Drug abuse among youth;cause,effect and control

 A drug can be said to be  any substance use in medicine.It can also be said to be any substance taken by some people to get certain effect, such as happiness and excitement.Driving from these definitions above, drugs can be classified into two categories;1]The soft Drug e.g antibiotics and analgesics. and 2]The hard drugs e.g cocain, marijuana heroin e.t.c. Consequently, a drug addict is said to be someone whose life has become dependent on drugs,hence drug abuse.

cause of drug abuse among youth; There are two primary causes of drug abuse among the youths.These are  1] peer pressure and 2] Depression.

Peer pressure;- youth associates with differents types of people otherwise known as friends. through the pressure from these friends a child they tend to have a taste of these drugs and once this is done ,they continue to take it and becomes addicted to it at the longrun.

Deptession;-Another primary cause of drug abuse is depression.when certain things happen to someone that is considered vey sad and dishearthning ,the person started thinking of the best way to become happy once more hence the use of hard drugs will come in.This later on tirns to a habit,hence drug abuse.

Another major cause of drug abuse is said to be the rate of unemployment among the youth.Furthermore,drugs can be said to be abuse when youth don't keep to the prescribe  dosage and a continuous use of a particular drug for a long time without doctors approval.This kind of abuse is associated with soft drugs.

Effect of drug abuse.;- The effect of drug abuse on youth is going to be viewed from three aspects. these are; 1]Social aspect 2]Financial aspect 3]Health aspect.

Social aspect;- the hard drug make the taker hyperactive at the point of taking this drug.This make the taker to behave abnormally, contribute to immoralties such as armed robbery, sexually transmitted diseases e.g HIV AIDS and many other sicietal vices.

Financial effects;- The person that so much addicted to drugs tend to spend more money on the purchase of these drugs.This can make the taker to become bankrupt or start searching for money by all means.This will eventually increase the problem of the taker.

Health effect;- It makes the taker becomes unstable .the taker tends to go mad and started behaving abnormally. It infiltrate a lot of diseases into the system of the taker and can eventually lead to death.

remedies/solution to drug abuse.

1] Aggressive extinction of all the souces of these hard drugs including the farms where they are planted by a joint force of the UNO.

2] Parents should monitor the kind of friends their children with and guide against bad company.

3]Rehabilitation of the affected persons.

4]Teaching the effects of drug abuse in schools.

5]Continuous campaign against the use of hard drugs at the federal, state and local levels.

6]Consent of a doctor should be sought before a prolong take of a particular soft drug.

7] stiff penalty should be metted against anybody found dealing on hard drugs.

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Zakat profile image

Zakat 7 years ago from Portharcourt Rivers state Nigeria Author

This article is to sensitize youth against taking hard drugs

mbah sampson 6 years ago

hard drug is a menace and one of the factor that has crippled the development of this country by robbing off the country of the wonderful brains that would have provided the solutions to the problem of this country.youths beware

an idle mind they say is the devils workshop, employment opportunities should be created for youths  6 years ago

Ishaku B.Boga 5 years ago

The govt.of Nigeria should as a matter of urgency create awareness among youth,and also create job opportunities that would help a long way.

Ali Dan 5 years ago

I have been taking drug for four years.When i stopped i felt good.So please try it.

kevin 5 years ago

come to kenya and talk to our youths

Kendra 5 years ago

Govt should try and create job opportunities for our youths.

Ezekiel Ohirhian 5 years ago

This article should not only be on line, pls let every one read this tranfer it to his/her family practically. In short this is our corper‘s CDS lecture tommorow

otimi oladapo ebenezer 5 years ago

I love the write-up

Salisu Harisu Usman 5 years ago

Govt should intensify effort or rather encourage drug abuse education in research and educational institution, also systematic enlightment and awareness on the menace and other danger associated wit drug abuse should be made.

Awobusuyi ibukun 5 years ago

Government should try and create job opportunity.

segun gabriel 5 years ago

dìs realy helps a lot.thanx

maikudi D lawan 5 years ago

these some of the causes really, but there are many more reasons that lead our youth in to such problems. please research more!

Jibril AFRICANA 5 years ago

Is neva too late to stop.

Faith 5 years ago

Dis writup is perfect!

Nasir 5 years ago

Drug and substance abuse has become the theme for the youth world wide tis lead 2 youth loosing direction in life.

Chinwendu 5 years ago

It is not all about government creating job opportunities,youths should be creative,God helps those who help themselves!!!

jeremiah ezekiel 5 years ago

Nice write up. A friend told me that most youths today spend more time on the net likewise me., which he find it abit abuse. isit true?

Corper Izmahill(akwa ibom) 5 years ago

May God help us,let's keep on orientating ourselves,violence starts 4rm taking hard drugs and alcoholic drinks..


Abubakar Ibrahim 4 years ago

It's obvious that even in schools' drug Abuse has now become rampart.therefore,there should be a systematic education on drug abuse.

adeagbo funmilayo esther 4 years ago

This write-up is good, pls talk to Nigerian youths.

Sanusi Al~Amin G 4 years ago

Nice articles,pls keep orienting our youth.GOD help us.

Sanusi Al~Amin G 4 years ago

Nice articles,pls keep orienting our youth.GOD help us.

Mathias Abel manako 4 years ago

Drug abuse can do worse than you think my dear friends! Do something good for yourself instead.



Olasunkanmi precious. bayelsa 4 years ago

Just what i needed cos i'm working on substance abuse among youth as my project,so this write up has helped.i'm going to give my suggestion illustrating Abraham Maslow heirachy of needs.He said that on the heirachy of needs,a higher level cant be achieved if the lower is not provided,so physiological needs like warmth,shelter,good housing,etc should first be provided for the youth by parent and government,also safety needs such as security,stability etc then belongingness and love,having gotten all this by the primary provider which are the parent and the secondary provider which are the society and government,then the youth will be able to desist from social ills such as substance abuse and then move higher to other needs like self actualization,cognitive needs transcedensce needs etc,which will make them inturn help others to achieve self actualization in life cos they themselves have achieved this and then appreciate the parent,society and government at large by giving them back what has been provided or given to them.this will make our youth flee from whatever luring or attraction and pressure to substance abuse.thank you.

Alex D teru 4 years ago

Really some of our youths hv go deply in to the biz of taken hard drugs now but if we look at it,thats why we hv rampat deaths rate & madness guy lets becareful wt our life tax.

abigail awuah 4 years ago

i think dat the government must use this article to advise the youth

Dr teejay 4 years ago

wao......u have actually said it all, if u are a drug taker stop it now or it will stop u

HABILA I. SHENO 4 years ago


somayina j osigwe(Anambra) 4 years ago

the ear dat hearz is nt measured hw big it is bt hw sharp it is! Youths d ball is nw on ur court.we should help our self n save our lifes.NOTE!not only youths.....drug addiction killz

somayina j osigwe(Anambra) 4 years ago

the ear dat hearz is nt measured hw big it is bt hw sharp it is! Youths d ball is nw on ur court.we should help our self n save our lifes.NOTE!not only youths.....drug addiction killz

olawale 4 years ago

the article is interesting good job

Beyams Monji 4 years ago

It is realy amazing for me to read an aticle like, am loaded with what drugs abuse can mount on some body thanks

usuwah iheanyichukwu justice 4 years ago

this article has really helped me on my research.

Lawrence Thaiwo 4 years ago

Let our federal govt find solution 2 drug abuse b4 it bcome ranpard in our society.

Darong patrick 4 years ago

Not only d gov't but wat ve the youths don't 2 secure themselves.Let d youth do sth 2 themselves pls young people

Uche okeke 4 years ago

Gosh! Dis article says it all. Are u out der still experimenting wit drugs? It aint 2 late 2 stop...also try talk 2 a counsellor 2. It aint expensive. If u are shy, dey gat one on facebook/uniben counselling. Don't forget Jesus luvs u and its nat 2 late 2 embrace HIM.

Champ. Confidence Okuguni @ uniben 4 years ago

I lv dis write up. Youths has to imbibe to safety procedures in order to escape devastating consequences

Nobuhle 4 years ago

thnks ths article hs it all

Nwobodo Roseline 4 years ago

If u dnt know that you are wrong they is no way of correcting yourself, so as a youth dnt join d rigning group but d wining group

Mathapelo 4 years ago

Ppl,lts nt blme it al on d gvmnt?it leads nt mke dcsns 4 us.w s d leadrz of 2mro hav 2 mke d ryt choices in lyf

Hauwa'u A. Bello 4 years ago

Wow! Dz x a nyc article. Plz cntinue 2 motivate youth on d impacts of drug use and stuff lyk dz coz de are the bedrock of every society. Plz kp it up!

ahmad 4 years ago

Aihamdulillah i realy apriciat this article youths pls let us summit our selfs to God and do the better things to devalop our nation!!!

Siyabonga Rasmen 4 years ago

Wow guys kep on dng the gret job,the article has help me a lot on undastandn variour thngz bwt drugs wel dne i b w8tn 4 mre

Okpanachi En'Ojo 4 years ago

Our religious leaders should take d message to their follower that abuse of drug is a sin.

Nthabiseng khoza 4 years ago

South african youth is reali exposed 2 dangerous harmful drugs nd i believe dat dis article can be very useful 2 them,it is unfortunate dat they don't even have an interest in google#sad

Purist.dj 4 years ago

People who do/sell drugs to the youth should stop because this is causing youth to becomes criminals in the country and average of stealing is too high in south africa.

elizabeth oyekunle 4 years ago

if there is anything that leads to damnation of human beings, its drug abuse

Adeniran deji emmanuel 4 years ago

Govt should help us 2 create more job 4 we youth

Abolaji Okeowo J 4 years ago

Agry wt u my writer on dis article,but d primary cause of dis problem of drug abuse is broken home. Broken home represents d most common cause of children leading a wayward life, due to complete sepratn of parents n 2 d ensuing child-care parental neglect. This is a pathetic happening dat relegates d child 2 a very untenable positn in life, d parents being old enough to chart dr separate live while d wallows in a world of loss,emptiness,and uncertainty. Check proverb 19 : 18 for confirmatn. God bless u

mandla 4 years ago

just wana say thanx to te writer..am one the teenages in s.a but am not involved in drugs its very sad to c teenages killing them self bit by bit;the are told everyday bt thy don't listen which is very distebing to the parents they cant control their children we really need serious help........thanx...

Jackline john 4 years ago

Sweet article,u say al but youth we should do something

Isaac-LAUGHTER Imhanobe 4 years ago

The solution is not only for the government to create job opportunity. every youth must look inside and see what he/she can do, we all have what will make us what want in life so, taking hard drugs will not solve one's problem. discoverer who you are, discover what people need and meet that need you will discover you are large.My fellow youths out there, know that the life you have now is not your own, a day is coming when the owner will ask you how did you use is!

Barnabas Elizabeth 4 years ago

Please government our youths spirit is gradually dead.most especially in our community kabala west kaduna because of unemployment. Pls try and come to our Aid. We need revival.

derick odili 4 years ago

d issue of dis ''social-moral decadance'' in our nation has made our country ''NIGERIA'' d way it is. Hard drugs amongst the suppose leaders of tommorow... This Is wat d government @ all levels should stand for bcos '' a working BRAIN is a working FUTURE'' if d above stated is true..... Den our youth's brain should be void of hard drugs d@ limits its functionality, effectiveness, efficiency and ballance. YOUTH'S WAKE UP!!! Dis is our time to make d change..... Bcos u d@ is reading dis article of mine is a potential ''change catalyst''.............

iyanda ganiyyah 4 years ago

wao! What an interesting article

alqasim 4 years ago

Am very grateful to meet such enlightment about drug abuse,what is now one of the major epidermic that kills our young generation, we have stand upright to guide and to control our societ(youth).thanks a lot for the wonderful job.

Chriches 4 years ago

take a situation where the youth leaders are consuming youth funds in the name of ensuring equal distribution of this money in the country rendering the project itself useless and as a results idleness amongst us youths lack of coin to start up an effective project again CDF fund to enable finance students in schools are being consumed within the armphits of our so called representative,this corruption in both education sector and society @ large do u think then the young generation will fail to engage themselves in either drug trafficking or abuse never,come to KITALE and you will find out how the CDF fund is being misused very underdeveloped town in terms of education.Ooooooooooooooooooooh my godnesssssssssssss

Oderinde Gabriel 4 years ago

It is any uses of this drug addicts

malji modi 4 years ago

i like it wen young heart addresses d issue themselves.as a youth just discover yourself and purpose of life that's all you need than depending on drugs.be a creative thinker, imagine well and look well.thanks

ritz 4 years ago

plz don"t take drugs

fay brenda 4 years ago

Hey ma youths 'better prevention than cure'coz mwenye ozi haambiwi ola.

Obas 4 years ago

beware of drug abuse bcos it makes one to run mad instantly or in future life.

shiv-e singh 4 years ago

parents should not give a lot of money to children.

Wilhelm Kambindji 4 years ago

Nice write up.hope it reach all the youths especially in Namibia.

Sourodeep Mukherjee 4 years ago

perfect write up......saved me a a lot of tym....

Fiyin 4 years ago

Nice write up.

Ausine 3 years ago

always read and understand first before taking drugs

Ausine 3 years ago

Always read and understand first before taking drugs

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Mother123 3 years ago

Although this may be a helpful article towards drug addicted youth, I am disgusted with the hideous spelling and grammar through out this child-like article. I would be horrified if my children were to see such simple errors and may even attempt to copy them. Articles like this one should be taken down from the internet. You should be ashamed of such atrocious errors within an adult (I believe) piece of writing.

Mabagala fb Mabagala 3 years ago

drug abuse is like committing suicide, why my fellow vijanaa (ma youth) to short up life?Life is God's gift to us, kp it my dia

jane 3 years ago


sakshi 3 years ago

nice write up............. going to help youth .....

Swaketewmut 3 years ago

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pop 3 years ago

this as an ok article

beena shrestha 3 years ago

this is an ok article for schooling children

malusi umlazi 2 years ago

drug addictions can be prevented do sumthng

Givemn mutena 2 years ago

Nice one! Am also doing a research on the causes and effects of drug abuse on school going children

fatima 2 years ago

how can drugs can be abuse.

why is people abusing drugs.

what are some important of drugs and the causes.

ham 2 years ago


ralph odoh 2 years ago

This article is the best..I have ever seen

adelani abigail 24 months ago

This is wonderfull

anup 23 months ago

Best way to exlain...!!!!superb""!!!

TOMIWA 23 months ago

Very good

ebiau ebiau 22 months ago

This article has not only helped us the scholars,but the community at large has benefited most especially my youths in uganda

esther 19 months ago

love d write up I took it once but I'm glad I got to read dis write up

Abubakar s. Adamu Argungu 18 months ago

Infact the general causes of drug abuse are unemployment and influince of peer group

gepeTooRs 8 months ago

Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

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    Comments 34 comments

    Oby 5 years ago

    We nid 2 eradic8 ds thing cos our 'leadrs of 2mrw' are fast bcmn servants of yesterday.

    Ibrahim .A. Ibrahim 5 years ago

    Our youth please should try to abide there selfs against any harmful drug that is dangerous to there health so that they will a long live and make there family happy.I am Ibrahim A Ibrahim from school of Nursing Bauchi.My phone number 08031145662

    Ibrahim Abubakar 4 years ago

    This write up is realy good

    Bara'atu Yusuf Aliyu lere 4 years ago

    Drug abuse among women is not gud pls women stop it, even for the sake of you children, if they are doing you wil not appreciate it, pls stop it.

    tosin oladumiye 4 years ago

    this write is great. pls talk to Nigerian youths.

    Habila I. Sheno 4 years ago


    Okuguni Onyebuchi Confidence. University of Benin, dept. of Health education. 07031329963 4 years ago

    Our bodies should be kept safe for the respective purpose it had been made for, it shouldn't be a trash bin where all sort of degenerative substances are harbored. We should come to realization dat even if the the effects of our malplay is not otherwise devastative during our youth days, the fate of our older days is being probed. To every sown seed, there is a harvest. You wouldn't want to have it the other way, will you? Re-examing ur actions before making a move.


    Good write up and keep talkin to Nigerian students who abuse drugs.Atie Ovo ughelli 4 years ago

    Welldone God bless u.

    bolu 4 years ago

    drug abuse should be stop

    fay 4 years ago


    fay 4 years ago


    Dalong Chrisopher John 4 years ago

    let's try and make good and responsible parenthood in regulating our own extra family activities and that of our children's.

    makgatho thotogelo assention 4 years ago

    good writing guys its really helping a lot

    shiv-e singh 4 years ago

    parents should spend time with children because they are not felling alone

    Lomax 4 years ago

    Very nice write up, I hope the guys read it well. You don't have parent doesn't make you to go into drug abuse. Pray to God and He will see you through. Amen

    joseph 4 years ago

    i think its more sober when you are free from those drugs as we usually see addicts struggle to stop taking them. also they only have negative effects so no reasons as to why to take them

    sumedh 3 years ago

    very encouraging

    araba badson 3 years ago

    u saved my life

    Cristiano Ronaldo 3 years ago

    I am a foe to drugs and substances, talk less of abusing them. You should too.

    judie isaac 3 years ago

    that a good research much is needed

    ovunwo 3 years ago

    It is unthinkable for somebody to destroy his/her preciouse life with drug for any reason whatsoever. Abstain from it, safe ur life, remember ur family and loved ones, we all need each other to survive in live.

    danasabe danjuma 2 years ago

    drugs abuse causes more damages 2

    our youth.pls avoid drugs user.

    oreoluwa 2 years ago

    Nigerian youth,pls our parents have tried their best so dat dey can be proud of us @ d longrun its up to us to decide where we belong to.God will see us tru. Wonderful article

    efeta.com 2 years ago

    drug is not good for the body because it destroy some of the part of the body the immune system of the humans body. Drug is not good for the humans cell,because too much of drugs can damage the antibody that fight against sickness in the body. I am try to tell youth of Nigeria to stop taking drugs.

    Kc 2 years ago

    I am site biased, cant help it. some sites tend to dish low quality stuff! pl give us emperical reports.

    Swetheshna prasad 21 months ago

    This is really helpful.............

    Evbomien Ifidon Austin 18 months ago

    Drug addiction is dangerous to health mostly marinjuana what they call (igbo) when taken, it charges the brain and the body than its usual temperature and also darkens the blood of the addictor. So youths should be enlighten on this effect and be encourage to engage in other activities for them to get a better life.

    s o 18 months ago

    drug abuse is highly prohibited. please quit.

    There was a day, I drank palm wine in one of my frjends' birthday party, unknowing that it was mixed with marijuana (Igbo). Then it was only God that save me from being mad. That day was a day to my examination in school and being in the exam all I was unable to write a word as a letter was trippling itself in my eyes. so please, avoid taking hard drug b/4 it avoids you.

    suleiman Abdullah 17 months ago

    very good write up. Thank u.

    favouy mee 16 months ago

    very device 2 stop

    elvera 16 months ago

    O!MG wat an inspirational write up . I suggest we d youth should not hope on d govt we shud be more prayer ful for our future lays in our hands

    T H C 16 months ago

    ur article got to be seen by african youths down here in johannesbourg, SA

    Adebowale Ayomide 15 months ago

    u said it all my writer....... youth should be more enlightened about d causes and effect of takin hard drug.

    herdeegun 15 months ago

    youth is said to be extra carefull............

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