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Eczema is a serous of skin disorder that some people are born with. In a nut shell it is very painful drying of the skin that causes a wide range of symptoms that very from person to person. The symptoms can be any or all of the following: skin redness in areas of dry skin and irritated areas, severe itching and severe dryness, skin crusting, skin flaking, skin swelling of irritated areas, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding are common symptoms. Some areas of skin may become discolored because of sores that area in the process of healing. Eczema is often likely to be found in any of the bodies joints such as under arms, behind the knee, in the fold of the groin and leg area and even behind the ears.

Treatment of Eczema is mostly in treating or relieving trying to even prevent the itching. The itching leads to scratching, scratching leads to infections of the skin which results in swelling, bleeding as well as oozing. There are many lotions on the market that may help however, lotions that contain alcohol may cause serve drying causing severe burning and pain when applied to sensitive areas. Some doctors will give steroid creams for itch relief but there are side effects of this medication.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil
Poor baby Courtesy of WebMD
Poor baby Courtesy of WebMD

One of the best things I have found for young children to have relief of Eczema without any side effects at all is good old Olive Oil.

The best time to apply Olive Oil directly to the skin is right out of the bath lightly pat skin to remove some of the water. Next using your hand place a small nickle side drop of Olive Oil then apply all over the body. Repeat until you have the roughest areas covered. Make sure you use oil behind the ears as well as under the arms. This has been a very effective way for me to keep the skin moist and prevent severe drying of the skin. I have had great success with this all natural remedy for Eczema. I hope you or your loved one have great success with this as well.

There are ways to help try to prevent or at least lower the severity at the time of an out break of Eczema.

  • Many people are effected by sudden temperature changes or even humidity.
  • Try to stay in a controlled temperature to prevent sweating or getting to hot.
  • There are many things that cause out breaks for some people it may be a animal dander, pollen. dust, mold, dust or mites.Reduce stress
  • Use moisturizers with out alcohol as often as possible.
  • Try not to use or wear irritating material such as scratchy materials like wool.
  • Try to use milder soaps, laundry detergent and bath products.
  • Try Olive Oil after you bath or shower.
  • Try not to use soaps during a break out just warm water.
  • Using a sheet at night helps keep cool and ovoid discomfort of over heating due to excessive bedding and blankets.
There is nothing more heart breaking than a small child with Eczema, some times even if you do everything right there is stick a serve break out. It is just a helpless feeling to see a child in discomfort and pain and know that even treatment may not be immediate relief. Unfortunately some times the out break just has to run it's course until it clears up.

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