To explore the meaning of this dream, ask yourself what your uncle could represent for you? Since he was inside a room, perhaps you are exploring something, an aspect of self, that has been closed to you up until now.

To me, it sounds like you might be grappling with an aspect of your unconscious that needs to be expressed and is haunting you. Is there a trait of your uncle's you have repressed? Do you feel threatened if this aspect is expressed? it is important to strike a balance with all aspects of self. If we express one part of ourselves and silence others, it can often feel as though we are killing of this aspect of self. In this dream, you may have quieted one aspect of self by "killing" it yet it threatens your current identity. Perhaps you can find a way to satisfy both needs.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I think you should read dreaming of an ex http://hubpages.com/health/Dreaming-about-an-Ex

it sounds like you are working through feelings of letting your ex go and are still clinging to something within the relationship. He is alive yet the relationship is "dead" in some ways. It sounds like you may need closure so you can be at peace with this ending of a relationship and move forward.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


thank you for sharing your dream. Dreaming someone is telling you that you will die soon can be very scary. It is important to look at the dream from many angles to get its full meaning.

Death in dreams is often not a true physical death at all. Death can relate to the ending of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another. Death can also relate to entering the unknown, such as something within our unconscious. Is there something you need to put to rest? Do you need to move to the next stage in life in some way? Do you need a spiritual transformation?

Your grandmother sounds like she is part of your unconscious now. Perhaps she relates to a higher self, a wise self for you.

If I had this dream, I would ask myself why I'm having this dream now. What is going on for you that is significant? Recurring dreams often mean you are not getting the dream's message. Since you are fearing you will die soon yet are still having the dreams, I would search for a different meaning.

This dream sounds like it relates to becoming more aware of your unconsciousness. The forest, speaking with the deceased and dying often relate to the unconscious.

It is interesting you give excuses for why you cannot go. Why aren't you being honest and telling her directly what you want- that you do not want to die? Why aren't you asking her where she wants to bring you and want you need to get out of it?

It sounds like your fears and your literal interpretation of this dream is blocking you from receiving an important message.

Good luck!

shedryl peralta 4 years ago


my uncle passed away 2 wks ago.and it's been two days now that i've been dreaming of him. my first dream was about him in his coffin and calling the attention of his brother coz my uncle is not placed properly in his coffin. and when the coffin was opened i saw that he had no shoes on, and he wriggled his toes. my second dream was still about his wake and that his brothers and sister was there except for my mom who is also his sister. then i was also handed a book which was book marked on that particular page. but that book was accidentally closed and when i opened it again to that bookmarked page, it wasn't the page that i saw. i kept on looking for that page but it was already missing. what could it mean?

Sunit 4 years ago

Dreamt of my dead uncle. Heard his voice calling me inside a room.. I refused to go in and he eventually came out... Told me he was fine and lonely as ever.. Then told me I should not worry too much as he will take me with him very soon.. Asked him when he said July.. Freaky.. Please explain

Lily 4 years ago

I had a dream about my ex being dead i was seeing him in a casket but the next time i went to the casket he change into a black color and i just grab his hand what does it mean or what..by the way he is still alive.??????

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I have noticed dreams of death and warnings seem to happen often for people who are engaged to be married. My guess is these type of dreams relate to the changes that occur when making such a commitment and to the uncertainty of fear that the commitment will not actually occur. "Til death do us part" tends to focus people either on their own deaths or their spouse's death.

Having a new car is a change and can also relate to some fears of negative events related to the change.

Your fiance's best friend may relate to an aspect of you and your relationship that you have not met or gotten acquainted with. Since it is your fiance's best friend, this dream seems to be connected to the relationship more than just you.

LiveLaughCryLove 4 years ago

Please help me analyze my dream.

My grandmother died in 1998 because of breast cancer. I was 13 years old. She helped take care of me and my two older brothers while my mother worked in another city and my father took up law and reviewed for the BAR exams. I have dreamed about her before but the past week, i dreamt about her five times! And all were the same dream!

The dreams started when i was 15. In my dream, we were in a forest with tall trees and sunlight going through the branches (yes, pretty much like Twilight but Twilight wasn't even written then). She wore the white dress she was buried in. I was wearing a white dress too. We would be walking around the forest, talking, and it always ended the same way. She would always ask me to go with her! When i wasn't married, my excuse was "i have to ask mom first" and when i decline, i wake up. Recently, my excuse was "i cant because nobody is going to watch over the kids" and then i wake up. The dreams disturbed me so much cuz it happened 4 times already so i told my husband about it. He told me not to go with her and that the next time she visits me in my dreams, i should ask her why she wanted me to go with her.

Tonight, i had the same dream. I never asked her why but i gave the same excuse that no one is going to watch the kids but this time i didn't wake up right after i gave my excuse. This time she said "it's almost time". I woke up crying and now i'm scared to sleep.

Please help me. What does my dream mean? I am so disturbed by it. Thank you and more power to you!

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

This dream sounds like it could relate to your father but also the inner wise self within you that you may have internalized, in part, from your frather.

Ice cream can relate to unexpressed emotions. Perhaps you are resolving some emotions in this dream. He smiles at you and tells you to feed the ice cream you could not finish to the birds. This sounds like a suggestion of releasing these emotions and letting go.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

This sounds like a dream that reflects your feelings. Losing a parent is particularly hard. Dreaming you can't reach him could relate to your feelings that you cannot reach him now that he has passed.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi Hanna,

these dreams can certainly be alarming.

He may not have met your family but he knows of them and likely saw them in pictures. Since they are your family, they likely relate to you. How has her passing impacted you? does it impact your relationship?

The communication sounds important to him. What does he feel he needs to know? This sounds like it is related to his feelings of you or your relationship.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Thank you for sharing, Courtney.

These type of dreams are more common as we approach an anniversary or a day of remembrance. It sounds like you are working out feelings in this dream and are moving towards peace/acceptance while cherishing your friend.

Jessica 4 years ago

I recently had a dream about my fiances best friend who had passed. I had died in a car wreck,a jeep i am actually supposed to get soon. Then he meets me on the bridge going across my pond. He says to me "Nice to finally meet you." I had never actually met him before he passed,i've known him around town but never met him. He has come to me in a few dreams,but none felt like this one. It was if he was warning me,but it wasn't a sad way. It was a "Hey,this going to happen. But don't be sad" kind of feeling.

Shanelle F.* 4 years ago

My parents passed way years ago but I have dreams of them.One deam It was my father and I, He bought us some ice cream and we were having a good tim.I couldn't finish my icecream so I asked what to do with the rest.He smiled and told me to feed it to the birds.

Amanda25 4 years ago

My grandma died 11 years ago i gave her my bedroom I moved mine upstairs she had stomoch cancer the second night after she died I wasn't dreaming I was going to the bathroom which is right next to the bedroom the door was closed and I heard her say my name and it sounded just like her and it came right out the bedroom she died in and the door was closed the next night the same thing happened remember I was not dreaming I was awake.. The same night I went to bed and did have a dream I went down stairs to the bedroom she died in and opened the door and there was a really really bright white light and I saw her floating in the air in a white dress it was like what angels wear.. After that we went to the living room and everyone was there sitting and talking with grandma. I have her lamp she used all the time Ever since then the lamp turns on non stop and I knew it was her.. One day it kept turning on.I said to her please stop turning the lamp on please grandma and ever since thin she hasn't turned it on...

I dream of my dad who recently passed suddenly from complications it was his lungs that took him after he was finally overcoming the battle with cancer in my dreams I can see him just I can't get t 4 years ago

I dream of my dad who recently passed suddenly from complications it was his lungs that took him after he was finally overcoming the battle with cancer in my dreams I can see him just I can't get to him but others can I'm the one that's taking Rothko the hardest In our family what does this mean I wake up crying

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


your friend's brother may represent a lot for you- including death itself or young death. Since you seem so fearful, it is very possible your dream is reflecting your own inner fears about dangers and dying before your time. To resolve the dream, you may need to explore these fears, put them in perspective and focus on your life and what you want to do within your life instead of focusing too much on running from the possibility of death. When we focus too much on death, we ironically stop living and do less in our lives out of fear.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


What an interesting experience! Did you ask the bride what this meant to her?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Franklin,

Only your girlfriend could determine what her dream means- she is the expert of her own mind and heart. I can offer some possibilities. As you read in my article, I would consider the dream a message from the deceased as a last resort. First, our dreams really should be viewed as a reflection of us- our own thoughts, feelings, etc. If the two of you have been fighting and she has threatened to break up with you before, perhaps this dream is reflecting those feelings that bring her to threaten a break up. She may question if she is better off with someone else, if her grandfather would disapprove of your relationship, or she disapproves of something within the relationship.

It sounds like it is important for both of you to resolve an issue within the relationship. Why are you fighting? Would you consider couples counseling? Relationships need to have good communication. If you are fighting, this is showing that your are not communicating well with each other.

Courtney 4 years ago

I had a dream of a family friend that died in Iraq last year. Before he left to go to Iraq, I couldn't say my goodbyes because I was out of town. But i did say goodbye to him on the phone. This was his 2nd trip to Iraq. The week before he was going to go home, him and another soldier was attacked and killed. I also couldn't go to his funeral because I was on a business trip... I was very upset that I couldn't say my goodbyes to him.

Now its been a year since he died... Last night I had a dream about him. I ran and gave me a hug and I was apologizing to him and I told him that I miss him. He told me that he's at a better place, misses me too, and everything is ok.

Now here's the weird thing... This is memorial weekend.

Hanna 4 years ago

Hi there, my partner of 12 years had a dream of my mother whom he has never met (we met after she died). He was walking along what seemed like a beach with golden sand all around and saw a lady sitting on a stool 10 metres from him, as he got closer, it was my mother and she was sewing something in her hand, in front of her was a huge hole and he looked down and saw a coffin and someone sitting upright who then looked up at him and it was my mothers sister (whom he also has never met). He looked up at my mother who carried on sewing then looked back down and saw someone was sitting on the opposite end of the coffin from my aunty and it was my mother? He looked up at my mother and she just looked at him and carried on sewing. He then looked to his left and saw a straw coffin that was closed (you could see through it though) and it was empty. He looked again at my mother and she mouthed something to him and he reckons he understood what she said then he woke up. Because I was still fast asleep, he didn't want to wake me so he went back to sleep. The next dream he had was almost like it was trying to get him to remember what my mother said to him, only then, when he woke again, he totally forgot what she said to him. He's been trying to recall what she said for the past week now and to no avail... I'm desperate to know what this means and found it odd that he dreamt of my family whom he has never met before.. please help?

Dash 4 years ago

Hello, a really good friend of mines 16yr old brother passed away July 2007. I have had a few dreams about him before over the years, but here more recently! In my dreams he is happy but then he ll ask me am I ready, and then he'll say Naw I'm just playing. Sometimes I think am I just putting him there, as if I'm laying down n say hey James show your face. I wasn't necessarily close to him but me n his sister were very close! I'm really scared and I'm almost afraid to do anything thinking that he is warning me of my own death. On top of that I'm travelling this weekend to celebrate my birthday! I know I should pray, cuz I'm really petrified.

Gena 4 years ago

I received a dream in 2008 3days before my husbands cousin was to get married...Note I'm not close to my husbands family. Any way the daughter's name is Kristin....Her dad Mike whom died before I was ever in the Family like two decades before....He wanted me to tell her to wear his fishing lure on her veil....I didn't attend the wedding on my husbands wishes but I did tell Kristin that her dad wanted her to wear the Lure on her veil....but she told me she had it on her bouquet...Why would someone I don't know and a distant relative to my husband contact me in my dreams with a specific request such as this?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


You may want to read this article instead http://hubpages.com/health/Dreaming-of-Death-and-D...

Your dreams of his death may relate to your fears of not having your plan actually happen or a fear that he will somehow not be there for you, that you will lose him. Death can relate to new beginnings. What type of new beginning do you think you need? Does this new beginning involve your husband or not?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


What do you think it means?

It is possible this was a powerful dream allowing you to accept her death and say goodbye.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


I am sure your aunt's presence in your dreams means something to you. The list is endless- she can represent an aspect of self you associate with her, she can represent an inner guide, she can represent herself, etc.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


It could be your friend telling you everything is OK. It can also be a dream reflecting your feelings of guilt, your wish to see him again and express your feelings, etc. It could be a dream that allows you to work out these feelings, understand that everything is OK and accept his death.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

kelseyleiannee- thank you for sharing this interesting experience!

Noelle 4 years ago

Recently went through some difficult issues with my husband. He was cheating on me, now he's in jail, and will be deported soon to Turks and Caicos. I am thinking of taking our two sons to live with him there. He seems to want to change his ways and I've had 2 dreams about him dying. It's disturbing! But most of what I read says that dreaming of death signifies a new beginning. Is this true? What is your take on this? One dream I see him in a body bag and the other was him being executed in jail.

Franklin 4 years ago


I am in a relationship with my girlfriend for ten months now and we live together. She had a dream of her deceased grandfather (who had passed away for almost a decade now) telling her that she's better off dating an acquaintance whom she has recently met. Needless to say, this led into me feeling upset, then feel stupid afterwards because after all, it was just a dream. However, I can't help but think, could this be a message from her dead grandpa who disapproves of our relationship? Or is it possible that the guy that she got acquainted with is the one for her? Is fighting also a factor of this? Me and my girlfriend had a few fights every now and then, and she always threaten to break up with me, but at the end of the day, always communicated our way to harmony. I feel silly for asking,but I have to know. haha. Thanks, I'm glad this site exists...

schweininger 4 years ago

.I had a best friend of 23 years pass because of Cancer. I took care of her for the last five months of her treetment. A year later she came to me in a dream. In normal dreams she hasn't passed. But this one time she came and sat and talked with me. She hugged me, she felt so real. We talked. I could feel her getting ready to leave. She told me everything was all right. I did not want to wake up. What does that mean

cyberman 4 years ago

I have had some dreams recently where i know my aunt is there on the perifferal of the dream but she is not involved her presence is very strong but she is not in the dream she died 2 years ago i was quite close to her when i was small

but not in latter life does this mean anything?

Nicole N 4 years ago

Tonight I was writing a letter to my fiancé and I got this weird feeling that someone was here (pressure in my chest and had to gasp for air). As I looked up the feeling went away and I saw my grandfather, a man I never met and in my head I said Hi grandpa. I am not sure what this means. But it was the most powerful moments in my life.

Justkelly143 4 years ago

I had a dream last night of a friend of mine who passed away about three months ago. We used to bevery close but hadn't talked in a while when he passed. I had felt very guilty for not being there for him when he died but when I dreamed about him, it was just me running to

Him and saying I missed him and was crying. I wish I knew what this meant because it only pushes more Questions into My head. Could this be him telling

Me everything is okay?

kelseyleiannee profile image

kelseyleiannee 4 years ago

I was born on February 4th, 1995 and my grandfather on my mothers side died February 3rd, 1995. I've only dreamed of him once, But I feel like it wasn't just a dream. I honestly feel like it was him communicating with me. It was the night I got home from visiting his grave, I was in my room crying and I was just talking out loud like he was really there. When I fell asleep, He appeared in my dreams. He told me "Everything will be okay. I love you. be strong" Then he was gone. I don't think it was just a dream, Cause I've never even seen him besides pictures, But he looked JUST like he really did & When I woke up, I felt like he was in my room with me. In my own opinion I feel like there is more to dreams then we really know..

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Vicky,

I always explore what meaning this could have in someone's life. Perhaps you are being haunted by these losses or haunted by something associated with the time in which you were friends with them (childhood and high school). Is there something from your past that you need to confront?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Donna,

Are these dreams making you worry that our sister may die? These dreams may be reflecting your fears of losing your sister. Perhaps your sister also represents and aspect of self that keeps the deceased alive in some way for you internally. Perhaps the lessons you have learned from them continue to speak to you.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Nena,

Dreaming of a deceased relative coming for another relative can often reflect the dreamer's fears of death and losing loved ones. Death is inevitable for everyone but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. It is common for dreams to reflect your thoughts of death and how you death with death.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Dreaming of someone you loved who was murdered 2 years ago does not seem out of the ordinary to me. Even though you were not together at the time, losing someone who was a significant part of your life and heart is difficult to mourn and accept. Although society may tell you that "normal" mourning lasts 1 year, we can mourn for many years after. It may be easier than the first year, years after a loss we may still mourn the loss of the individual, the void they left in a part of our lives, and the idea that we cannot repair our relationships with the or experience anything else with them in the future.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


It sounds like you are processing a lot of intense emotions and fears in your dreams. Experiencing the deaths of loved ones- especially when we have unresolved issues with the person- can cause us to have more intense dreams.

The lake your husband is being dragged into is likely the emotions you have that do not have an outlet. It is common for us to experience a time of introspection and contemplation of our own beliefs of death after experiencing loss. Your husband is mortal and will eventually pass away. This can be a very anxiety-provoking concept to confront.

You may feel better if you continue to sit with your emotions, explore how you feel and confront your fears.

Vicky 4 years ago

I keep having dreams of a childhood friend and a high school acquaintance that have both died of drug overdoses. The childhood friend I would dream of almost every night and he would wave at me or cry when I would tell him he was dead or tell me not to tell anyone that I saw him. My other high school acquaintance always looks zombie like and scares me every time I see him, usually when I have dreams with social gatherings, he'll pop up and I'll try to leave the room or pretend he's not there because for some reason his presence scares me, although my childhood friend doesn't. What does this signify? Are they really coming into my dreams or is it a meaning for something else in my life?

donna1712 4 years ago

Firstly excuse my English ... the other day I dreamed of a black horse running as a stand next to me my deceased aunt talking with sister (who is healthy and alive) and they laugh ... also two weeks ago I dreamed my sister sitting and talking with another dead man I know

Paul 4 years ago

I just woke up at 4:47 in the morning. I had a dream about my dad and he was wearing a solid white T shirt and blue jeans. When we saw each other, we grabbed each other and he gave me the biggest hug he has ever given me. I could feel the texture of the T shirt and i could feel the muscles in his back. I was so real!! I woke up crying and i woke my wife up to tell her what just happened. I dream about me Daddy about once a week. He has been gone since June 26th 2010. I am 49 and my Daddy was 69 when he left us. I pray every morning and thank GOD for allowing me to have dreams about my Daddy and MAN did he let me have one tonight!! I am so thankful.

nena 4 years ago

i had a dream of my grandmother she keep saying she has come for her son when asking what sun she repeat same thing she pass away 16 yr ago what does this mean

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi sarah,

just because we aren't thinking of someone before we go to sleep does not mean we won't dream of them. Your grandmother has passed away recently and will be on your mind more this year most likely than next year since you will most likely be doing a lot of active grieving of this loss. Your dream sounds positive- your grandmother is always with you in some way. The dream sounds comforting.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Dee,

Unfortunately I am reading your comment 9 days after you posted it. I am sure you have gained more insight.

I think it is a very common and instinctual worry for parents as they think of what would happen to their children if they could not take care of them. Knowing this doctors and understanding that he passed away leaving a young family behind is your real-life example of this fear. Since you saw this happen to someone else you may fear it will also happen to you.

Although I don't think you will ever stop worrying, it is important to ensure your worrying does not consume you and your life. It is all too easy to allow our fears to eat up our daily lives so much that we stop living before we have actually passed on. We are there for our children as much as we possibly can if we focus on the times we have, what we are doing today and not focusing on the negative possibilities that could happen one day in the future.

janie 4 years ago

hi i have dreams of an ex boyfriend of mine he was murdered 2 years ago i have loved him FOR 20 yrs but we were apart we had our own lifes he lived with someone so did i but when we saw each other it felt like we never stop loving each other we lived in separate countries but i don't understand i still mourn his death and i think of him a lot why

stars&moons 4 years ago

I have been with my husband for 9 yrs & married for 4.Not long after we starting dating his mom & dads health started declining.They was both in their early 70s when we got together.The whole time my husband has been awesome & took care of both of them sometimes putting them before himself.I sometimes felt bitter & like she would take advantage of him & she would make me feel she was trying to prove A point to me that shes still the woman in his life & shes above me.right after we married 4 yrs ago my father moved in with us and we cared for him because he has demintia.My mother in law put in A nursing home 10mnths ago,my dad 7 mnths ago & father in law 5 mnths ago.My father in law passed away the day after christmas then my mother in law the day after easter & now my dad is in the hospital not doing well.Its been maybe 3 wks since my mother in law passed & ALMOST every night I am having dreams about her death & me watching her die & helping embalm her & other crazy stuff.And im having more dreams of my husband dying too.The first dream A man chased us on A dirt road & went over me & cut off his neck & forsed him in A lake.He was screaming for me to run.In lastnights dream I remebered the funeral & everything.I woke up feeling like it was so real.I remember in lastnight dream I was talking to his mom & she said hes going home with me.And I told everyone I cant handle this right now I just lost everyone in my life.Not sure what to think of all of this.But it freaks me out because its almost every night.After not really having any dreams to now this.

sarah 4 years ago

My grandma passed away two weeks ago about that. We were really close she told people and I that I was her favorite. Last night I had this dream it was so real and she spoke to me holding my hand its like I felt her cold hand on mine. She kept telling me she is fine and watching me then she said other stuff that I don't clearly remember. It felt so real and I truly feel like she is next to me a lot. I don't get my dream though why would she come to me to me like that. I wasn't even thinking about her or her death before I went to bed. I don't understand the dream.

Dee 4 years ago

I dreamt of someone who passed away about 2 years ago. He was a Dr and I worked with him. He was very young and had 2 young boys and a wife. He was in my dream. He was speaking to another man and what it looked like to me, he was charting like he would do at work, but we were not at work. We were next to a church. As he started to walk away I said hi and then asked him what was he doing here. In my dream I knew he was deceased so it stund me to see him. When I asked him, he said he was here because he was coming to get me next week. I started crying telling him I couldn't go. He laughed a little and then I woke up in tears. My heart was racing so hard and I have been up since 4:20am crying asking myself if he was serious. All I have been doing since is worrying about my 2 young children. It's almost 6am and I can't go back to bed. I'm so worried now.

Maria 4 years ago

Thank you! :)

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Maria,

It sounds like your dream is reflecting your worries and fears. Since you said you always think bad things, it would make sense that you would dream of the bad things you are thinking. Although it is possible some of the bad things we think and expect can end up actually happening, there are far more bad things we worry about, fear will happen and never do. We ruin all of the good things in our lives and waste many precious moments when we are consumed with worries, fears, and negative thinking.

The dream may be showing you to change your perspective.

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Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Kelly,

I think it is important to learn from dreams and gain further insight into self. That being said- it does not mean that dreams should dictate all of your life's decisions.

From my perspective, your father could be an aspect of yourself, the part that is like your father but internalized. Perhaps you feel as though your father would not approve of this person. Perhaps you feel guilty that you are not doing something that your father would be proud of. It is important for you to evaluate this guy for yourself. Do you see any warning signs? Is he good for you?

kelly 4 years ago

About a week ago I got the number of a guy I had been secretly crushing on for a while. That same night my deceased father of 12 years came to me n a dream and we git in a huge fight because he didn't want me seeing the guy. I brushed it off asbut then last night after I met with the guy i had another dream of my father with a digusted appearance on his face but the dream was interupted. Should I take this as a warning and stop seeing the guy

Francesca 4 years ago

I occasionally dream about dead individuals that I know. They are usually always positive dreams tha some how are trying to give me a message. About 2 years a friend of mine and a very close friend of my boyfriend's passed away suddenly. I've had a total of 3 dreams about him. One in which I asked him why did u do it? (suicide). And he replyed, "because if I didn't do it, I would of happened another time in point and I am very happy now". I then strongly felt I needed tell my boyfriend this message because he was having a hard time coping with his death. After I told him I saw the weight come right off his shoulders. This is one dream out of like 10 that I have experienced about dead people that I known and I truly feel that its real and that they are visiting me.

Maria 4 years ago

I have been worried about my daughter because she has had strep throat 2 times in 1 month and I always worry its something more! I had a car accident while pregnant wih her and I always think bad things! I wasn't close with my aunt but I dreamt of her and my grandfather putting my grandmother on a bus and taking her away! My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer this year! That's y Im soo afraid of this dream!

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Maria,

Although scary, I think this dream reflects feelings.

Maybe you fear the loss of a child (which most if not all parents agree would be an automatic fear once you have a child).

Many dreams reflect not other people but what they represent for you and what they correspond to internally for you. In some way, your aunt is representing a part of you, your daughter is a part of you, Daniela is a part of you.

What is your aunt representing for you and why are you so threatened by it? We often have the false assumption that expressing another part of us somehow negates others and causes us to destroy other parts of self. The goal of self-integration would be to allow all parts of self expression in harmony. We can have seemingly opposites co-exist.

Maria 4 years ago

I had a dream my dead aunt asked if she could take my daughter and I let her! But while she walked away she said" Daniela didn't cplain about her baby either" Daniela is my pregnant sister! What does this mean?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi WIldone0504,

I am assuming your grandfather is deceased. I would think it was disturbing to have your grandfather threaten to kill you in your dream.

I could see this dream in a few different ways. Keep in mind you have internalized your grandfather and may be using him as a symbol of some internal traits you have that you do not readily accept as yourself. It is common for people to struggle with integrating many different aspects of self into one identity. We often have the false belief that we need to pick one. Perhaps one side of you feels threatened by the other as if what your grandfater represents cannot co-exist with another part of you. This could be represented as killing.

This dream could also reflect your fears and confusion about death and what happens after death. We simply do not know and the unknown can make our thoughts spin. Perhaps his death and the experience of his loss has awakened a fear in you of your own death and a reminder that you are mortal and will eventually die. Perhaps death itself is what is threatening you.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

hi catalystsnstars,

You are touching upon an area I don't know much about, frankly. It sounds like you dreamed of someone's death before you knew about it.

I have had contact with psychics before and what I believe is what they pick up on has personal meaning to them. Is there something about this woman that relates to you now in some way? I realize you are not giving me all of the details but what I have learned from others who have had this experience is there was a reason for them to know the information- perhaps you need to comfort them, or perhaps you have touched upon something about her death that others do not know about and need to.

From my perspective, it is very important to truly explore how this experience and this woman relates to you and not others right now. How do you relate to her, what impact does this have on your life, and where do you need to grow further?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author


Dreaming of someone who is deceased asking permission to come back is interesting. My first impression is that this may reflect guilt. Perhaps the family dynamics are changing upon your MIL's passing and your mother either feels guilty that she is in some ways taking her place on some levels or filling in for her. Perhaps this permission she is asking for to come back relates to your mother's acknowledgement that her memory, traditions, or influence need to be kept alive in some way. This experience could have sparked thoughts of her own death and impression on the world since this woman is likely her age.

Wildone0504 4 years ago

i dreamed I saw my grandfather and he was shaking me saying he was going to kill me. does anyone know what this could mean?

catalystsnstars profile image

catalystsnstars 4 years ago from Land of Nod

I'm a hubber, but google brought me here so koudos to you.

I've been trying to find an answer for this, but it may be too specific to have one. I won't tell you the entirety of the dream but I need to know, what does it mean to dream of a person but in waking life, find out that person is dead.

Pretty much, I had a dream about my boyfriend's mothers best friend who I had never met or heard of prior to the dream. A few hours after I woke up, something urged me to tell her (bf's mother) about the dream. I did, and was able to describe what this woman looked like very well, at which point I found out she had died.

Can you please tell me what this means? There were many other strange things that happened in the dream but i'm mainly concerned about this woman and what this might mean.

Tia 4 years ago

My mother in law passed away in a car accident a month ago. My own mother had a dream about her. My mother in law said to my own mother either "can you give me license to come back?" or "will you give me license to come back?"

What does this mean??

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

This sounds like a dream about you resolving issues associated with these losses and coming to terms with the deaths of loved ones. Although you were telling your friend what happened, it sounds like you are telling yourself. It sounds like you are releasing feelings. The message that a door is locked may show that you are holding onto to something that you need to let go of or have shut yourself off from something that now needs to be released and open to you.

Cecille Reyes 4 years ago

Last night, I had a dream about my best friend who died in a car accident 2 weeks ago. She and her mother both passed away. I looked into a room and there she lies down with flowers all around her and choir singing. I did not enter the room at first, but the time I did, I saw her looking at me and her position was somewhat sideways. I told her "cmon let's go home" and she kept on asking "what happened?". I sat beside her and she asks the same question over and over again. I pointed her mom's tomb and her faced looked like she has a lot of regrets. Then she started saying "thank you for everything. Please also thank everyone for me". Then she slowly turned pale, like she's gonna be dead again, and hugged me while saying thanks. I slowly laid her down from her original position, and then I woke up. I forced myself to sleep again and to my surprise, it was her again in my dream! We were standing and her mom sent her an SMS saying "i'm here in our house, the door is locked, how can we enter?" and that's it...

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Ashley,

that is such a lovely dream of your father. Thank you for sharing.

Ashley W 4 years ago

Three weeks ago, i lost my father to a massive stroke which paralyzed his right side as well as made him very, & throughout the stroke, we discovered that cancer was spread throughout his body & there was nothing we could do. While all of this was going on, i found out i was pregnant. Last night, my dad was in my dream & told me that everything was going to be okay & that he is still always there.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

If I had this dream, it would mean I needed to awaken a significant part of me. I would think a deceased elder would be associated with the part of me that links me to my roots, my ancestors, something that I am, that I always have been but have not been aware of and may need to discover (or re-discover) now.

Jade 4 years ago

My nan unfortunately died when my mum was just 7, so therefore I was unable to meet her. She died when she was just 30 due th cancer. I dreamt that she was laying in a bed, and I was creeping around the room when my partner said "jade I think it's about time you woke your nan up, she's been sleeping for a long time and she's getting old now". I can't stop thinking about this dream I would appretiate it if someone was to try and help me understand this dream thank you jade

Lex 4 years ago

Thank you Sue! That helps a lot!!

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

When I dream of a faceless person, I have found this tends to relate to me not knowing who I am or how to define my identity. I have had it also relate to not understanding who someone else is or what they are about. Perhaps this dream is showing you that you are not sure what your previous dreams were (is it your aunt's spirit? an aspect of you that identifies with your aunt? a way for you to mourn her?) Since you were jolted awake, perhaps this is hard for you to face (literally) and accept that there is more mystery and question than answers right now. That can be unsettling.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Marjan,

I think I would interpret that as I need something from the deceased person or I am acknowledging what they have given me and what I continue to carry with me that they have given me in some way prior to passing.

Marjan 4 years ago


Does anyone know what does it mean when a deceased person buys you something?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Thank you for sharing Robert. Your dream and experience was very interesting.

Lex 4 years ago

My aunt passed away in 2010. I've had a dream of her a week after she passed, and a physical visit from her one night. Last night I dreamed that my mom and I at my grandmothers house (my aunt lived here) my aunts son asked me and my mom if we could go into his room and turn on a light (he moved into his moms room) So as we were going up the stairs my mom said do you know the day of Lorraine's funeral I saw her standing in the hallway? I said really!? She said yeah, of course it was a good experience for her. So we go to the to of the stairs and as soon as I turned the corner there my auntie stood in her clothes she was buried in standing right in front of her old room. But she had no face! My mom didn't see anything only me! All of a sudden I fall back in tears and my mom asks me what's wrong, I couldn't speak. I then woke my self uo before anything eles could happen. I don't understand this dream it seemed like I was supposed to be warned of something. I've had 2 great visits from her both awake and asleep. Why am I dreaming this?? I feel that since I woke myself up from this dream the message wasn't clear, and she may return to my dreams to finish the message. Any suggestions???,

Robert 4 years ago

My closest friend died and he was like a brother to me, killed by a drunk driver. I dreamed a couple years after his death I dreamed I was walking down the road close to his house that i looked over towards his street and I saw MY truck coming down the road towards me..and stop at the stop sign. I run up to get a look at who has stolen my truck and I see its him. I was like why are you taking my truck? which he was always welcome to as we shared vehicles between the 2 of us as if we was brothers. He said SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY TRUCK..Im going to borrow yours, I said sure anything you want and he said ok im taking your truck something is wrong with mine. I woke up and proceded about my day. I had stopped by his dads house and said hey is anything wrong with barts truck? he said why do you ask..I said I had a dream and he said something was wrong..so It bothered me and I came to check it out. Sure Enough His Check Engine Light Was On And He Had A Flat Tire?!? I also spoke to a friend of his at the gas station who helped me carry his casket and lay him to rest....after our conversation about him my truck on the way home began to smell off WINTERGREEN MINT?...My truck the rest of the ride home smelled like WINTERGREEN GRIZZLY the chew my dearest friend always had. Its like he hitched a ride with me home then dissappeared...

LALITA HUGHES 4 years ago

For many years I have always dreamed of loved ones that pass..My father came to me a few times to tell me about a problem which was occurring or occurred later on thru time. My sister passed and we were not close but the day of her rosary she came to me we hugged told each other how much we loved each other and cried it was so nice after so many years I got my peace with her and she was happy and said how she was ready to go and for me not to worry.. I loved her but her men kept us distant...May she now rest in peace...

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

That is interesting Hanna,

While I do not know if a spirit is coming to you in your dream or not, I think it is very wise to consider that it is not a spirit and that you want it to be for some reason. I think that helps us gain a lot of insight. If it is not a spirit yet we believe it is, we are missing an important message.

I think whenever a young person passes, it feels unnatural and we may never feel quite settled about it. Young deaths really rip through a community and the bring up fears that we will die before our time.

Since you also mentioned of dreaming of a zombie and anger, I usually associate that with being almost dead inside and not being in touch with your mind and emotions. Your particular dream (besides relating to your own feelings) could relate to your fears associated with death. We don't know what it is or what happens which is frightening. Since a part of you believes her spirit is trying to reach you, it is possible this was reflecting a fear of whatever people become after death and a fear of the unknown.

Dreams like these are normal and common if you start to ask others. Death is a reality of life yet it is all something unknown and mysterious to us.

hanna 4 years ago

Also one dream I had several times really upset me I know its weird but she was a zombie like person and she was so angry with me and it scared me so much

hanna 4 years ago

Hi glad I read ur article my friend passed away two years ago and im always having the odd dream of her but there always of being on holiday sometimes negative sometimes not a part of me wants to beleive that it is her spirit trying to reach me she was only 26 when she passed

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Lynne,

You are not crazy. Dreaming of people who have passed is very normal and, I think, very healthy. The loss of life in a loved one is probably one of the most devastating and incomprehensible things we experience. It takes our minds a long time to fully accept the loss and fill the void in our lives left in their wake.

Lynne 4 years ago

My Favorite Aunt died unexpectedly during a minor surgical shoulder repair. Early this morrning I dreamed I was talking to her, we were sitting on a porch. We huged and I wouldn't let go. She said I have to let go. I responded I don't want to let go. She says honey you have to. My Uncle was also in this dream. But he is still alive. I woke up and was crying. Am I crazy ? I have dreamed of my precious Grandmother but never anything so real.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi rhitzky,

Dreaming of a close friend who has passed can mean so many things. First, it is likely these dreams are helping you process and slowly accept the loss. You not only lost your friend, you also lost who you are when you were with your friend. Perhaps you need to find a place to continue to express the unique you and the specific traits this friend would bring out in you.

Dreaming others are angry at you could mean a few things as well. I would not be so quick to believe they are actually angry at you. Perhaps you fear judgment/dispproval from them and fear they will be angry at you. Perhaps you are actually angry at them for some reason, have not expressed it and are perceiving them as angry at you when you are really angry at them. If you are having these angry dreams along with the dreams of your close friends who have passed (or if these are friends that have passed, it was unclear to me) then perhaps you are angry they have passed. Anger, is a natural emotion to negative events we often repress because we find it inappropriate. It may be a good idea to explore and accept the anger so that you are able to move past it.

Good luck!

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Jackie,

If you are having dreams of actual deceased individuals, I don't have much advice for you :)

I will say that I think it is very important to explore if the individuals coming to you in your dream are presenting you with messages from you unconscious. These can feel outside of us especially if we've disowned or disconnected ourselves from something vital within us. These messages often help us re-integrate something important back into our waking lives. In some way, these messages for others may be messages for you- or they may be messages that YOU want to give to the individuals. Do you feel it has more weight to tell someone "Uncle Harry loves you and he knows you've been drinking again" versus "I love you, I know you've been drinking again and I am concerned"? I think it is important to really reflect on oneself first before giving others messages and before we close the door on what our dream could be telling us specifically.

Good luck!

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Lesley,

Dreaming of the dead can be disturbing. If I had your dream, I would ask myself if the deceased in my dream is reflecting my feelings about his death. Although confusing, dreaming of someone often reflects our feelings and thoughts about them instead of anything truly coming from the other person. Perhaps you are only beginning to accept his death and are sorting through your own "stuff" you've been holding onto about him?

rhitzky 4 years ago


i was always had a dream of my close friends who passed away at the same year after 6 months. and my cousin and his wife and my current boss all of them every time they visit me on my dream they are angry i can't recall exactly if they are angry to me or to something but i remembered their facial expressions. i don't know what they want to tell to me all of them are very dear to me.hope you could give me some analysis regarding this.

God Bless You.

jackie 4 years ago

i dream about people that i knew that have passed. what makes these dreams so strange, is that each time i do, the person will sit across from me and speak. i ask them questions and they answer them. they always know they are deceased. they have also asked me to tell someone else something. i kind of ignore these dreams because i am uncomfortable to tell the messege to whom they want me to tell because i dont want them to think i am crazy but these dreams seem so real.

Lesley 4 years ago

I have dreams constantly of people that I know are dead, or I find out they died. Usually I find them comforting or I wake up crying, usually they have messages, other times I've dreamed having a conversation with a person I cared for and was the last person with him when he died. In my dream he was asking me questions about why his family was cleaning out his house, when I explained in the end it was because he was dead I woke up not crying but feeling relieved and scared for days......any meaning at all?

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

To me, friends from the past-especially those we were not that close to, often represent an aspect of self we either associate with that time period or that friend that we may not be that close with and are not expressing within our current identify of who we are.

Since he is telling you that he is not dead yet-- perhaps there is something you have left behind that you did not need to or should not have just yet. We need to get rid of the old to make room for the new but we often get rid of more than what we actually need to shed as we grow older and find ourselves going back to reclaim something.

lyn 4 years ago

i have a highschool friend who passed 2 years ago. we're not even that close and i dont even think of him but recently i have this odd dreams about him telling me he's not yet dead. every time i dream of him, he always give me this message that he's not yet dead.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Stef,

Thank you for sharing your dream. All of us will die at some point yet it is one of the toughest things for us to cope with and process. When our loved ones are elderly, the idea that they will die some day is on our minds more often. I thought your dream was positive in then it reminded you to cherish your time with him.

Stef 4 years ago

Last night I had a dream that my deceased aunt came to me and said she wanted to prepare me for my grandfathers death. I asked her when and she said soon and i asked how soon and she replied very soon. I asked her if he was going to die in his sleep and nodded yes to me. I asked her why are you telling me this and she said because I love you and I know how much you love your opa (grandfather). I told her thank you and I loved her. And she was gone. I turned to my opa and said i love you and I appreciate everything you have done for me and he hugged me and said not to worry about it and he loves me too.Then I woke up.

This morning I went to see if he was ok and thankfully he was and I hugged him and he hugged me back. He always just patted me on the back now that im older. But it was just different.I'm happy he hugged me but made me think of the part he hugged me in my dream.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Vivian R.-

I cannot tell you if your boyfriend will pass away in 2 years or not based on these dreams. What I can tell you is dwelling on fears can ensure you lose even more time with your boyfriend whether you two will be together for the next 2 years, 2 weeks or 2 decades.

Fears can eat up our present and future moments. We all all pass away. We do not know when or how and this can be especially anxiety-inducing when we depend on another and are committed to them. Fears can help us improve our lives by reminding us to drive a little safer and thinking through some of our risk-taking behaviors but fears can also backfire and waste our precious time.

Vivian R. 4 years ago

About a week or 2 I had a dream that my boyfriend of 7 years past away. We live together and have 2 kids together we joked about it cause after reading reviews it said either we were getting married or having a kid and I said well I know we ain't getting married so I guess we're having another baby. But this joke became sour when his sister had a dream with their dead nephew telling her that he just wanted her to pass my boyfriend a message and that message said that he was going to see him in 2 years... As you can imagine that freak me out cause before their nephew past away he shared a dream with my boffins that he had dreamed with his dead uncle and his uncle told him I am going to pickup a friend them I will pick you up... We in real life the friend past away a week after my bf's nephews dream and then my boyfriends nephew got killed a week or 2 after... And noe I am in tears and in fear of losing my boyfriend...

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

Hi Shady,

Your dream doesn't sound like it is related to dreaming of messages from the dead but it could be related to other articles I have written.

Your dream sounds like a warning from you unconscious that your thinking patterns have been unhealthy. Have you been depressed or thinking negatively about yourself? Walking under water and breathing sounds like this would symbolize the ability to truly be in touch with your emotions and unconscious feelings. Perhaps you are overthinking and ignoring our emotional side.

Death in dreams is often not death at all but a reflection of danger, something ending, or a new beginning.

Shady 4 years ago

Some guy took me out of school and i was played this youtube video, it was a really bad quality 240p but it was from like the 80's announcing someone just died. He was like do you know why this person died? she was possessed, from her thoughts, she couldnt get over it. Im coming to you early to give you time before you are possessed. You have a better ability than just swimming (I dont even swim, im not fit athletically), and I was watching 2 people literally walk under water as if they were breathing under there then I was woken up.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 4 years ago Author

I am so sorry to hear about your daugther. Losing a child feels unnatural and is something that parents do not feel they can completely accept and move on from. I would recommend possibly attending support groups for parents who have lost children. You may be able to not only seek help & support from others but may, in time, also help others by sharing how you have coped with the experience.

I am sure this dream has disturbed you and have left you with a preoccupation with the end of the world.

My interpretation would be that this is not a dream of the end of the world or the apocalypse but rather, an end in your world, or a very significant emotional change you will be making.

A tidal wave is often associated with the emotions we fear to get in touch with. We fear as though they will crush us, destroy us and our lives, and carry us away from where we think we need to be. It is actually quite the opposite- we may feel this way but actually if we are dreaming of tidal waves we have a greater need to get in touch with our emotions and face our grief and sadness. this will not destroy us but will make us stronger and help us get through the hard time. The tidal wave in this dream sounds like it symbolizes all the emotions you have regarding losing your daughter- within the dream she is missing from your arms and the tidal wave is coming towards you.

In the dream, you now God is going to help you which is a great message- you feel you have spiritual support through this rough time.

Reading my hub about reoccurring dreams since this hub may guide you with how to resolve this dream. It sounds lie you will need to face this tidal instead of continuing to run from it. Have you cried? Have you felt all the emotions this event as created within you?

I would suggest contacting compassionatefriends.org. They are available in all states & territories. If you need help finding your local chapter- please feel free to contact me.

Angie M. 4 years ago

My daughter passed away 6 months ago, she was 11 years old she had a rare genetic disorder so she did not walk or talk at that age. I had a dream in which I was carrying her and she was looking away I asked her: Something really big is going to happen? and she nodded yes. I said Are we going to be ok is God going to help us? and she nodded yes. And a huge wave started coming towards us, I started running she was no longer in my arms. Please help me interpret this dream.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 5 years ago Author

Thank you for your comment, anydream811. I can appreciate how difficult your current situation is. Although unpleasant, I find dreams to be necessary during times of difficulty and stress.

Recognizing you need help is something not everyone does. In your comment you note that it is evident that you need to seek help. If you think you need help, then you do. I hope you seek help. if you are unsure specifically what form of help you need or what resources to pursue, please feel free to contact me and I could try to point you in the right direction.

Good luck.

anydream811 5 years ago

My step daugther recently lost her biologicalfather who I have had mixed feelings of over the years. As I did consider this man my friend of over 20 years even with circumstances leading his ex wife to me, as me and her have been friends over 30 years from our childhood.Since his passing of about 2 months now, I have dreams of him everynight and feel more angry with his passing as I am left with the mental and financil burden of raising his teenage daughter who I love and care for very much.I've become very nasty to everybody I care for and I cannot seem to get a hold of my emotions.I think it is evident that I need to seek help for this as I feel an uncontrollable rage that I no longer can control without help.

chablis345 5 years ago

I have so many dreams which I know are associated with losing my mother when she was only 49 to cancer. Your hub is very interesting and I realise I am trying to deal with unresolved issues around that time.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

It is a good article. I have lost someone close to me recently and I was wondering why I was always dreaming of them. It was a bad death so I would expect to have unresolved feelings. Nice to have an article that confirms what I already believed.

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

This is such an informative hub. I dream of my dad -who passed away in '01- at least once a month. I also dream of my grandmother occasionally. She showed me that my father would pass away. The day my father died my aunt shocked me by telling me my grandmother came to her in a dream to. She told her she would be taking my father with her moments before she got the call. I also think that sometimes our loved ones who passed on just like to visit us occasionally.

Sue B. profile image

Sue B. 5 years ago Author

Happyboomernurse- thank you so much for sharing your death dream. What a powerful dream. One perspective is that we are not only making peace with the one who has passed away but also the part of who we are that we identify with that person- especially in the case of a parent.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

I've worked with my dreams for many years and still find them fascinating. If one keeps an open mind it is possible to glean helpful information from dreams, such as in the examples you gave in this hub. Such analysis can lead to self-growth and greater maturity.

My favorite death dream was of my mother-in-law, whom I'd had many mixed emotions about while she was still living. About seven years after she'd passed (and a time period during which I'd gone through psychotherapy) I saw her in a dream. She said nothing, just smiled at me and within the dream I felt a great outporing of love for her. I woke feeling good and felt like alot of issues that I'd struggled with her in the past had been resolved.

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