Erb's palsy success story

When thing's go wrong at the hospital

On the day my fifth child was born I herd a crack as she was being forced out. Our doctor said everything was ok, but my husband and myself knew something wasn't right. Looking at her on the infants table not moving or crying was devistating. As the minutes (felt like a half an hour but wasn't) rolled passed she was crying and starting to get her color back. It is a great relief to hear your baby crying. All along the doctor and nurses are telling us "she's doing great", as they are bathing and wrapping her in the blanket, what they forgot to tell us is her left arm was injured and is now paralyzed due to shoulder dystocia. One of the nurses even tried lifting and dropping her arm saying "she'll be able to move it soon, it's just stunned from delivery". I guess at the time I was naïve and thought the doctor knew what he was talking about, they did x-rays and said it was not broken that in a day or two she should be able to move it. The only thing she could do was move her fingers a little.

We were released from the hospital with no instructions for our newborns injured arm. On her follow up two days later our pediatrician said she reviewed the x-rays and there was a bend in the left clavicle, and that our daughter had a brachial-plexis injury, or erbs palsy. We were told to wrap her arm close to her body for five days, that was when she went back for more x-rays. The x-rays concluded nothing broken or even injured. What next we asked our doctor. She just told us to continue wrapping her arm until her two week appointment. She also said in the next few weeks to consider a therapist seeing her once a week. We did as she said. We asked all sorts of questions about erbs palsy, but still looked it up ourselves. Therapy started when she was two weeks old. I was taught how to exercise her arm as well. We were also told there was a possibility of surgery to repair the nerve, and my husband and myself were thinking how, it does not make any sense to cut her open to try to tie the nerve together and sew her back up. So we searched the internet... nothing! "You just got to give these things time" is what everyone was saying.

At about a month old our little girl was frustrated that she could not move her arm. She would be on her back trying to move it and would over work her entire body to try and get it to move. She wanted desperately to move that arm. It was stiff, but she could lift it about an inch up. That was such great progress for us.

We started praying and when she was one and a half months my brother -in-law (a personal trainer) said something to us about quantum neurology. He had a client who injured his arm and there were no side effects. Had our prayers been answered? He lives on the west coast and we live on the east coast. So needless to say he did his homework and gave us a name and number for someone in our area. The first time that I called, I had to leave a message and just wait. We prayed all night. The next day I received a call from the chiropractors office. They wanted to see us as soon as possible. In four days we went to see the chiropractor and he did a few weired things, that he himself said probably looked silly. He would move her arm and put this red light on her neck and do a few other things but not once did he hurt her. But amazingly the good Lord was allowing this kookiness to work. Before we walked out of there our little girl held her hands together...on her own for the first time. She has had four treatments now and has another in two weeks. We are so blessed at how the quantum neurology worked for our daughter.

After a few sessions of the quantum neurology our daughter has had amazing improvements. This was the begenning of an exciting journy to see after every treatment that her progress would be improved more and more.

Our daughter is now a year old and is not 100% better yet but the Lord will heal her in due time.

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Brandi 4 years ago

Hey I also suffered an injury at birth. Me and my mother were dying because i was stuck in such a weird position that they just yanked me out by my right arm. My dad told me I could not use that arm for the first year of my life and that I crawled around with it behind my back. I am now 19yrs old and most people don't notice my right arm being messed up. I hold it weird, like my elbow sticks out more than normal. I can only lift about 5-7lbs with it and i can not lay it out straight palms up, nor can i hold it at a 90 degree angle as if i am holding a bar above me. It hurts from time to time when i over work it, and lately the pain has gotten worse even when i don't over work it. I hope it has not suddenly worsened. Overall I still count myself lucky that I can use it with much normality.

rachel. 6 years ago

i was born with erb's palsy in my right arm. its impacting my life so far greatly. my parents refused therapy up until the age of seven due to immense disbelief. when i turned 8. my family took my to Philadelphia to see a specialist there. to my surprise. my specialist. dr.kozin. is extremely well known for his work with brachial plexus injuries. he studies in other countries. and people travel around the world for him to preform the surgeries on his children.we were able to have series of surgeries preformed on my arm. only two. with short recovery times. about 6 months tops.

i have gained near complete control of my right arm. i can funtion as well as most kids. i still have week fingers and a weak wrist. and my arm still lays funny. but i play 8 different instruments and without that doctor none of this would be possible. i am now 15 and i still see the doctor at shriners hospital for children yearly. they've altered my life. and everything in it. if you'd like more info. please feel free to email me at : or visit this link.


My daughter's arm is just the same like for described for your daughter. My daughter is just a month old. I want to know if she will recover with time. I an completely diverstated anytime I see her hand dangle. Please, if you have any advice for me, ring me on 00353-578680665 or 00353872876292 or

jasmine 6 years ago

I have searched it up, and too be honest i feel a bit disgusted that all the success stories, and all the unsuccessful stories are always from the parents point of view and never once do they say how it would affect the child. I have Erb's palsy in my left arm due to doctors not doing their job probably, and i also have a speech disorder down to a stressful birth. I can not find anything helpful on the subject and am twelve so i am too old for most the treatments. Does anyone know anything that could help me? Preferable something that could be done at home, but anything that would work i'm desperate! Email me at

meena 6 years ago

is this facility of quantum neurology also available in india

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

I'm so sorry for what you are going through, it's extremely tough as a parent to see your child injured by negligence. Most cases of Erb's palsy do not resolve as fast as my daughters. God was stepping in and healing her, HE allowed the treatment to help heal her.

When she was 1 month I had someone tell me of going to a chiropractor and I honestly laughed saying that it would be pointless, boy was I wrong. The first visit, my husband and I cried after her treatment because of the miraculous change she had endured. When we went in she could move is slightly involuntarily, after treatment she could pull up her arm and just about touch her face. She was putting her hands together, it was amazing.

The doc himself said it looks 'kookie' but let him try the treatment and we will go from there. He never twisted, pulled, or yanked anything on my dear darling. She would sit in my lap with my right arm around her so he could treat her right arm. I think the strangest thing is that he would use me to help treat her. Her left arm was injured and he would get his little light (Quantum Neurology), and hold it near her arm and the back of her neck, (where the nerves are injured). Then he would hold up my left arm straight out to the side and he would tell me to hold it while he tried to push it down, (kookie, but he was using ME for her left arm). As he’s trying to push down my arm he’s also putting the light on her arm and amazingly as he was doing it at the same time my arm would get weaker and I couldn’t hold it up any more. It was as if he was taking my strength and giving it to her, because he move her arm a certain way and do it all over again and again and again, and her improvement was astonishing.

I hope this helps, she is now 14 months and now yet 100%, but extremely close to it. I will be praying for you and your little one.

sharmila 7 years ago

you can send details on my mail

hope my child will be cured within months like yours

sharmila 7 years ago

my daughter is 1 month old suffering from right hand duchenne palsy can you tell the details of quatum neurology how it works please answer to my pain and cries and pray for me

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 8 years ago from Seeking Salvation Author

EmbracingTheTruth Thank you! buy the way to anyone interested the name of the doctor that treated her is Marc Schwartz of Annapolis, MD his practice is Atlas Chiropractic.

profile image

EmbracingTheTruth 8 years ago

I'm glad you continued to search for alternative help, and that she is improving!

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