Electric Cigarettes? Is Everything Going Digital?

N*Joy Electric Cigarette

Seriously! Who would have thought of turning cigarettes into an electric format?

I have a confession before going further. I do not smoke. Had one puff when I was five years old and it turned me off for all time!

Ok. So, this electric cigarette business is just mind boggling for me. Smoking is an addition. That is not disputed. And many people are trying very hard to stop. To me, it seems that the electric cigarette just makes it easier to continue.

I have to say, I was rather shocked at seeing it for sale. But then the sales blurb mentioned that you could get cartridges with varying concentrations of nicotine. You can even get one with no nicotine.

So, then I though, hey, this might not be so bad after all. It might help people to gradually stop their addiction to nicotine. They could just gradually change their cartridges to lower and lower dosages of nicotine until they're only using the flavored with no nicotine one.

That's not so bad.

Interesting thing though. Since the FDA has not cleared it as a smoke cessation product, the company cannot market it as such. That's understandable. It's fairly new and I don't know if any test were conducted to see how successful this product would be as a stop smoking aid.

I am, let's say intrigued, by this electric cigarette business. I do have to say that it's a clever idea to capture part of the captive market of smokers.

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