Exercises, Physical Health And Beyond

Day in and day out, we read and hear that exercises are good for healthy living.  You get a toned body with your exercises.  But there is another major benefit out of it.  It has now been proved that a workout is capable of protecting the brain cells specially needed for motor function.  According to this revolutionary finding, a good workout has a salutary  effect on the brain.

Scientists in the University of Pittsburgh used six female rhesus adult monkeys for testing this.  They made them exercise on the treadmills meant for human beings.  They were made to run, jog and sit on the treadmills.  Heart rate for monkeys that ran increased to about 80 per cent, that of those which jogged increased by about 60 per cent.

Once this training period of three months were over, the scientists tried to kill neurons that are responsible for signaling and regulating movement.  These are the same neurons that die when Parkinson's disease attacks a person.  The scientists were astounded to observe that they could not kill these neurons of those monkeys that ran on the treadmills.  Those which jogged came the second in the tests.

According to these scientists, any increased physical activity has a positive effect on the human brain, that is "very sensitive to exercise".

This experiment was continued for another six weeks and these observations were confirmed, which means that "exercise is very neuroprotective".

Scientists also tried testing motor coordination of these monkeys.  The monkeys that ran on the treadmills and exercised, could use both the hands well in spite of the neurotoxin that was administered on them.  But those monkeys which did not exercise could not use their left hands.

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