Easiest Habit to not get the Flu and Stay Healthy

Children flu
Children flu

By only just 20 (twenty) seconds easy stroke you can lower up to 50 percent your risk to catching a flu , cold or other contagious harmful diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control - one million deaths a year would be prevented if every person made it a regular habit – “the single most important way to avoid spreading flu infection”.

A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) survey found that 40 million Americans a year fall victim to illnesses spread by hands, which can haven up to 500,000 bacteria per square centimeter. Frequent hand washing with soap and water can cause a little increase to your grocery bill; however, this easy habit can help you keep away from extra medical bill, missed workdays or stay home with sick kids, eventually save your misery and money.

Frequent washing hands not only shield you from respiratory illnesses like flues, colds, but it also helps fight off more severe conditions, like meningitis, hepatitis A, and potentially life-threatening superbug infections, such as MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Research has found that , 80 percent of all contagious diseases are spread by touch.

Children are more susceptible to small attack of virus and bacteria than adult. Five times a day hand washing can decrease the number of their school absences.

What you can do?

To stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to others-

1. Wash your hands properly before and after preparing foods.

2. Before eating hand wash is must.

3. Always wash hands after cough or sneeze and of course use tissue paper while coughing or sneezing or blowing your nose.

4. Wash your hands after touching garbage or animal.

How to wash your hands properly to prevent catch cold or flu:

1. First remove any jewelry you wear than wet hands with clean running water (tap water can be). Wear rings can increase the bacteria counts on the hands.

2. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces.

3. Rub hands palm to palm and create lather.

4. Follow the instructions as shown in the image below-

How to Hand wash
How to Hand wash | Source

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