Eight Easy Ways To Keep Yourself Active While Turning Old - Celebrating Old age - Get Rid of all Old Age Problems

Celebrate even when you get OLD

Today while returning from school after dropping my son, nearly 15 "Young in Heart, but Aged by Years count" people (few women and most men), got into the tram along with me. All those 15 people were around of age 70 and above.

They were chatting and laughing when they got into the tram. Later, they continued the same after getting into the tram also. One of the men from the group got up and acted like a woman in the same group who was complaining little about her back ache. He stood and walked like a very old woman, with a bent back and laughed at his friend saying "Cheer UP lady".

Frankly, I couldn't able to hide the smile on my face and my mind started thinking about my grandparents.... and in general, all those elderly people from my place, a small village in south most India.

In my place, if elderly people behave like kids (I mean enjoying life, laughing and mocking, getting wet in rain and running), then people around will start saying comments like "Oh is this needed for him/her in this age?". The society has always put an expectation and unwritten laws in the shoulders of the elder people, that they need to be serious and strict, and being funny will show them cheap. While thinking more deep, most of the elders in India are totally dependent on their kids when the turn old, and there by they abide by the set of rules, to gain their respect.

So, here are few ways to keep yourself free and active even during your old age.

1. Keep yourself Busy

Idle man's mind is Devil's workshop. Most of the working men or women, keep themselves idle after their retirement, watching others through window and longing about their good old days. This automatically leads to depression and self pity, that they are now useless, sitting at home.

Instead, they can keep themselves busy in activities like gardening, refreshing their hobbies like writing or painting, helping poor kids to study, etc... There are lots of opportunities spread all over this world. You just need to get up from that window seat and look for them.


2. Care yourself

I remember my grandma, who even don't like to wear nice and costly Saree saying, "What and why all this for me at this age?". She always had the mind set that costly dress are meant only for youngsters and used to insist my father to return her silk Saree back in the shop and buy some cheap, cotton Saree. My grandpa used to tell that a sandal worth Rs.150 (around $4) is too much for him, as he is not walking so much daily.

The single thought that always ran in their mind was "I am aged. I don't need all this". No, age has nothing to do with you. Just be yourself, as usual. Enjoy life regularly, until your day comes.

3. Health and Diet

Engage yourself in doing activities like yoga, meditation, pranayama, Surya namaskar, etc... This will keep your inner mental strength happy and outer physical strength healthy.

Check it out here - Amazing Mudras with Healing Power. This is about few Mudras, for a healthy lifestyle. Surya Namaskar is also a best way to keep oneself fit.

Watch your diet. Make it oil free and healthy. Most aged people feel more sick, upset and dull, when they get to have some problems related to stomach and heart.

So, a healthy diet is important to protect both, stomach and heart.

4. Be with your friends

This is also one important thing, neglected by most of the elderly people. In their dictionary, friends mean "A person in memory" or "A person from his school / college days". Loneliness is the easiest way to graveyard.

There are lot more people of your age, still living alive. Go get them. They will match your mindset. Laugh with them, make fun with them, go for a walk with them, run and play with them. You will feel light and happy. Happiness with keep all your problems aside.

5. Just Accept it

Getting aged is not a sin. It is one thing that cannot be stopped by anyone in this world. Instead of fighting against it with false make up or instead of surrendering in its leg, with no care at all on yourself, better be a friend with it. Just go along with it and keep yourself happy.

6. Go for a Trip

Consider your retirement as a long vacation. Go for tours and trips. Travel happily. Explore new places. Swim in the sea, walk in the beach, hike around the mountains, Go for a mushroom hunt in the forest, breathe fully and fill that fresh oxygen in your lungs. Music and dance is not meant only for teens. It is for any one who loves life. Enjoy it.

You will be alright.

7. Spend Quality time with your family

In most homes, old people will either try to poke and advice in each and every matter, even silly things that actually not requires advice. Or else, they will keep themselves isolated thinking no one is going to listen to them. Instead, think twice and make your presence only when required.

Make an impression in your family that asking an idea and advice from you is worth a million. Have a story telling time for your grand kids. Let them long for the moments to be with you. Teach them young and lovely. Spend time talking and laughing with them. You will feel the real bond of love.

8. Save money for you, and only YOU

My grandfather's bank balance was zero when he retired. He spent even his last penny for his family and kids. Mind it, he didn't have any pension or supporting money from Government. But luckily, he had my dad as his son, who took care of him till his last breathe. But I am sure that this won't be the case for all, else why old age home arose all over the world?

All the above tips like going for a trip or roaming with a friend will work only when you have some money in your pocket. The peace of mind that you don't have to stand before any one for help will give you more strength and confidence. Even if your son / daughter is a millionaire, it won't bring you the same level of happiness when you have a $100 on your own, in your hand, that no one can ask account for.

So, save money for your happy old age, when you work. Invest them properly, that you can get some regular earnings after retirement and you need not worry about your financial status or you need not depend on your family to enjoy your life.

 Dance baby Dance. Its your world. You have equal rights to enjoy. Dance baby Dance :-)

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

I enjoyed thid and it was so true.

I'm sure if many aged people got themselves into a mindset to stay active, then they would feel much younger and healthier.

Let's hope many of them read this hub.

By the way I loved your pictures, some of them are priceless and are so right for this hub.

I'm voting this one up. Carry on with your writing because you are really good at it.

Take care mythilik.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Eiddwen,

Though I feel sad and bad for any living being suffering in this world, my heart really breaks when I especially see kids and aged people suffering without someone to care.

My grandma refused to come and stay with us in the city we lived, as she want to be in touch with her friends in village. She was happy and healthy, till her end and never required anyone to help her. She took care of her work and everything, even till the day before GOD called her back to his place. My dad used to send her money every month and we all visit her only during our vacation. So, I am sure that being active and in touch with friends kept her healthy than us or our money :-)

Jayashree S Kumar 6 years ago

A very well written article, meetu...The photographs which accompany the article are apt too.

It is important for all to learn tp grow older beautifully. As you say, old age is nothing to be ashamed or afraid about. In fact it is similar to be enjoyed like childhood.

Taking care of one's health and keeping happy within oneself and also sharing happiness with people around will make old age more enjoyable...

My vote for you for this beautiful and useful article...

Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

Wonderful! Although I am not old (only 57 and still very cute!), I do not worry about old age! I laugh everyday and will continue to do so as I age! I live for my grandchildren. Just watching them grow brings me true joy! Laughter is by far the most important part of life!

Rafick 5 years ago

Great hub. Thanks.

depuy lawsuit  5 years ago

Getting older has freed me to take on new challenges without worrying about what others think the way I did when I was younger.

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