Eco-marathan; paving the way towards a healthy environment

An astonishing look
An astonishing look
What an excellent model for less fuel consumption
What an excellent model for less fuel consumption
Celebrations of the nation by fulfilling their part for environmental protection
Celebrations of the nation by fulfilling their part for environmental protection

Previous year Eco-marathan was held in Germany. In it each country is asked to produce the most efficient fuel consumption car of the world. Whoever can outclass other members will be victorious. Pakistan is one of the members as well and they have developed something that the world hasn’t heard of “Burraq”.

The word Burraq means the horse of heavens which can move faster than the speed of light. Though the vehicle that the students have made has nothing to do with speed but sure it is one of the least fuel consumption vehicles I have ever seen. It is much more like a bicycle, except that the tyres are very large and slim. The whole sitting area is right between the tyres giving it a unique look. The height of Burraq is approximately about 3 metres from the ground perhaps even smaller than that. The seat is designed in such a way that one can sleep easily too. It can easily be operated by one person.

The only disadvantage is that it’s capacity. It can only hold maximum two people at a time. This project is created by the Ghulam Ishaq Khan University and perhaps they failed to note this. It’s a wide open car with no roof, and a small engine which is difficult to be seen. The whole car is of steel piping and we can attach foams on it to make it comfortable to sit. It’s a surely a masterpiece and I hope that this design will be at least a competitive one.

These types of events show the extent of energy crisis that is prevailing at the moment. Its good to hear that Germany has taken a step forward in this as they are the masters in car-manufacturing. These events promote social awareness among the people so that they don’t waste energy as it is not that sufficient that it will last for ever.

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