Drugs Dangerous and Deadly

Alcohol is known for a long time. In the Bible, in Genesis 9:20, 21, tells us that “Noah began working as a farmer and proceeded to plant a vineyard. And he began to drink wine and got drunk. ” Apparently opium was known in ancient Mesopotamia, and there are records that are widely used in ancient Greece. Peyote, the snuff, coca, the soma, these are all drugs that have played an important role throughout history.

Even in fiction, the drugs have found a niche. Homer’s account of memory loss that befell some of the men of Odysseus in the land of the lotus eaters. Famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes was injected a cocaine solution to 7% who said find “wonderfully stimulating and clarifying to the mind,” a view similar to that promoted by Sigmund Freud, an intellectual in real life.
The medicinal properties of drugs were discovered quickly, but its use is not confined to medicine. Began to be used widely in religious rites. They are used to try to expand capacity of perception, feelings intensify, heighten appreciation, alter mood and increase the capacity to love. But they also had an infinite capacity for destruction and to create social problems.
Interestingly, many of the drugs that are now prohibited were not always considered dangerous to human health or welfare. For example, during the second half of the nineteenth century, cocaine, opium and heroin were legalized in the United States were achieved with ease. Could be bought without a prescription at any pharmacy. Some were used extensively in patent medicines. The Coca-Cola contained cocaine for seventeen years, until it was replaced by caffeine in 1903.
Some countries that now try to end the drug trade previously fought to expand it. The Opium Wars, fought two wars in the mid-nineteenth century trade issues when the Chinese government tried to stop the illegal opium market in his country, ended with the defeat of China and the obligation to legalize the importation of opium into the country .

Victimless Crime?

Also today, who favors legalizing drugs. It is considered that this is the solution to the problems of illegal drug trade. Others believe that using drugs “for fun” is a personal and private matter, and considered it harmless fun. But is the use of illegal drugs a “victimless crime”, as some? Consider the following examples:

  • Natasha Ashley, a woman of twenty years eight months pregnant and a half, is talking with a friend on a sidewalk in an area called Little Italy in New York City. Suddenly, a car jumps the curb, ran over two women and left leg crushed Mrs. Ashley against a lamppost, leaving it nearly shattered from the knee down. Her friend was also with a broken leg. Police found the driver inside the car under the influence of drugs and while still in his hand a syringe. “It seems that was administered an overdose while driving,” said the paramedic who treated the victims.
  • Michael Perkins, just twelve years old, is dead. He died in a fire that destroyed the apartment building where he lived. Police say the fire was caused by crack dealers after his father complained of drug-related activities that took place in the building.
  • Rosa Urena not start college next fall and will marry next year, as planned. While sleeping in her bed, was mortally wounded in the head by a stray bullet that pierced the window of his room and the bedside. Due to a territorial dispute, some drug traffickers gunned to death on her building.
  • A crack addict seventeen years of age he began a series of robberies to support his drug addiction. Eight days later, when captured, has killed five people and wounding six. “All the victims were merely innocent workers,” noted the chief of the detectives handling the case.

All these drug-related incidents are just a few of those that took place this year in one city. And they are increasing at an alarming rate.

How safe do you feel on the highway if he knew that a relatively high percentage of other drivers have ingested a drug that affects the trial and reflexes? “I’d post quiet a bus, a plane or a train if I knew that those responsible for their safety could be under the influence of drugs? “Already there have been cases of addicts who are airline pilots, train drivers, bus drivers and trucks, businessmen, doctors, teachers and others in positions of authority who have created dangerous situations for ‘put’ [drug] while on service, “says the newspaper Manchester Guardian Weekly.
Research carried out on a recent tragic train accident occurred in Mount Vernon consequences (New York) revealed that the five railway involved had taken drugs. The Federal Railroad Administrator, John H. Riley, said: “Over the past sixteen months we have had half of a serious rail accident in which alcohol was involved drugs or ten days, killing more than 375 people killed or injured. In the past two years, one of every five railroad accidents in which we have been tested for drugs tested positive, and 65% of those killed died in accidents in which one or more employees had used alcohol or drugs ” .

If you regular use prescription or over-the-counter drugs, how do you use them?

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  • I occasionally overdose.
  • Although I do not abuse my prescription, I let other people use it.
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Drugs and Crime

You do not have to travel to suffer the consequences of widespread drug use. The victims are often people in their own homes or in the streets. Impelled by the need to support their expensive habit, many addicts turn to crime: assault, robbery, burglary. “A recent study by the Justice Department discovered that a surprising 79% of those accused of crimes in some cities were positive on testing for drug use,” says the magazine USNews & World Report.
In addition, we must also consider the frequent gun battles between rival factions of the world of drugs and taking reprisals against those who do not pay them. In many cases, innocent bystanders are caught in these confrontations. “If it happens that someone is there to kill a group of four or five people,” says a police officer, “I feel for those four or five people.”
In the U.S. capital, Washington DC, there were 228 murders in 1987, 57% of which were related to narcotics. In the city of New York were committed 1,961 murders, an average of four newspapers. Over 38% of these murders can be attributed to drugs. “The Oakland Fire Department (California, USA) attributed more than 180 cases of arson occurred in the city last year to wars between different gangs of drug traffickers and the reprisals taken against delinquent customers or residents who trade publicly complained crack-a very powerful way of cocaine, which is carried out with impunity in the city, “says a report from The New York Times.
The entire society feels the effects of both drug abuse, increasing crime and violence, the burden of reducing economic productivity and the tragic accidents, public corruption, as the high cost of this abuse is. But really, who pay the highest price are themselves drug users. How?

The Risks of Consuming

“Drug addiction is bad. You can destroy your mind and kill your body. In a word, is a stupid thing. “This was stated in relation to drugs Malcolm Lawrence, who was special assistant U.S. secretary of state for International Narcotics Control. But what about those who boast that they are addicted and say they can leave whenever they want? “I know people who have taken crack several times and it never has done it again,” said a high school student.
“It is true that not all guys that give a puff on a joint or drink a whole bottle of liquor end up like me,” says a former addict named Ken Barun, who started using marijuana when he was sixteen and then became pills, hallucinogens, heroin and cocaine. He thought he would never celebrate twenty-five years. But many do develop dependence, and no one can say who is going to happen so until it’s too late.
One of the problems of drugs is that they leave you defenseless. For example: cocaine, now a drug of the most abused, at first makes you feel stronger, more alert and confident, makes you feel you can control your own life more . It feels so good, that impels them to want to try it again and again. But when one goes to consumption, start to feel worse without the drug, anxious, confused, nervous, depressed. We need more. Now, along with continued use and addiction are a long series of problems, among which are the paranoia, hallucinations and psychosis.
Researchers have found that cocaine use can cause permanent damage to the heart and cause heart attacks and strokes. It is believed that Len Bias, a famous American professional basketball player who died in 1986 due to a heart attack caused by cocaine, took the drug only once.
The crack, a derivative of cocaine, is even worse. The publication Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality says that “the reason that the crack is so dangerous is that it is a drug with an extremely high potential to addict and an enormous capacity to cause serious medical and psychiatric disorders.” Since it is cheap and readily available, especially attracts young people. Are known crack users who have murdered their parents and then committed suicide.
“Reports of deaths and medical emergencies related to cocaine increased significantly between 1983 and 1986,” says a special report by the U.S. comptroller general. The data collected by DAWN (acronym in English for Information Service Drug Abuse) of various doctors and hospitals show an increase of 167% in medical emergencies and 124% in deaths caused by the consumption of this drug in that period.

Tragic Effects on Youth

One of the most tragic of drug abuse is the effect it has on children. “The history of abuse and neglect in New York City in 1987 is the story of a surge in drug abuse,” reports the Internal Fatality Review Panel of the Human Resources Administration, one of the official agencies the city. There were 46,713 cases of abuse and neglect, with the result that 103 of these creatures died. Apart from this, during fiscal year 1987 were born in the city more than 2,500 children with symptoms of withdrawal. As a result of cocaine, many babies are born prematurely. In addition, very low birth weigh, since the drug limits the blood flow to the placenta and reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.
Babies are also born with the terrible AIDS virus, transmitted by the consumption of intravenous drugs and infected by the mother to the fetus. By the end of this year, only in New York City a few thousand babies will be born infected with the AIDS virus. “We have only begun to see the devastation,” said Dr. Leonard Glass, director of the neonatal section of the Kings County Hospital Center. Every month die of AIDS in this Brooklyn hospital three or four babies.
In view of the dangerous and deadly consequences of drug abuse, it would be logical to think that the world would rebel against drug trafficking and would disrupt. Why, then, is increasing? Is there any hope for the future?


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