Emotions - Lost to Monotony?

Emotions. :)
Emotions. :)

Emotions are not mere thoughts; they can either be bought not worn. Most times, they are unjust and uncanny; but who is to blame? After all, they are nothing but a reflection of YOU. Not a figment of pretence, but the REAL YOU.

In truth, without emotions, humans are hardly HUMAN. There is not a single soul who had not felt an emotion. Your conscience knows it. And deep inside, you know it.

  • Do you not feel HAPPY when you realize that you are the reason behind a smile?
  • Do you not feel SAD when you are deserted by someone near?
  • Do you not feel PROUD when your dad says, "My kid is the best"?
  • Do you not feel JEALOUS when you are always the second best?
  • Do you not feel ACCEPTED when every time someone wants your opinion?
  • Do you not feel SMART when you crack the crossword your friend couldn't?
  • Do you not feel INSPIRED when you hear of young kids making history?
  • Do you not feel SILLY when the prank, they pulled on you, worked?
  • Do you not feel ANGRY when you're accused of doing something you know naught about?
  • Do you not feel BORED when the only thing left to state at is the Clock?
  • Do you not feel AFRAID when you think of a dark future?
  • And finally, do you not feel LOVED when your Mom kisses you on the forehead each Night and murmurs, "Good Night"?

If you have not felt any of this, then I swear upon my pen that there is no such thing called Emotion; And no one has ever Lived or Loved! Emotions maybe hidden or Unnoticeable, but somewhere deep inside they are felt. Each passing moment of the day, their shadows are growing. In the end, they insinuate that depth is the colour of life; What are we but puppets in the show of Dawn and Dusk? 'Spite of life's monotonous games, I have loved, envied and hated, confided, pleaded, accepted, fought, feared, and mourned. I loved. And I will go on living, battling against emotions. Till the last ray of hope I have left in me dies...

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Do you make yourself happy, or rely on others?

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