Electric Cigarette - Advantages and Disadvantages

            Some of you already heard about the electric cigarette or “e-cig”, a tar free cigarette, odorless, nicotine vapor free from many of the chemicals found in a traditional cigarette. In addition to the nicotine, this vapor also provides flavor, smoke and physical sensation similar to the tobacco’s without combustion.

            However, to add to such a revolutionary product, you need to make sure that you know all the vantages and disadvantages that it brings you.

Lets start with the Advantages:

  • It’s odorless so you don’t have to bother with the stinky smell after smoking;
  • Having the pleasure of smoking without any harm - the harmful caused by the chemicals produced in the combustion of a tradition cigarette aren’t in the vapor provided from the electric version;
  • Saving lots of money. Using the e-cig you don’t spend nearly as much as if you smoke traditional cigarettes;
  • They only produce a non toxin vapor that’s inhaled;
  • It has many different flavors;
  • It produces NO ASH;
  • The called “passive smokers” no longer will suffer the consequences cause by your tobacco’s smoke. So, it’s good not only for you, but also for the ones who surround you.


            The health effects of using electric cigarettes are currently unknown. However, being addict to something, in this case nicotine, is never good for us because in some way we loss control of our lives.

The advantages of this “gadget” outweigh the disadvantages!

            If you’re a smoker and you’re not thinking in giving up smoking, why don’t you continue having your cigarette moment with pleasure but without any harm to your health?

            If you want to quit smoking and you think it is a painful process, you can try a e-cig and reduce progressively the amount of nicotine.

It’s a revolutionary product with the future in mind!!

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Atif Asad Khan 6 years ago

It is really a revolutionary product

Lwazi 4 years ago

I love it am tired of there smell on my hands and breath after i smoke and my girl always complains i guess this is the solution

Marc 4 years ago

How many times can be used?

Duration or life spam of this innovative product?

vishnuswathi 4 years ago

is this injurious to health

SAMUEL S DLAMINI 21 months ago


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