Elliptical Exercise Equipment - Some Tips to Help You Choose

Purchasing home exercise equipment can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to decide what kind of work out you want to do, but also what brand is going to fit your needs the most. For most people, elliptical exercise equipment is the way to go, due to the low impact aerobic activity that the machine provides.

When you choose something that's low impact, it doesn't mean that it is easier or giving you less of a workout. All it says is that there is less shock to your body and your joints. What this does is minimize any injuries you might incur, and by doing this, insuring that you will continue your work without long recovery breaks, making it easier to meet your weight loss goals.

There are so many different types of machines out there, that to start, you must narrow down the field. Price is always a big issue with most people. Elliptical equipment can range from $300 to much, much more. The cheapest is not necessarily the worst choice, and the most expensive could have more than you would ever use, so starting with a price range in mind will let you focus a smaller field of brands and what they offer.

Keys CG2 Elliptical trainer
Keys CG2 Elliptical trainer

If you need to lose more than a few pounds, then the maximum weight allowance should be something that you look at. If you are too heavy for the machine, not only will it not work properly, but it could break often, leaving you with a lot of down time when you are not working out and waiting for it to be fixed.

Stride lengths are also important. You probably shouldn't purchase this equipment if it is less than 16 inches, but don't automatically go for the one with the largest as it may be uncomfortable for you. Even if you are purchasing online, go out and try a few different kinds at a store or at your gym. You are going to want the maximum range of motion that is most comfortable for you.

For elliptical trainers the flywheel weight is an important consideration. Cheaper models tend to have lighter flywheels that can be jerky in use and feel like they are sticking at various points. A heavier fly wheel will give a smoother motion. If the flywheel feels like it is sticking you may be tempted to increase the pressure which can lead to extra strain on your joints. Also check out the number of resistance levels as a good range can let you change the machine to give you either a vigorous aerobic workout or a high resistance but gentler workout.

As with many of these machines, there are lots of extras that are offered. Some will tell you your heart rate and how many calories you are burning while others will take into account your weight and ability levels and then will create a custom work out just for you. If you work out daily, even the bare bones models will help you lose weight, so you need to decide which of the extras you will actually used as opposed to which ones sound the coolest.

You should also look at the range of built in programs available. The more expensive machines have an extensive range but you may want to pick one with at least two or three programs so that you don't get bored. A nice easily read LED display with heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned etc is also preferable.

Keeping all these things in mind will help you choosing the best elliptical exercise equipment that your money can buy. Remember you will probably be using this 2 to 4 times a week, so spending a little extra money on a machine you like will make losing weight a much more pleasurable experience.

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