Energy Enhanced Medicine; An Exciting New Wave Of Cancer Healing Products


Energetic Medicine was once an amazing idea for possible future development

Once, energetic medicines were said to be the way forward for the future, at least once a method was discovered to make them a reality. Now they are here & since 2008 have proved to be as effective as they were hoped to be.

How Does Energy Affect Our Health?

Some scientists believe that 95% of all disease is caused by stress, many others who are experienced in working with energy or other alternative fields of treatment are of the belief that underlying emotional issues or trauma which may have been experienced in childhood are the direct cause of all illness. Either way, what we are looking at here is some form of negative emotion which has a recurring effect within the body & the interesting thing is that it is not necessarily present within the conscious or subconscious mind. Rather the focus of energy medicine is on cellular memory & more specifically the destructive patterns which may be set into motion at cellular level as a result of some kind of traumatic or stressful experience.

When we consider that our physical form, as indeed all matter, is ultimately comprised of energy & that our every thought is in fact energy, it makes sense that when we experience such an intense force of negative energy, be it in the form of trauma, despair, or a prolonged period of intense stress, that this energy may resonate within our cells for a long time following. This is likely to continue completely unbeknown to us, especially if we have managed to eliminate such memories from our conscious mind, or at least bury them deep under thoughts surrounding more recent goings on. Now, every cell in our body is affected in some way by our every thought & this make it possible to influence our health by breaking negative thought patterns & actually conditioning our minds into positive patterns of thinking. This, however, is a challenging process which takes much discipline & dedication & for someone who recently has recently discovered they have cancer, would likely prove too much for them to even think about. Then there is of course the unlikelihood of many people being open to such treatment suggestions, as most would dismiss this as rubbish or just find it too difficult. I think most people find it far easier to have confidence it some form of medicine or 'something' they can actually swallow, rather than relying on the power of their mind to see their health renewed; this is where this new form of medicine/ supplement comes in perfect!

Human energy frequencies vibration range


What Is Energy Enhanced Medicine?

All bodily functioning is ultimately down to energetic frequencies which power all chemical sequences within the body. By manipulating these energetic frequencies we can promote health & healing, as well as cancer fighting capability within the body, at cellular level & beyond. Quantum physicists have played a big part in developing a range of products which actually hold within them vibrational frequencies which will influence the negative frequency at which we are vibrating during times of ill health in various ways. Basically these products work to perfect the vibrational frequencies at the heart of the human energy system & have an immense healing power & positive effect on the functioning of all cells within the body. In addition to this certain products have been further enhanced with some extra ingredients such as essential oils, which are extracted through a patented process, giving that extra kick to their cancer fighting ability!

These vibrational frequencies are stored within h20 molecules in water by a process of cold quantum cavitation. Specific frequencies can actually be programed in to the h20 molecules, instructing the cells of the body to act or behave in certain ways which promote healing & various methods to combating cancer cells.

Those with further interest in energetics, see link below.

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Inkwell780 5 years ago

Wow. This is very well thought out and well explained. I believe in this also. I think it revolutionary in the fact that you use the "mind over matter" princaple. This hub has been usefull. Thank you for sharing this. My Grandmother passed away a couple of years ago due to cervical cancer. I hope you keep informing people that they have alternatives to that nasty CHEMOTHERAPY they continually shove down our throats only to see a loved one suffer needlessly. Sincerely, Matt.

keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

Thanks, Inkwell780 & I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

I do my best, if only everyone could see the truth about chemotherapy & have the belief to follow natural approaches to beating cancer, I'm sure we would be looking at world wide change in how cancer is viewed & it would no longer be the biggest killer of human beings. I think, in reality, it is the chemotherapy that is, actually!

Alexander Pease profile image

Alexander Pease 5 years ago from Maine

Oh my god. This is an excellent hub and an great example of healing and energy healing.

I love the way that you explained the science behind cellular molecules and how thoughts effect them.

Voting up.

keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

Thankyou, Alexander, for your lovely comment.

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

This was really well-written, great job! I wrote a similar paper in high school, but my teacher made me stop reading half way through... of course my paper was 50+ pages. I'm glad you narrowed it down. =)

keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

Wow, I'm really impressed that you knew so much about this in high school to write all that! Most people are too busy learning the 'curriculum' while in high school to investigate such topics. I guess you must be one very 'switched on' individual!

All the best x

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I'm just a very big reader. I used to read constantly, and sometimes I would stumble on something like that or other interesting things, so whenever we got a research paper on whatever subject we wanted, I would write about it.

keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

I'm still impressed! You clearly chose to educate yourself on some truly interesting subjects.

Thankyou for taking the time to comment on my hub, also.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A briiliant and well informed hub that i am sure will benefit many.

Thank you for sharing and i am now looking forward to reading more of your works.

Take care


keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

Thankyou, Eiddwen, in writing hubs my sole aim is to attempt to benefit as many people as I can through the information shared, so thanks again for your comments!

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Amazing information. More and more alternative cure is coming up to better human health. Keeping it natural is the best, wherever we can. :) Well done. Voted up !

misty95 profile image

misty95 5 years ago from uk

Well researched, nice work.

keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK Author

Thankyou, Ingenira & misty95!

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