What are the Negative Effects of Fast Food

Junk Food

High in calories but low in other nutrients
High in calories but low in other nutrients
Say no to junk food
Say no to junk food
Creamy, yummy but having no nutritional benefits
Creamy, yummy but having no nutritional benefits

Fast Food

We are in a habit of eating or munching food while performing routine tasks. Most of us are careless about the type of food, timing, size and the portion of it we are consuming. In this way we keep on eating things that are not healthy. According to a recent survey eating between the meals have been increased among people of all ages. Chips, pretzels, crackers, fries and bread are some of the very common between the meals snacks(especially while people are at work). These savory, flavorful and tangy food have one thing in common they have their unique taste which is quite enough to make you addict to them. Fast food as they are they have zero caloric value: no vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber. This makes them poor for every organ of our body. Regardless of their nutritional value we enjoy them. people generally have a belief that snacks means only that food which is good on their taste buds. Snacks means much more than that. Having a healthy snack that is less in carbohydrates and more in other nutrients can fulfill your appetite making you feel less hungry and you will be able to cut down the regular meals in quantity. For this purpose you have to adapt healthy eating habits and there are several possible solutions for this.

Why People Prefer to EAT Fast Food:

  • Fast food is ready-to-cook and we are so busy that we cannot make something rather we prefer to eat ready-made food.
  • Fast food is tasty to eat and our taste buds like them because either they have loads of salt and spice or else sugar.
  • They are usually presented in colorful and presentable packaging which increase the appetite.
  • They are easy to carry along because of the packaging.
  • Eating fast food is still regarded as fashion in some societies.
  • Some people do not have knowledge of the negative effects of fast food on our health.
  • Fast food is marketed everywhere and fast food restaurants are readily available in every locality that is why people go for it.

Types of Junk Food:

  • Fast Food:

Fast food includes burgers, pizzas, fries, chips, noodles and pasta, and fish. These food have been processed and refined in such a way that they loss most of the key nutrients and they are zero in fiber as well as they have poor water content.

  • Problems caused by Fast Food: Fast food are poor on digestive tract because to digest food in mouth and stomach we need enzymes and fast food does not have them when food is absorbed by the intestine it again needs enzymatic activity and lastly when it is in large intestine it needs fiber and water to excrete but they don't have such nutrients.
  • Snacks:

Snacks are another type of fast food which include chips, pretzels, chocolates, sweets, ice creams, sweets, biscuits and crisps. These are also highly processed but along with that they contain a lot of additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Most of the people do not have knowledge about either there presence or else their harmful effects.

  • Problems caused by Snacks: Due to the presence of wide variety of additives and preservatives, there are chances of many health related risks by eating unhealthy snacks too often. These additives are synthetic product which body can not digest and in poor quality biscuits and chips one can not be sure the origin of those additives etc. Artificial colors are another very dangerous ingredients of these foods.
  • Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks include coke, Pepsi, sprite, fanta, lemonade and other these type of cold drinks with different brand names. They contain high content of sugar, and color too.

  • Problems caused by Soft Drinks: Soft drinks contain sugar and color. Presence of sugar in high quantity means that they are not healthy for diabetic patients and frequently drinking soft drinks can also become a cause of diabetes too. Presence of color is another big problem except sprite and 7up all other soft drink contain color which is not healthy for us.
  • Margarine:

Some people say that margarine is also junk food as it is hydrogenated and during this process the natural oil changes from its natural state to an artificial one and they prefer butter on margarine. Butter though rich in saturated fats is low in trans-fat and has many other nutrients too.

  • Problems Caused by Margarine: Moderate use of margarine should be done if not possible to avoid it all together. Margarine contains many trans-fat and hence it causes coronary diseases as well as increases risk of cancer and many other diseases.

Marketing of Junk Food:

Junk food is marketed in such a way that people could not easily avoid eating it. In general 60 % of the ads on the media is about junk food. If you watch TV for one or two hours with an intent to see how much ads are of junk food you will find that most of the ads are of fast food chains (Pizza Hut, Mc Donald and KFC), children cereals, processed frozen food, soft drinks, processed juices and cans, candies and many more. As we see more and more ads related to junk food daily we get more attracted towards it. There are very few programs on media regarding the negative effects of junk food on health. A kid who grows watching stuff related to unhealthy food here and there would always think positive for it and the result is in front of us. More than 50 % of American children are obese and the rate of obesity is increasing in other countries too.

What Does Junk Food Contain:

Junk food does not have nutritional benefits. The reason is that it is a processed food and the processing has been done in such a way that all nutrients have been lost. So what else junk food contains? It contains sugar and the sugar is not fructose which is found in vegetables and fruits and which is readily digested in body. This sugar is of inferior quality and can increase risks of heart diseases and obesity. It contains fats especially LDL (Low Density Lipo-protein) which is bad cholesterol. Many drinks contain caffeine and cola which also have adverse effects on health. It is low in fiber and water so there is nothing beneficial in it.

General Effects of Junk Food on Health:

Obesity: Obesity is associated with every type of junk food. The main reason is the absence of fiber, high amount of high-fat calories and low quality cholesterol. Which may cause obesity as well as increase risks of heart diseases. Many studies suggest that frequent consumption of soft drinks and other junk food is strongly related with children obesity. Soda drinks which are high in sugar and other calories is low in nutrition and this has been a proved fact that it causes obesity. Though soft drinks companies do not agree with it and say that their are multitude of facts that cause obesity and drinking soda is not the only reason behind it but comparative studies between kids who drink soda in schools and those who do not drink proved that soft drink consumption is increasing obesity in young boys and girls.

Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is also caused by the extreme use of junk food in diet. Most of the fast food chains and sweetened juices, soft drinks and other processed food companies use low quality fats, sugar and high amount of salt in the processing of food. This can cause problems with teeth. Tooth decay has become very common in young children and the possible reason could be the use of these type of foods.

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Comments 29 comments

ptosis profile image

ptosis 6 years ago from Arizona

The worst offenders are those fast-food chains operator who do NOT change the oil and it becomes rancid. In Sierra Vista, the McDonalds smell is so bad - it makes me want to gag because it smells so disgusting - from 50 feet away! Arby's and Carl's nearby doesn't have that smell, the owners of McDonalds in Sierra Vista are not changing the oil at all. Gross and rancid - smells like the grease trap from hell.

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yeah these chain fast foods have become a vogue and they have successfully cultivated a trend of eating unhealthy food.

Adam 6 years ago

Fast food is so hard to resist that one can not avoid it but we all know its not good for health. We should start to eat less of it.

LoneWolfMuskoka profile image

LoneWolfMuskoka 6 years ago from Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

I have struggled with drinking Coke for decades now. I started out when I was at university since it was less expensive than healthier alternatives (like juice) and the water where I lived had too much chlorine taste.

The biggest problem is that it is addictive so it is hard to give it up. I know that I should though.

The funny thing is that I don't like other caffeinated beverages. I don't like Pepsi either, so I suspect that it isn't just the caffeine that's addictive in there.

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yeah I agree that there might be other reasons too for getting addicted to it, but one thing is sure we often get addicted to things which are not good for us in one way or other.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

How about alternative but nutritious home-prepared food like veggie burger (with vegetable patty on it)? Or banana chips fried at home? Or simple lemonade but rich in minerals.

I avoid softdrinks these days when I read about its effects like diabetes and osteoporosis. It can soften our bones due to calcium deprivation, that's why it is called as such, "SOFT".

Thanks for expounding on it, Gulnazahmad! It helps! :)

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

I am impressed by your suggestions. They are great rather than saying your kids that you will not eat junk food, why not change it in such a way that it is both nutritious and seems like junk food to the kids. Great suggestions

Sara 6 years ago

It is really very informative and we all should avoid junk food but its sort of difficult that is why we don,t!

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank you sara. Keep reading!

FAZ 6 years ago


gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thats good to know that you hate it as there is no benefit in eating fast food and drinking fizzy drinks but only loss.

Kamran100 profile image

Kamran100 5 years ago

hmm..very useful hub, junk food is really harmful for health, harmful for pocket, and finally involved in a lot of diseases, thank for the nice hub which you share with us,

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks kamran

iram 5 years ago

i think this one of the top most important topics these days but unfortunately people don,t pay attention to level it is needed , they don't like to go to hospital but also don't like to care for health too:(.bad habits of food is increasing stress level in

people.discomfort n weakness comes very quickly.medicine stores are full of vitamins n minerals drugs.but who cares to think about taking these vitamins n minerals in natural way??if one is using balanced diet daily which fills all requirements of body then no imbalance of minerals can take place in normal person.

i feel that soft drinks should be banned at govt level as they are nothing but slow poison or may b slow poison is not fit for them.fresh juices should be introduced every where.in educational institutes there should be some kind of seminars for motivation of people and also media should prove its importance for this matter seriously.otherwise its becoming threat to human races these days:((

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

We can make our efforts to stop it now, our cravings for fast food causes mal-nourishment in our body because people who consume too much fast food do not eat healthy food or have less desire to eat healthy food.

Qamber 5 years ago

i grew up with a family tradition of fast food every friday EVERY week, this went on for a very long time .... is this really bad for my future or is there a way i can repair my bodie?

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Qamber everybody knows today that fast food is not good for health especially when you use to go dinning out every Friday. Well there are certain type of fast food that are less dangerous to health you can go for that.

sasha thakur 5 years ago

this was really good knowledge for children should read all this stuff it is also useful for projects and all these stuff................thks

jordan 5 years ago

In my life there is no space for junk food. as a flexitarian most junk foods break my packt to be a flexitarian

Farheen 5 years ago

Really!its so hard to resist 1self from eating this junk foodstuffs bt now when i know that it has such hazardous effects i am really making efforts to reduce my addiction of having this junk food coz u people must be amazed bt i used to have all this everyday..it waz a habit for me..but nw m really working on it n also making others aware of it....

Kgaogelo 5 years ago

Junk food really have impacts to our health

Sandeep arora 4 years ago

I Like Your Comments To Avoid junk food i will try to hardly avoid junk food.

mrithika 4 years ago

i like it but we should follow this no can't do it .

mrithika 4 years ago

i will try my best to control eating but u have given us a prescription as doctor i try to pass this message to all of my not to eat junk food.!!!

ROOP 4 years ago


AYUSH RISHABH 4 years ago

It has more harmful effects as compared to its taste

Abdullah El 6amsa 4 years ago

Ana Ba3ar Lol

Mikasira 2 years ago

I often wonder if the prlmbeos with depression in children, that may or may not be on the rise, are partially due to the cumulative bullshit that gets dumped on them from modern day life. I have a wonderful son, who is agoraphobic, suffers from depression, and incredible migraine headaches. I wonder, painfully, if I have contributed to his outlook on life, his varying conditions, via genes, and the crap we have been through in the last decade - and most importantly, my reactions to that.Suicide, no matter how many times it happens, in what age group, or gender, or color, or nationality, is too high. Sometimes desperate intervention is the best that can be done.My personal bouts with mild depression are as puzzling when they come on, as they are when they leave. Why, in either case? I have seen no differences in me with and without medication for it, over time. Only my wallet has seen a difference.Perhaps statistics have a place in this world. They have yet to make the dark clouds appear over head, or make the sunshine return. Perhaps I need to read harder or something.Seeking help from the medical end may as well be treated as if I'm putting replacement windows in my house. I'll go out for three quotes, and get services from the lowest bidder. Regardless of the outcome of the services rendered, I have to pay for them. If the wrong meds are prescribed, and don't "do the trick", or even do the opposite, I still have to pay for them. (Oh, OK, then. Throw those away and try THIS prescription) I have no recourse. The medical industry is the first and fastest to place non-payment on your credit report, to damage your financial reputation, for non-payment. Even when, as stated above, you did NOT get what you paid for. An engineer can't do that. Nor a car mechanic, carpenter, electrician, lawn mowing service, etc. and etc.Granted, the medical industry has recently prolonged my life. But they did so by removing diseased body parts. And enough was removed only to be sure the "cure" did not kill me. Nothing else has been done. The cause is still flowing through my veins and arteries. We take "pictures" on a regular basis, so it can again be removed when (as expected)it shows up again.So, that's the best we have, and although it is much better than nothing, reading the rants and raves of a bunch of little girls on your blog isn't productive. Somehow, since the pundit's original post showed up, the responders have made it all about him and them, via their opinions.Well, I'm pretty selfish and self centered too. So, screw them. What about me?

SHREYA 17 months ago


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