My Entire Left Side of Body is Numb/Numbness

Entire Left Side of Body Numbness

Entire Left Side of Body Numbness sometimes and sometimes not. I did not know where to post this as I could not find this information on the internet already. I have had left side numbness on my body, face, legs, arms, well you get the point. Years and years went by until I finally figured out why it is better now. For 20+ years I would get left side numbness, it would come and go. Sometime not there at all and other times so bad I thought I had to go to the hospital to get looked at.

About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with a disease called Charcot Marie Tooth which is a neurological disorder. My family doctor has been working on this numbness for many years but to no avail. Once my CMT was diagnosed she caulked it up to that. I talked to my neurologist too about it and he did not think it was CMT. I have had MRI's cat scans, etc... and nothing has been found, which I guess is good in the long run but does not help me get rid of this issue.

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The Discovery

I have a fortunate career where I get to work at home. Not only work at home but work at home 5 days a week. It was about a year into working at home full time that I noticed that I did not get the numbness anymore. I tend not to believe it when things get better on there own.

Time went on 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, 2.5 years and now 3 years. I use to get this every few months, sometimes more sometimes less but I would always get the numbness in no longer then 6months, usually less.

The FIX!

Prior to working at home I spent 14 years driving at least a half hour to a max of 2 hours driving one way to and from work. For the most part I sat at a desk, I got up more then others. I ran an IT help desk shop for 100+ users for a bunch of years so I was out on the call center floor helping the call center reps a lot. I spent the whole time sitting 5 days a week 8-10 hours per days on my over stuff wallet. Yes, I said my wallet. Believe it or not it is the biggest 1 difference I can think of that has helped. I hold my wallet on my left side back pocket, which lines up with the left side numbness. So like I said before not sure where to share this information so Hubpages seemed like a good place. Enjoy all, happy wellness!!!

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MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 4 years ago from Henderson, NV

So all of that was from sitting on your wallet?

matym profile image

matym 4 years ago from Canada Author

Exactly, there is no other difference I can think of. Still sitting at a desk, still driving all over, just not to work, still doing the same computer work just not with a wallet. I know it sounds crazy but after all this time I am convinced 100%

cheerleader 4 years ago

this happens to me when i get upset over things and it affects my function and physical ability

Barbie 2 years ago

I Have CMT1A and have constant pins needles random numbness various parts of the body. 4 Days ago I had an event where my left upper half of body jolted(as it does) and I had a 1 sec loss of time then complete numbness head to toe left side - check felt like it was sagging. and hr later I was fine but have had continued pressure in the head since. I assume its just CMT but I am getting eyes checked and I guess other test

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