Ways for men to naturally regrow hair

Using natural hair regrowth measures could lead to a healthy head of hair again.
Using natural hair regrowth measures could lead to a healthy head of hair again. | Source

As part of this series on traction alopecia, one of the issues is how to effectively regrow the hair that has fallen out.

Essentially, it’s the same way as it would be for most other hair loss issues.

There’s a wealth of information on the internet about miracle cures and chemical-based solutions so this article is a brief round-up of what is available.

We’ve already seen that traction alopecia is a type of baldness caused by the stress factor on hair follicles – if caught in time the follicles can grow back naturally but you can also aid rejuvenation with a number of measures.

Again, as we’ve seen in the other articles on traction alopecia, if the sufferer has not tackled the problem early enough there is little chance of regrowing any hair in the affected areas.

Firstly, regrowing your hair is going to take commitment – there are no quick solutions.

We’ve already mentioned the Minoxidil-based Rogain/Regaine products which have a high success rate in seeing hair grow in men and women. Using specialist shampoos and conditioners may help in this process too.

We’ve also mentioned the potential for improving one’s diet – and you should do this anyway. You will need more protein and high levels of iron. In addition, you could use vitamin supplements which have the following ingredients to help boost hair regrowth: biotin, most of the B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin A and the mineral Pantothenic Acid.

There are of course a number of natural hair regrowth remedies such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, barley grass juice powder and nettle root extract among many which may, or may not, work for you.

Among the other commercial products available are: Procerin, which uses natural ingredients to help retain and regrow your hair and the highly rated Provillus and Profollica.

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