Effect and Prevention of Computer eye Vision

The world has changed and Computers are defining how we do our daily activities,

From doing surgery and operation to other home cores, with the prolonged use of computers our eyes are not immune to the effect of computer. Computer is an electronic device that emits some energy, and as we use computers our eyes are always directly in contact with computer screen, meaning our eyes bear the full effect of energy emitted by the Computer.

As an electronic device, Computer emits energy and heat, the heat directly affects how one's eye operate and how effective are your eye balls. As a result of these energy and heat produced by Computers, our eyes are affected in the following ways

1. Blurred or poor eye Vision

With the prolonged and repeated use of computers, our eyes slowly start losing vision, and affect how far one can see and what one can, it affects your reading behavior and pattern. Poor vision means that your eyes will not be product and might need other aides to support the eye.  To prevent blurred eye vision it is recommended to have a strict time while using a computer, avoid prolonged usage of your computer. Use your computer when necessary and avoid just switching  Computer on if you intend not to use it

2. Eye redness

With prolonged usage of computers, our eyes normally becomes very red, with red eyes you will slowly start losing vision.  This means your eyes are losing some significant nutrients being absorbed by the Computer e-smog.

3. Burning eyes

Too much heat from the computer screen will cause your eyes to start burning and feeling hot, eye burning occurs when you place your monitor very close to you, and with all the room lights on.  It is normally recommended to reduce the amount of light in the room by switching off half of the bulbs

4. Itching and tearing of the eyes

With frequent use of a computer, one develop excessive itching and tearing of the eyes,  you will always be scratching your eyes due to itching and tearing causes unwanted spot in your face

5. Eye strain and fatigue

One bad effect of computer vision is the energy used by the eyes to read, watch and look at things, this causes your eyes to strain, and as you strain your eyes they develop some fatigue. With fatigue your eyes won't be able to do much and slowly you will be battling eye vision problem

6. Dry eyes

With prolonged computer use, your eyes will become dry. When you eyes dries you lack the required liquid to clean the unnecessary dust normally accumulated by the eyes, with this you will be always feeling migraines or unexplained headache with the above eye problems one should be able to have some prevention measures. Below are some of the Prevention measures of Computer vision syndrome

7. When you have the above problems, it is recommended to have computer eyewear to reduce the effects of computer brightness

8. One should always ensure that there is proper lighting in the room, avoid too much light as this will increase most of the above eye problems. In order to regulate light one would close curtains, use energy saving bulbs, and your computer should not be directly on the sunlight source light window and doors

9. It is advisable to use computer anti glare, as this would minimized computer glare. Where there is no anti glare one should use computer hood, as a user it is recommended to clean the screen of your computer as the dust contributes to the glare. For those with lenses should have anti reflective coat

10. Adjust your Computer brightness and contrast setting to a level that your eyes can tolerate and be comfortable while working with, too much light from the computer screen will always cause the above mentioned problems

5. Clean and exercise your eyes daily and if the eye problem cannot be controlled it is advisable to see an eye specialist

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rafael 7 years ago

this is great! thanks for the advice..

oderog profile image

oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi Author

Thanks rafael for stopping by and finding something useful about eye problems caused by computer screen

Ellen_C profile image

Ellen_C 7 years ago

I didn't start wearing glasses until last year, and I set at a computer at work

oderog profile image

oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi Author

@Ellen_C - This will help you to avoid these computer problems, thanks

stephanie mclain profile image

stephanie mclain 7 years ago from Texas

Great advice! I know I personally sit at my computer more than I should, but when your work requires it it's easy to make excuses.

I do have a routine though, I work for an hour and then get up and do something else for 15 mins or so. This helps my eyes a lot.

Thanks for sharing.

oderog profile image

oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi Author

Thanks Stephanie, you just need to protect your eyes from computer screen problems

love khanna 7 years ago

thanks for advice but plz tell me how can i improve my sight

Edward Daniel profile image

Edward Daniel 7 years ago from United States

Thanks for this info... great advice

billysgomez profile image

billysgomez 6 years ago

Man I think I'm suffering from computer eye redness. Thanks for the tips :)

CelinaMac profile image

CelinaMac 6 years ago from Philippines

Real useful!!!!

lhoriebeth cubangbang 6 years ago

thanks for the tips!!!

Rufai Umar 5 years ago

Iam a microsoft certified technology professional (MCTS), My vision is getting blurred the extend that i had to distance Handsets, papers etc a little away to be able to see text and figures clearly. am always busy with computer carrying out reasearch findings and developments. Is this due to use of computer and what should i do.iam 38 years old.

mike 5 years ago

buy Gunnars. they protect your eyes.

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