Drinking Water for Weight Loss and Health

Drinking water is good for your health and your bank account. Carbonated drinks are not good for your health and if you drink them frequently they are detrimental to your pocket book. Bottled water, though good for you, can also be expensive. Most bottled water drinkers don’t understand that though the water in the bottle is filtered, it comes from a tap somewhere and not from a natural spring.

The most economical way to drink water is to buy a bottle of water and refill it or buy a plastic drinking bottle and fill it yourself. The importance of the water bottle is that it is more portable than drinking from a glass or cup. Place water in a bottle is the more convenient because it provides protection against spills as long as you keep the lid on it when you’re not drinking from the bottle.

If you don’t think water is more economical than a cola, consider this: Water is the best drink for weight loss and drinking a good amount of water provides a healthier heart and that translates to better health.


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