Epistaxis (Nosebleed) and Homeopathy

Homeopathic Treatment of Epistaxis (Nosebleed)

Homeopathic mode of therapy is an individualized treatment pattern in which the patient with the symptoms of the disease is treated and not just his disease. No wonder homeopathic doctors are interested more in the symptoms of the disease than the diagnosis. Also it is stated that remedy selection must be done by an expert homeopath so that he is well aware of the clinical symptoms of the disease and their apt correlation with the symptoms of the remedy. That’s why when the person suffers from epistaxis or nose-bleed, the homeopath is definitely concerned about the disease in background but is more concerned for the concomitant symptoms and associated symptoms of the nosebleed.


Following causative factors may be seen in different people for epistaxis:


1)     High blood pressure

2)     Nasal polyps

3)     High intra-ocular pressure

4)     Head injury

5)     Recurrent allergic colds and coughs

6)     Idiopathic (unexplained)

7)     As a replacement to normal menstruation in some women


Obviously causative factors play an important role while selecting homeopathic medicines for a patient with nosebleed. But there are cases in the practice when some patients have a tendency to develop nosebleed without any reason whatsoever. Here too, homeopathic miasmatic remedies can help get rid of the tendency. Causative factors are important because unless you treat the root cause, mere stopping of nosebleed will be temporary with suppressant medicines and it is of no use.


One must however be cautious while prescribing for epistaxis due to head injury and appropriate emergency action should be taken acutely. For chronic cases of nosebleed due to nasal polyps, homeopathic medicines can help get rid of polyps without undergoing any type of surgery. No wonder homeopathic medicines are called “surgeon’s knife” for replacing surgery on many occasions like this.


For peculiar symptoms like replacing menstruation with epistaxis, expert homeopath can relieve the patient within few doses of the indicated remedy depending upon the matching of characteristic symptom. Looking at the vast repertory analysis of single symptoms like epistaxis makes homeopathy a great combination of art and science. Learning the homeopathic theory is easy but comprehending the peculiarity of various constitutions, their mental sphere, and applying the vast homeopathic material medica into day to day practice is a job of patience and hard work. But with all that is done, the results are wonderful and humanity as a whole is benefited with this miraculous system of medicine!


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bheem 6 years ago

Good information on nosebleed and its homoepathy treatment.

Piyush vasava 5 years ago

Homoeopathi is best.

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