How to Select Your Exercise ? Exercises for Specific Groups

How to Select Your Exercise ?

Individuals under specific body conditions or physical ailments should not choose to do all kind of exercises. There are specific kind of exercises which are appropriate for each group, which they should select under the guidance of a doctor and an instructor.

Exercises and Workouts In Pregnancy Period:

Workouts are necessary during pregnancy since it will help you to deliver a healthy baby and ensure good health post delivery. It will also make your journey through all the nine months easy and comfortable. The kind of exercises varies throughout the pregnancy period and one should pay due care while selecting one. Try to do only simple and moderate workouts that do not make you too tired. Walking is a very good exercise.

Exercises and Workouts For Arthritis:

A person with arthritis should not cut down his physical activities and stay at home. It is especially beneficial for him to do exercises. He can do strengthening exercises like weightlifting which will help to maintain or increase the muscle size, which in turn will help him to support and protect his joints.

If you feel any pain or swelling, you can take rest for a day or two. Do it slowly and in gradual steps so that it does not cause any discomfort.

You can do aerobic exercises like water aerobics, walking, swimming or riding a bike. You can also do Range-of-motion exercises which involves raising your arms above your head, rolling your shoulder forward and backward and so on, which improves your ability to move your joints through full range of motion. Yoga may also be beneficial.

Exercises and Workouts For Heart Patients:

Walking at a moderate pace for 45 to 60 minutes a day for at least five or six days a week, helps you to burn out large amount of calories. Research has found that upper body aerobics help patients to walk longer distance without leg pain. Cardiovascular exercises like biking or rowing or exercising on treadmill at a lower pace is also beneficial.

Exercises and Workouts For Cancer Patients:

Research has proved that workouts help to boost white blood cell counts in cancer patients. Yoga too was found to be beneficial. It improves the mood and overall quality of life of the patients with breast cancer. According to research, aerobics and weight lifting twice a week can help lung cancer patients

Exercises and Workouts For Diabetes Patients :

You can try a daily 20-minute workout which can include walking, stretching or climbing steps. You can also do yoga, jumping, push- ups, sit- ups or running.

Whatever exercise regimen you choose, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before starting.

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