Einstein, Energy & Isagenix: What Powers Your Life?

Sunlight, rainbow and clouds.
Sunlight, rainbow and clouds. | Source

Our marvelous universe is made from energy, we are energy, and energy is teeming within and around us. It is everywhere. It is light and heat, movement and mass, and it is omnipresent and presents and expresses itself in many forms.

As Albert Einstein has stated, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Energy can be transformed, from one type or source to another; or it can be transferred, from one object or body to another.

According to the law of conservation of energy, energy is often described in terms of work. The formula is Work = Force x Distance. This means the amount of energy, or exerted force upon an object and how far it can be moved; or how much an object can be influenced or distanced by energy’s power.

I live totally off the grid, and my home is powered by the sun: this energy source is transferred into my house through sunlight, solar panels, batteries and conventional wiring. The sun is the source that lights up, powers, inspires and moves my world.

By capturing the energy of the sun, I am my own power plant; transforming it into electricity to work in my home. My sole source of heat is a highly efficient wood stove. It burns so cleanly that it is the only wood stove rated by the EPA for burning on designated No Burn nights. The wood of cedar and pinion is lit and transformed into delicious, fragrant energy experienced as much welcomed warmth.

When you say don’t have any energy, it means your ability to work, play, and exercise or have any power to move something, even your own body, is very limited.

When you feel really energized it’s as if you are supercharged. You feel invincible; like you can accomplish any task, reach a new personal best, and handle whatever comes your way. You can exert yourself and perform at peak levels.

Nutrition, in the form of various foods and natural supplements, is our body’s main source of fuel; thus giving us energy to maintain our health, and have mental clarity. The cleaner, more efficient fuel we consume, the more we will be transforming it into high performance energy for optimal health, replenishment and performance.

A healthy diet comprised of optimal nutrition, and proper exercise, contribute significantly to helping us maintain good energy levels.

Want More Energy?  A natural Citrus-Flavored Electrolyte Mix of vitamins and minerals.
Want More Energy? A natural Citrus-Flavored Electrolyte Mix of vitamins and minerals. | Source

It is not surprising then that the all-natural, electrolyte dietary supplement mix by Isagenix is called, “Want More Energy?”

Want More Energy? is a refreshing and delicious sports beverage which contains no artificial sweeteners or colors of any kind. Nor does it have any stimulants, such as caffeine, ma huang or ephedrine.

When we utilize or rely on artificial and/or harsh stimulants to increase our energy, we are taxing rather than boosting our system. Synthetic caffeine is absorbed much more quickly and subsequently will lead to a crash and depletion of our energy. Naturally derived sources, such as the vitamins and minerals in Want More Energy? are more balanced, give us a pleasant boost with sustained energy, and then gently and gradually decrease over time.

Want More Energy? is formulated with ingredients to help boost energy naturally. It is a premium blend of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5,B6,B9 and B12; along with vitamins A, C, pantothenic acid, and several minerals including zinc and chromium and other all natural ingredients. I drink it hot as well as cold, and the Natural Citrus flavor is my favorite.

Isagenix has created a blend that enables us to transform these natural ingredients into energy to boost and power our bodies. It is like sipping sunlight and deliciously powering up, from the inside out.

We hear a lot today about the staggering increases in various chronic diseases, poor lifestyle choices and there is such an epidemic lack of energy that Chronic Fatigue has become its own diagnosis.

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

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Mike Adams, author, educator and investigative journalist has written, “Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” That is a staggering, and hopeful percentage.

When we begin to understand energy, and what the clean energy of optimal nutrition can do for the health and performance of our bodies, everything can change, if only we will.

The Psalmist tells us that we are awesomely and wonderfully made. Created, formed and knit together, like a tapestry of many colors, we were intricately wrought. (Ps. 139, Amp. Bible).

Like a finely tuned, high performance engine that needs a certain kind of high grade fuel to run efficiently, we too need certain nutrients and optimal nutrition to be energized, function well and live healthily. Without this, we will not be able to live the life we were designed to enjoy.

Fortunately there are healthy options and clean, optimal and convenient choices for even those of us on the go. Isagenix is a solutions-based health and wellness company with a mission to positively impact world health by changing our health status, one body at a time.

It's Your Time & Your Choice

It is easy to think you are simply too busy to eat well most of the time; schedules are hectic and our lives are often overly full. But as Edward Stanley puts it, “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 2 years ago from Wales

Very interesting and useful.

Voted up for sure.


Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 2 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Thank you, dear Eddy. Always appreciate your time and kind feedback. Be well! L.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

We are meant to be finely tuned machines. After al, look at what our ancestors used to so. Even though they lived shorter lives, their lives were much healthier with hmos and other nasty things that we have wrought in this generation.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 2 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Yes, Deb...I agree. Thanks for taking time to share your insights. L.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 2 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Thank you, Eddy! For some reason, just saw your kind comment. Blessings, L.

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