Essential Home Workout Equipment

With the economic downturn, it's to be expected that people can't afford to go to the gym any more due to them having to spend their money on more worthwhile things. However, there's still the need to be able to work out to ensure that optimum levels of health are maintained. The question is though, just what kind of equipment should you have at home?

Skipping Rope: Having a skipping rope is an excellent way to maintain cardiovascular fitness. It easily increases your heart rate, and it also improves your own personal balance. If you've ever seen any of the Rocky movies, you'll have seen Rocky himself using a skipping rope a lot. The only problem with skipping though is that some people have really poor balance, thus they're unable to skip.The solution is to use a...

Mini Trampoline: Using a mini-trampoline is an ideal problem to the issue highlighted above. In some ways, it might actually be better than skipping. Whilst the same motion is taking place in both skipping and trampolining, with the latter, it's a low impact form exercising since you're rebounding on a springed surface. Even better, it's a lot more fun to do than skipping. The downside though is that it's a lot more expensive to buy a mini-trampoline than it is to buy a skipping rope. But I'll address the cost issue at the end.

Good trainers/sneakers: This might sound like a strange one, but trust me on this. If you're lucky enough to have a lot of good weather, it's better for you to get outside to exercise. This is where the good quality trainers come in. Whether you're just going to be doing running, jogging or just having a brisk walk, you're going to want to have a good trainer so your feet don't hurt afterwards.

Dumb bell set: If you're wanting to build on your strength, a dumb bell set is a crucial component of your equipment. The great thing is, many dumb bell kits start off at a low weight (normally 15kg), but because the weight plates are interchangeable, as you get stronger you can add on higher weights. This means that not only do you not need to pay out a large amount of money right away, but you'll also not do yourself an injury by buying a really heavy set right away, which would be too heavy for you to lift.

Like I said above though, the reason why you've stopped going to the gym is most likely due to cost, and the above products could set you back a fair bit of money. Similarly, if you've just became interested in health and fitness, you'll be thinking that the equipment above is too expensive, but it's certainly cheaper than a gym.

Never has it been a better time to get in shape, especially when it won't cost you a penny. Happy exercising!

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