Emotions - Love


An emotion embedded in mankind

The successful few continue to bind

While the unsuccessful ones, end up blind

As they're not the proper kind

An emotion which mercilessly stabs a hear

Deep within like a killer dart

The victims being youth

Who still defended the truth.

Unable to find a proper choice

Our victims are used to amusing toys

Without even valuing their present age

Their hormones suck out their happiness like a phage.

An emotion brings joy

If you are the right boy

With all that name and fame

Rather that being pathetic and lame.

If the choice is made at the right age

Color would be added to the future page

Some qualities really matter

For a charmer who does not flatter.

Love is the emotion

Which is to be chosen, with much caution

For - only true love proceeds

Rapid like germinating seeds.

The ultimate key being 'Trust'

Least tempted by contaminated lust

The next being good character

If not possessed, dumps you in gutter.

Finally comes maturity

Without which there is a flaw in the rigidity

And of course being down to Earth

Which is to be present right from the birth.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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