Earthing and Grounding

Earthing Starter Kit

Earthing and Grounding

The idea behind earthing starts with the following supposition: modern footwear, which contains rubber and other materials denies our bodies the earth’s natural electrical currents that flow naturally from the ground. One way to absorb this energy is by walking around barefoot or even barefoot running. In fact, most people who practice earthing or “grounding” will go barefoot in order to tap into this electrical field, which they find soothing and healing. In fact, there is a growing body of scientific literature on the topic of earthing, much of which is found at The Earthing Institute.

Earthing Products

Some of the earthing products that have recently been developed are the Earthing Starter Kit, which includes 1 Half Sheet, 1 Univeral Mat, 2 Straight cords, 1 Continuity Tester Kit with Outlet Checker, 1 Ground Rod Kit and a Free Earthing Book by Clinton Ober.

According to many satisfied users, these products are great if you have trouble sleeping and can also help you lower your stress and increase your energy.

We are surrounded by electrical pollution like never before, and this is not at all a good thing. The earthing lifestyle suggests that going barefoot on the ground is the best antidote for this, but we can’t always do so for obvious temperature and safety reasons. Earthing products help to compensate for this and there are several on the market that can be purchased for use at home.

While there is some hype surrounding this topic, no reasonable person would claim that grounding oneself to the earth or the various earthing products are an instant cure for all our modern maladies; however, there are many indications that they do have positive health benefits. You may want to go outside every so often and walk barefoot – as long the temperature abides. You may get some funny stares, but others may not stop to think that their ancestors did exactly that. It's not that weird really, and is good for you mentally and spiritually. You may also want to try out these products yourself and see what this is all about.

Who knows, maybe earthing could be a big step for you towards less stress and better health.

If you think about it, for millenia, our ancestors walked barefoot on the earth or in what we would now call minimalist shoes such as the now popular Vibram 5 Fingers. But in this modern world, with its pavement everywhere, we rarely touch the ground with our bare feet. And therein is the problem, say the earthers. Modern footwear results in insulated feet, which means we have trouble discharging the chronic electrical assault and stress that builds up constantly.

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Radcliff profile image

Radcliff 3 years ago from Hudson, FL

I love walking barefoot, but I don't think I could handle Vibrams. I hate stuff between my toes! It's interesting how we're finding that shoes (especially the cushiony running shoes) have done more harm than good. Interesting subject!

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