Examples of Good Fats - Eating Healthy

Examples of Good Fats - Eating Healthy

Some years ago, with all the new health crazes, "fat" became the enemy.  None of these crazes gave any notice to all the examples of good fats.  Instead "fat-free" varieties of everything started popping up in the supermarkets.  All these new products were being promoted like crazy to save us all from the dreaded FAT.

We might have been scared then and stocked up on these higher sugar fat-free goodies, but now many of us know better. We know that there are many examples of good fats out there as well as the bad fats.

A lack of dietary fat can leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, and often enough will lead us to eating more than we normally would have eating the foods with fat in them.
Our hips and thighs have paid the price for eating these fat-free alternative foods.

Now that we have better research and a much more sensible approach to food in general, we know that there are examples of good fats in many different foods we can choose.

We now have a better attitude about fats and know that all fats should not just be dismissed as being "bad".
A nutritionist can tell you that having some fat not only is not bad for you, but can actually be quite healthy.

So what are some examples of good fats?

The best examples of good fats are Omega-3s, which can be found in some forms of wild fish (like salmon and herring), flaxseeds and their oil, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, to name a few.

Because of the knowledge we now have about healthy fats, fats have earned their own place in the food pyramid instead of being stuck in with unhealthy sweets and other treats. 

More examples of good fats would include monounsaturated fat. 
If you know anything about the Mediterranean diet, you may know that it is rich in monounsaturated fats and would appear at first glace to be unhealthy... but it has been shown to reduce the risks of certain chronic diseases like heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.

Olive oil is one of the examples of good fats in this category and it is said that it may have other helpful benefits, like reducing inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Hazelnuts, almonds, avocados, cashews, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are other examples of good fats in this category.

Not only would it be very difficult to eliminate all fat from your diet, but as you can see it could also adversely affect your health by keeping your body from getting some of the things it really needs.

Even saturated fats have been found to potentially have some examples of good fats like coconut and coconut milk, while other sources should be limited, like lamb and pork.

So now you can feel good about eating fat again.  Try some of the examples of good fats with no more worries that all fats are bad.

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midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 6 years ago from Hermosa Beach

a healthy diet does not need to eliminate fats in our diet.

the key is a the right amount and a well balanced diet.

sk girl 6 years ago

u r rght go girl

lola 5 years ago

do healthy fats make you skin glow more?

what are other examples of healthy fats because i do not like much of the ones named?

Scarlet 4 years ago

I need more examples

unknown 4 years ago

there are no examples in this feature

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