Exercises to Make Your Butt Smaller

If you feel that your bottom is too big, work to get it in shape! The following exercise will help decrease the size of your butt and tone it into good form.

The 10 best butt exercises

1. Walking Lunges

Stand with your feet hip width apart, grasp a pair of dumbbells with your arms straight at your sides, palms in. Take a large step forward and lower your body so that your front knee lines up with your ankle. The back knee is almost touching the floor.

Push off with your back foot and take a large step forward with your other foot. Walk lunge 15-20 steps and then turn around and return to the start using the same form. You should contract your glutes on the lowering of each movement.

2. Extension Step Ups.

Hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides with palms facing the side of the body. Stand behind a 6 to 12-inch high step (normally used in aerobic step classes) and keep your arms straight. Step onto the middle of the step with your right foot and then lift your left knee high (to hip height). Step down with your left foot, then repeat on the right side. This is a great one and you'll really feel it.

3. Bent Leg Reverse Kick Up

Start this exercise on your hands and knees on a mat. Raise your left leg up until it is parallel with the floor with a slight bend in the knee. Support your weight with your arms and right leg. While contracting the butt, lift your left leg up and toward the ceiling, maintaining a bend in the knee.

Slowly return to the starting position. After completing the set on the left side, repeat on the right side. To increase the difficulty, you may want to add an ankle weight to the working leg.

4. Lying Gluteus Lift

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Place your arms at your sides for support. Contracting the glutes, project your hips up toward the ceiling as you lift your glutes off the floor. Slowly return to the starting position stopping just short of your glutes touching the floor. Exhale while lifting your butt, and inhale while returning to the starting position.

5. Smith Machine Rear Squat

I prefer free weights, but for safety reasons, a Smith machine will work just fine. Place the bar across the back of your shoulders. Be sure it's not resting on your neck. Your feet should be shoulder-distance apart. Lower the weight, keeping your knees behind the toes at all times. Think of sitting back into a chair and contract the glutes on the lowering phase.

Stop when the knees are at a 90 degree angle. Return to the starting position and repeat. Inhale while lowering the weight and exhale while returning to the starting position. Do not let the knees ride over your toes (you should be able to see your feet at all times), and don't arch your back.

6. Cycling

Riding a bike is great for your glutes, hips and thighs. Get your glutes involved by leading with your heels when you push down on the pedals. On the upswing, pull up on the pedal (providing you've got foot straps) to make sure you're using every part of your legs during your workout. For brief periods, lift your butt off the seat and slowly pedal as you contract the butt.

7. Stepmill

This is one of my favourite cardio exercises, and it works the glutes with absolute precision. This machine is not to be confused with the Stairmaster. The stepmill actually has revolving steps and is extremely difficult.

When I go into the gym these units are always available and the elliptical machines are unavailable â€" what does that tell you? Yep, it's hard, but it will turn your butt into a J-Lo look alike.

8. Running

I've never trained a female who didn't get a smaller butt from a running program. If you have excessive body fat to lose, then this may not be your best bet due to the stress it places on the knees.

However, a gradual program works great for those who have less than 25 pounds to lose. Try to build up to 4 days per week for 30 minutes and remember to invest in high quality running shoes.

9. Leg Press/Feet High

It's amazing what a simple change of foot positioning can do. Try the leg press with your feet placed high on the platform. This simple change of positioning will activate the butt and hamstrings as well. Lower the weight until you feel the glutes contract. You'll definitely feel this one.

10. Ankle Weight Butt Blaster

Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Relax your shoulders and find a neutral spine with your head at a natural extension of your neck. Extend the left leg up with a 90 degree angle at the knee. Your foot should be parallel with the ceiling.

Contracting the glutes, push your foot up toward the ceiling. Stop when your leg is at a full extension from the hip maintaining the 90 degree angle at the knee. Return to the starting position. After completing the set on the left side, repeat on the right side.

And don't forget the best way to lose weight is to do cardio, while these exercise will help tone and make your butt appear somewhat smaller, to really shed the pounds get out there a walk, run, bike- anything to get your heart rate up!!

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Cynthia (I want great legs and butt) Grey 9 years ago

Yep, I found walking lunges to be really helpful. I do laps and laps of them up and down my driveway at home. I love them. Talk about fatigue -- but worth every bit of it.

carla 8 years ago

what is the difference in the stepmill and the stair master which one makes your butt into a jlo butt and which one makes it smaller.

c-j 8 years ago

i acually WANT a flat bum! more than most things acually. im fed up with people making fun of it. most of all my mom! anything i can do to get a flatter bum?

taylor 8 years ago

hey im a 7th grader and im one of the skinniest girls in school but i seem to have a big butt lol. and im really popular and everything so all my guy friends r always looking and so i want to know how to get rid of the big bum and get it smaller. help me out ppl!!

Anna 8 years ago

Taylor, you're way too young to be concerned about your size. You're still growing! I would be glad to be blessed with curves in 7th grade. Obviously your friends don't care about your proportions or you wouldn't be so popular. Those guys may actually like your butt!

shonelle-angel 8 years ago


i rele am in desperate need. i am so insecure about my butt. i'm an average weight for someone in grade nine. i wiegh about 117 pounds and i'm about 5 feet 3. but my butt just stand out. i have such a tough time dressing in the mourning bcuz no matter how great it looks form teh front the back is always horrifying. i feel like my butt gets too much attention and it makes me bigger sizes in pants. i rele wanna lose it and i am trying this but i'm not sure it's wrking. HELP!! plz

shonelle-angel 8 years ago


i rele am in desperate need. i am so insecure about my butt. i'm an average weight for someone in grade nine. i wiegh about 117 pounds and i'm about 5 feet 3. but my butt just stand out. i have such a tough time dressing in the mourning bcuz no matter how great it looks form teh front the back is always horrifying. i feel like my butt gets too much attention and it makes me bigger sizes in pants. i rele wanna lose it and i am trying this but i'm not sure it's wrking. HELP!! plz

yasminek 8 years ago

what if i had a free time and i'v done all of the ten exercise wouid it effect my butt quickly with good results and make it smaller plzzz answer some one help because im fed up getting people complaning about ma butt and and having jokes about it plzzz helpppppp!!!!

hannah 8 years ago

hey i am 21 i have got a great body except a massive butt i need your help. like when ever i wear bikinis my butt sags down so i was wondering how many times a week or day i have to do these excersises

AL 8 years ago

okay im 14 it may seem young but i have very big legs and probably the biggest but out of anyone i know that's my age. and i also have alot of celulite on my legs and i really don't like it, my friends say im not fat but thats because i don't like to wear bathing suits infront of people i always wear shorts or at thew beach ill have a towel around my legs and stuff because im so self contious about it. and the 2 guys i like the most are where i go camping and i hate it cause im so self contuious abou tmy legs i don't even know what to do =[ and i LOVE swimming and always want to go but i never want to get out of the water because of my legs, please help me you guys what do i do, please don't sqay im too young to worry about it cause i dont like it at all !

plese help =]

Helpp. 7 years ago

no matter what i do' i cant get my butt to go' any suggestions?

Dani 7 years ago

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I am a 20 year old who has the genes of her mother. I used to be a competitive swimmer...but now because of shoulder problems I've mostly switched to running and other weights and cardio machines. I am blessed with really large hips, calves, and thighs that I keep in toned shape due to my exercising.

Here lies the problem: my butt. In size, it is very proportionate to my legs, but not as toned. This is rather frustrating to me since I eat fairly healthy, run, do lunges, StairMaster, and any other butt-benefiting exercise I can think of...yet I still have this over-sized behind that refuses to either tone-up or get lost! Since my switch to running I have even seen an increase in its size. However, less running is not an option for me since more swimming is a literal pain. In a recent sad fallback, I have had to purchase a few pair of jeans to accommodate my ever large hips, thighs, calves, and butt.

Really, I would just like to know what I should change so that I can whip this butt into shape or slim it down just a little so that my purchasing of pants shall cease and a bikini bottom will no longer be a summer fear.

Please advise

oh noo 7 years ago


Does weight training actually make your butt bigger?Apparently says so on Wiki.. hm.

riri 7 years ago

doing weights builds muscles, so yes after time if you arnt losing weight n doing weights for your butt,it will look slightly bigger but toned.for everyone on here, if you wanna loose fat n tone up you have to eat properly aswell.cutt out sugars n fatty food. do at least 30min of walk or run etc 4-5 days a week with weights. its not a easy n quick prosess.

Brit. 7 years ago

taylor... your obviously lying, your not popular at all.. or you wouldn't be on this website. you get teased, your fat.. just let it out, deal with it :) ... your probley huge, and get made fun of all the time

nikki 7 years ago

i'm SO annoyed at my body shape (i'm a pear). I know that sounds weird and it's like shouldn't youjust accept your body for what it is?

well it's just FUNKY looking when you have small arms, boobs and a tiny waist, but then a rather large butt.

The thing is that my butt isn't "saggy" or out of shape or anything, it actually has a LOT of muscle so it's really round and sticks out like a J-Lo butt; the only thing is: i don't want JLo's butt!!

So any exercise tips or eating tips i can try that will actually reduce it's size? not just get rid of flab??

help please?

hellppp me please! 7 years ago

hey im in 9th grade and weigh way too much (150) and i also have a big butt i think! and i also need tips on how to loose more weight. i play soccer and basketball but they seem to not really shed the pounds faster! help me!

jesse 7 years ago

haha its so funny how girls with big butts want little buts and

girls with small buts want big ones:)

Cassidy 7 years ago

For a bigger butt you need to work out very specific butt muscles. The best exercises are hip lift and step up. Also, you can have the strongest glutes in the world, but if they're hidden under a layer of fat (and cellulite), nobody will see them. So you need to get rid of fat too (which takes care of cellulite as well). Look for specific butt workouts, i.e. http://www.firmbuttexercises.com/workout ... and others.

Rach 7 years ago

Hey. Okay so im in 7th grade and summer is coming up so i went to the store for bathing suits, and i saw my stomach popping out. I don't know if its fat or whatever, but I was unhappy. So I've been eating way healthier food and exercising an hour everyday, but my butt seems to stay the same size, and I don't like it. It looks so weird in shorts and bathing suits. Two boys at school are always like 'nice butt' but it makes me more sensitive. I want to know what's the best way to get rid of some of the fat back there in a healthy way. Please help ME!

daina 7 years ago

but doesn't sitting on ur butt (while cycling) make it bigger?

amanda 7 years ago

ok never complain about a big butt... tone it keep it cellulight free as much as you can but bigger butts are what most guys like, don't ever be ashamed of it. im white and iv been told i have a big butt a lot of times but mostly they tell me they love it and i do too :) as long as its not flabby big butt just keep urself toned and don't wory please!

jess 7 years ago

yeah i hate my butt like with a burning passion like i mean i weigh 119 and im 5foot 3 inches and my but it just huge compared to evrything else!! some people say i have a gettoh butt and i think i do i jus hate it if anyone one knows a eaiser way to get rid of this ugly thig in the back of my pants pleeeeaaassseeee telll me the answer!!!!!!!!

Hannah 7 years ago

How many times a week do you have to do the above work outs? I am try to loose 10 lbs/make my legs/butt smaller in a month by cyling...will these exercises help?

Cookie 7 years ago

Gah! I hate when girls complain about having a big butt when it is flatter than a pancake. Please, before you complain, take a look in a mirror. Subconsciously you probably want a big butt so you keep telling yourself it's soo big but chances are, it isn't. You may have big hips but that does not mean that what's behind it is equally as big. If the widest part of your butt is not more than 5 inches bigger than the highest point on your thighs or the lowest part of your torso (when you measure around), you don't have a big butt so you can breathe a sign of relief.

Samantha 7 years ago

Brit you are just down right effin rude. There is no one in here putting anyone else down but them selves. So there is no room for your trash talk take it some where else. This comment board is for advice about the body and butt. There is no room for haters like you. Haters like you are not wanted here because your probaly fat as hell since you talking all that shit.

I am here because I want to tone my booty to make it bigger and look better in my bikinni!!!

any tips..

No trash talking no more people... its rude... some people have complexes about their body and really don't like to share their weight problems and nobody will do that with rude people around talking crap. kapish!

:) 7 years ago

i am in seventh grade and i am really skinny and stuff, but my butt and thighs are really big haha. i think i get it from my mom. i tried these out but they didn't seem to work. worse, im on a swim team so i feel really self conscious... help?

hello 7 years ago

ok all i want sumone to answer is how do you make your butt and theighs smaller by a lot plz and by one exsercize not 500

Twins :D 7 years ago

I have a twin sister and we both are going to the eighth grade in like 5 weeks (it's summer break) and we are skinny and our arms look like sticks but our butt and thighs clash with our skinny figure..which I hate to say..makes us feel concious about our body everyday. We've always wanted to have a flat butt and when we tell our friends they think we're crazy..but they don't know how concious we are. Even our dad told us our butt is getting big! (I know..sad) :O It started in 7th grade and it sucks. We've been starting to exercise and it's not working out so well. Please help! :'[

Twins :D 7 years ago

I have a twin sister and we both are going to the eighth grade in like 5 weeks (it's summer break) and we are skinny and our arms look like sticks but our butt and thighs clash with our skinny figure..which I hate to say..makes us feel concious about our body everyday. We've always wanted to have a flat butt and when we tell our friends they think we're crazy..but they don't know how concious we are. Even our dad told us our butt is getting big! (I know..sad) :O It started in 7th grade and it sucks. We've been starting to exercise and it's not working out so well. Please help! :'[

Naomi 7 years ago

Im going 2 8th grade .im a curvy girl ive been told(not fat )but,i don't like the attention i get because of my butt it is toned but i wud prefer to have a little less back side and thighs .im tired of attracting the wrong type of people :and when i did work out plans yes it has gotten firm but looks bigger..plus its creepy 2 be 14 and have a pp

like 31 look at you.....i need to draw less attention i feel very self conscious

Elizabeth 7 years ago

Hey. Well it all started when I was about 8 or 9. I started to gain a lot of wait in a short amount of time. It's in my jeans I know, but still, I am now 15 years old and I weigh about, I hate to say it, but I weigh 270 some pounds. It's hard. School is crappy. I am pretty popular for how I appear and what not. But still I have those some people in my school that don't give a crap about who you are or anything. I still get made fun of sometimes. I miss a lot of school for it. I have been worries about my weight ever since I started Jr. High. I am going to be a sophmore this year (10th grade) and I don't want to stay my size forever. It's hard. It really is. I hate it. But I just hope when I am standing up on stage in my High School getting m diploma, I may at least be a size 10. I pray and pray everyday that I don't have a heart attack do to my weight and depression symptoms during one of my workouts. Thankd for listening.

Myla 7 years ago

Hey, I'm going into 8th grade and I weigh 93 pounds. I'm a figure skater so I have a lot of muscle. I think I have a big butt, my mom says I don't. I just hate putting on shorts and having it stick out. I need help!!! School is about to start and I just want to have a flat butt!

Matt 7 years ago

I would have to say lunges have worked the best out of all of them. My girl has been doing those and it has worked wonders for her!

7 years ago

Honestly, I don't know why girls are complaining about big butts. Who cares, just like your body, I did my measurements and they come out to be a "big butt", I'm 5'0, my waist is 24 inches, my butt is 35.5 inches, and It's still not even toned! LOL. So i play volleyball, and I've seen that helps, I'm going to start doing this youtube video, because that should help in addition. Find an exercises that will work for you. && Also i have big thighs and I like it. I like having curves in my jeans. LEARN TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR BODY, ITS REALLY IRRITATING!

Guy 7 years ago

Man, I'm a guy with a big butt, does these exercise help a guy?? I am like skinny and the butt just stands out, its outragious and I have my friends make fun of me for it too

karan 7 years ago

I am on the same page with "Guy" is this gonna help guys? cuz i need to get it smaller, ecerybody makes fun of it!

casandra 7 years ago

hey im in 8th grade and im tired of having such a big butt i need to get it smaller.i am a cheerleader and everytime i put the uniform on i jst see myself in the mirrior and i need to loose it.HELP!!plzzzzz

dan 7 years ago

im skinny but have a big butt i want it smaller so i can feel good about myself and it sticks out :\ ive been doing some exercises lately and eating healthy im not giving up

dan 7 years ago

some people have no ass lol u cant see it coz its so small i want that!

HELP! 7 years ago

I am only 13 and have been getting made fun of for having a big butt. I play club volleyball. It doesn't seem 2 help. By the way, you have somegreat excersises!

needs help 7 years ago

i have a big problem.... i have big butt, thighs and especially my calves are big. when i stand up as straight as i can my posture looks weird b cuz of my lower body. PLEASE HELP ME!

Lauren  7 years ago

Hi I'm 18 and have a really wide butt, I look curvy, I'm 5'0 and 116 pounds, I know I shouldn't be complaining but are there any great tips? I just started the running tip today: )

Lauren  7 years ago

Hi I'm 18 and have a really wide butt, I look curvy, I'm 5'0 and 116 pounds, I know I shouldn't be complaining but are there any great tips? I just started the running tip today: )

tootsie rollz 7 years ago

Bahhh. >.

dan 7 years ago

i fuckin hate my ass it sticks out i don't rly exercise much but i have recently its gna take ages i haven't seen any change i dnt wana go through months of exercising and no change

dan 7 years ago

i fuckin hate my ass it sticks out i don't rly exercise much but i have recently its gna take ages i haven't seen any change i dnt wana go through months of exercising and no change

6 years ago

haha these poor middle school girls!! in a couple years they'll be glad they got butts.

but anywaay...

im 5'9 and "look" skinny but my butt is actually rather large, and i never work it out.

my weight fluctuates a lot from 140 to 150.. and when my weight is lower my butt gets a lil smaller.

i was wondering if anyone knows how to work out a butt that isn't already toned, and make it bigger. im scared that if i work it out it will get smaller due to fat loss??

TYleah 6 years ago

(: ha i was just like taylor in 7th grade, had all the friends hecka skinny but had a butt.. i never really noticed it bcus i was used to it and everyone sayin i had a rockin body ha but wat do they know there 7th graders lol but anyways i started to notice my butt in 7th grade and was always self cautious about it, but i am now in 9th grade and i grew into my bootay and so now i have a nice butt but is doesn't stick out to much now, so taylor you will grow into it (:

Bray 6 years ago

Follow these excercises with cardio 4 times a week like it says. And just as important as the fitness is your EATING HABITS. Cut out all the soda and candy!!! If you eat healthy and do these excercises you will probably see results within a month

kala 6 years ago

im 16 and im in 11th grade and my butt is HUGE. it looks disgusting. i want a wayyy smaller butt. my mom thinks im crazy. everyone does. they say "girls would kill to have a big butt". but i would kill to have a small butt. so im just looking for ways to make my butt appear smaller !

steph 6 years ago

alright.. i'm 16 years old and i'm petite. i'm 5'2, 97 pounds, and i'm skinny and toned. i have great abs, nice arms, toned legs, etc. but my butt just sticks out. it's not wide or anything, it just sticks out. i hate it because my pants fit my butt, but then they don't fit my waist. when i wear bathingsuits i love how my top half looks but i don't like my bottom half. i'm very self conscious about it and when i see the other skinny girls with little butts it makes me think about how much less self conscious i would be with a smaller one!


pony 6 years ago

im in 9th gradee....my but and thighs are huge and i been doing track basketball and soccer andd other sports but its just not working out!?!? helpp

guuuurrrrrllllll 6 years ago

im 14 nd i got mega thighs and a not so good lookin belly. i hate my body! i neeed to lose it quick, fast and in a hurry. ughhhh!

John 6 years ago

Hey guys I am a BOY and I am trying how to make my butt smaller. I've been working out for about 7 months now, and while I've wanted to get bigger and gain weight, my squats made my BUTT muscles bigger which I DO NOT want. How do i make my bum MUSCLES smaller?

Thanks guys

and ps, i don't have a problem with butt fat, its explicitly the muscle which i want to reduce

Becca 6 years ago

I'm in 8 th grade and terribly skinny but my bum if freaking huggeee! It looks funny on my tiny body :( plz help because no ever time I look at myself I wanna cry

Jessica. ;D 6 years ago

Okay, so I'm at the very end of 8th grade and I'm skinny and everything, but my butt just is gigantic, people say they like it but I don't! I can never fit into the jeans I could during the summer and I just really want to have a smaller butt, please please helpp! :)

trackstarrr 6 years ago

So I'm in 7th grade and on the track team. I have a pretty great body (except really small boobs), great legs (from track) and a thin waist, but my butt just sticks out!! it's sooo out of proportion with the rest of my body. I wouldn't say it;s big, just sticks out a LOT. Does anyone know which one of these exercises will help me make my bootay smaller?

Anna  6 years ago

Im in eighth grade, im ok with my waist but my butt is almost the biggest in school.. and that makes ME feel self conscious, though i am ALL the time, i need help :(

Somebody 6 years ago

Uh even though I'm younger than peopl may think I have such a big bum. I can't help it though. I'm not that fat but I weigh a lot and I really try to eat healthy and less than what I used to eat. My friends say i'm not a fatty but I know I am. My familys genes are not dat athletic so Im not on any team or anything. Plus Im really busy so I can't exercise dat much. Help!!!!

Nin 6 years ago

Uhmm; Well, I'm kinda skinny, I just have a LITTLE fat on my tummy hehe, but it looks good, but I have an awesome body shape(Not to boast) But my butt is rather...big? I hate it. And I don'tt thnk It's from all that fat. I think it's because of my bones and because I have fat thighs. Lol. So...help?

Kellie 6 years ago

Running and walking are great for reducing the size of your bottom half. Do 30 mins cardio 5 days a week then add 3 30min weight training sessions and you'll start to notice a difference by 3 weeks. You will always feel and look bigger a couple of weeks into a new training program though as your muscles will swell before your fat actually starts to shrink. Keep at it though and it will work. Also your food consumption is really important - cut out all junk and drink loads of water. Finally - try to love your body for what it is and what it can do for you. You'll feel much better about yourself if you're exercising regardless of your size.

kate 6 years ago

Okay i REALLY need help! im pretty skinny but my but is really big and im starting to get really self contous about it! im in 9th grade! HELP!

John 6 years ago

Seriously? What is with the comments here? The girls with "big" butts want small butt and girls w/ small butts want big butts? lol.

Seriously though, IMO, I like a girl with a girl with a nice big behind.(most guys do you know)Just look at those porn videos and "I like big butts music video" on youtube. So I wouldn't go so far as to trying to get rid of a big butt. Unless that is from overweight. (Please don't take that as an offence, you most certainly do not have to listen to me and have too look what a guy wants)

Michelle 6 years ago

LEE What the hell is wrong with you i thought that was an article telling how to get an articles but its some sh*t

Maddie 6 years ago

I'm in the 7th grade i'm 5'4 and i weigh 140 lbs. !!!! I feel so insecure about my body and it sucks ! all my friends are really thin and i just feel like im really fat when we go swimming and all . I wear shorts cuz i hate the way my thighs and butt look in a bikini. my butt is really round and everyone always reminds me that i have a big butt and i hate it ! i need help not only loosing weight in my butt but every where !!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!

jj thompson 6 years ago

yey its really sexy to have abig hips i wanna girls having this

Naru 6 years ago

To be honest i rather have a flat ass -,- like im going to high school this year. i actually hate when i run and i feel jiggles from my behind! i find that annoying ! Well. im short, 4'10 and im i guess a 9th grader.

why the hell do i have a big butt when both my parents don't have!?! wth. and besides i hate it sooo much when my mom says that i have a big butt. To be honest i was kind of teased about it when i was younger -_- im have an average body, skinny, but i have some meat :P

and my god to the person who made up this stupid routine, no kid or un-dedicated adult would want to follow this! People want to have a flatter butt faster NOT over 3 months?

If that was the point, people should just buy does TV-scams! but i do not intend to follow these stupid directions in order to flatten my butt. Because one, there are people who don't have time for this stuff! And two, im not gonna waste about an hour of my time doing stupid excercises that will only strain my muscles in the end !

Mariah 6 years ago

I'm 14 5'3 and I'm 145 lbs I play soccer and track and I run on a regular basis to stay in shape for both of the sports. I'm a size 9. My butt is well wayyy big and same for my thighs. ppl say I have the perfect body, but I don't feel that way. I just wanna loose a little butt. lol Anysuggestion?

Emily 6 years ago

i'm 12 years old going to six grade abd theres only a month left of school and i choose now to exersize. well i have big theighs,big belly,and small boobs. the worst,my butt.every body else tell me i have a big butt and its hurt ful even the boys.and they laught about my weight. but not only me there are other fat girls in my school. i am 135 pounds i know a lot. but in real life i'm not that big.but i all ways wear big t-shirts and tank tops over my butt to not let it show.And i hate when people ask me my weight. i don't like to jog around people cause its embaresing.My butt is big and wide and i hate that. can some one help me with tips. I know some things to help you guys and me out and i am going to try it tomorrow:

>Ab circle pro-for your belly,hips,theighs,and a little bit of your butt.

>walk 30 minutes with your dog if you have one-legs,theighs,some hips.

>basket ball-for your arm fat

>ride your bike-legs and your butt.

and the rest are on the top of the page.

I'm goen try it out and i hope you do too. and if you have any more ideas for butt exersizes email me at:


frassb0x 6 years ago

i like girls with big butt O.o

butt depression 6 years ago

I'm in tenth grade, and I've hated my big bum since 7th grade!!! i run cross country and track, but i thought working out would make my legs and butt smaller, but it made them both bigger!!! i worked out the whole summer, run miles, i guess just for nothing!! i'm an XS size on the top and size 3 in jeans! my butt is so not proportional to my skinny top. Maybe i should stop working out, and the muscles in my legs will shrink and my butt with get smaller, but i'm afraid the muscle will be replaced by fat. i am so 'bummed' out. :(

Terff 6 years ago

Yeah Ik how u feel tay D:

Im also in 7th but the bum is getting attension of everyone

And i want it to go poof ~.~

tomo sakai 6 years ago

this helps me a lot

keke 6 years ago

i am in the 7th grade and i have a butt ...........butt i want it bigger.......but not too big for my age.i see girls in my class with HUGE BUTTS (no homo) .......nd i wanna be noticed for my curves not only in tight jeans

Grace 6 years ago

Samantha; that's really hypocritical, you just had a go at Brit about 'putting people down' and 'there's no room for haters like you', yet you continued to say to her "you're probably fat as hell." hypocrit much? Think before you abuse, darling.

steph 6 years ago

my butts big, and i'm 11, what should i do?

unnamed 6 years ago

im 10th grde and i have a small body on the top but a terrible tone on the bottom that's what i think but everybody says im imaging that but i really hate my body i sometimes want to cry

unnamed 6 years ago

im 10th grde and i have a small body on the top but a terrible tone on the bottom that's what i think but everybody says im imaging that but i really hate my body i sometimes want to cry

Izzy 6 years ago

Omg!! I hav a biiiig butt.. I know I should lov my butt cuz there r girls tht want one but I don't really lyk it cuZ im skinny and when u look at my profile... Yea it's huge!!! Any way to get it a little smaller??

to embarassed to say my name 6 years ago

Help please, please, please, please, please. Yesterday I had a dress rehearsal for a concert that I'm in, and as I was taking off my dress in the dressing room my dress wouldn't come off my butt. I'm a moderate size, but I never realized my butt was so big. It was so embarassing. All the other girls were just pulling off their dresses, and here i am half naked with a dress hung arounds my butt! I finally got it off thanks to my super nice friends, but it ripped. I was able to sew it back together, how humiliating some of the more popular mean girls were even laughing at me :( I NEVER want to go throught his again, but I have the actual rehearsal tomorrow how will I get ot off then I'm so humiliated and sad. I've been working so hard at getting my butt back together but nothing is happening. OHHHHHH I'm so humiliated and sad.

anon 6 years ago

I read these comments and they make me so sad. It's ok to stay in shape and look after your health - and yes working the butt is important because those muscles sit at the base of the spine and hold up your upper body - as well as make your legs work. But ladies... please please stop obsessing about your bodies. Eat healthy, workout - yes - but while you are looking in the mirror scrutinising unimportant details which most people don't even notice to be honest.... the world is passing you by!!! As I type this comment, the date is the 27th November 2010. This day will never return. NEVER. What did you do with that day? Live it, laugh through it, have fun in it? Or did you stand crying in front of the mirror because you think you have a big butt? BORING. I studied ballet for a long time - girls laughed at my big butt, my sisters teased me and even my dad said it was huge! I'm 39 now and ya know what... IT's NOT. I have a GREAT butt - and why? Because it's attached to ME. And I'm a great person. I get out of the house and do stuff and never ever ever do I NOT do something because I think I have a big butt.... you think boys like supermodel shapes..so you think skinny butts are good?? NEWSFLASH - boys like to LOOK at supermodels but trust me these girls are self invovled and eat nothing. Boys don't like to date super-models! Look at Jennifer Lopez. She is curvy and she is proud of it and she is damn sexy! Work with what you're given but don't let it run your life.

If my sisters say I have a big butt - I slap it and say KISS IT BIATCH! Generally people who tease you do it because they are jealous. Jealousy makes you mean and want to hurt people - so they know the comments and sniggers/laughter will hurt you. Ignore it, smile at them, even feel sorry for them ..but don't say a word.. and they will give up.

Everyone is unique and we should all rejoice in that. Good god how boring would the world be if we all looked like Pamela Anderson????????

Get up of the sofa, allocate 30 mins everyday to do your butt exercises then get out into the world and forget about it!!! (ps stop eating junk. sugar makes you depressed and makes you think weird thoughs...eat fruit & veg so it will clear these weird feelings from your body).

You are beautiful just as you are!


nonee 6 years ago

im only 13 years old and my butt is huge. i have stretch marks on my butt and thighs and there so noticelable im short and chubby and i don't know what to do.. all there strech marks have me very depressed and i don't know how to get rid of them.. please help me and tell me your advise..

Anon 6 years ago

I just started college and I've gained 9 lbs. Some may be muscle because I'm actually doing a lot more walking at college than I ever did at home, but I really think my butt is getting bigger. In the past 3 weeks, I've ripped three pairs of jeans in the butt. I don't know whether it's muscle or fat that is making my butt bigger, but I'd like to get it back down to a size that fits in my jeans! Do these exercises just make your butt smaller or will they add muscle, too?

Pixie 6 years ago

I'm ashamed of my butt. It makes it so I have to wear a size up from my waist. I get objectifying comments from unsavory man-children all the time, even when I dress in business casual clothing because of it (no skirts, strictly pants). Everything else about me is compact and fit- I am 4'11" and weigh 85lbs... and yes, that is actually a healthy weight for someone of my height and bone structure. I am really glad I found these, I cannot wait to test them out. Maybe once I tone it up I'll start attracting men who are actually worth my time instead of people who only make me hate myself.

:O 6 years ago

brit you are like too rude!! There's no need 2 put other ppl down! But anyway I have a really big butt & it's annoying plz help!

Sarah 6 years ago

Well im really skinny, well i weigh 100.5 pounds and im 13 almost 14 in july and im 5'3 and i mean im skinny but my butts not like HUUUUGGGEEE but its pretty big! And i want a good shaped butt! One that's smaller, like tighter or something but not a flabby one! GUYS HELP PLEASEEE

jodi 6 years ago


im only 12 and im slim but my bum sticks out, it's not big its just my lower back curves so my bum sticks out. any help?

Mandy 6 years ago

Ok, you guys need some self confidence!! I am 5' 7'', and 130 lbs. I'm not that chubby, but I've started having a "woman's" body since 7th grade. Im curvy with hips that come with quite a butt. It just needs some toning for my new bikini... I've had a good time with it, and it's really been fine. If you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and groan, just blink, and rethink. Look for positive things, like, "It'l look great in the right jeans!" or somethin like that. An all of you young girls, just eat healthy, and don't be a couch potato, and you'll end up with the body your supposed to have! :) don't overdo it, though. Losing weight too fast can leave flaps of skin behind, so beware! Worry aboutshanging your body when you're older!

6 years ago

I am 13 an 5'4 i weigh like 47 kilos have no idea how much that is in american terms. I am skinny but my but is massive it just pokes out!!! I do exercise everyday and can run 4ks no problem my but is like half fat half muscle how do i just get rid of that fat and not replace it with muscel???? I just feel like chopping it off!

Any help please?????

Thanks XOXO

Chris 6 years ago

Im a boy with a big butt! It not very cool for a boy 2 have a big butt

Help me out

Melanie-smile:) 5 years ago

Well, I'm in year 9.

And I am a really fit and skinny, but then when it comes to my butt it's horrible.

And netball season is coming up, and I'd live my butt to be tinier.

(: any ideas? thanks.

annonymes 5 years ago

my best friend has a really skinny butt and she teases me about mine all the time. i'm 5'7 and 119, and i never really thought that my butt was that big. i play soccer and i try to run regularly, but nothing has been happening, its about 3 months from swimsuit season, so i have plently of time. i just want something that will work forever.

Anna K 5 years ago

I'm 14 and I am a pear shape. Lately the new fashion us tight tube skirts and I wear it everyday to school but my butt doesn't look that big because I have my school jumper to cover it and I always have my bag behind me so my ass doesn't look that big but today I wear my skirt without my uniform just a hollister shirt and the skirt I nearly cried I looked in the mirror and my ass with huge I measured my whist and it was 24inch that was ok but me ass was 38 please help meee

Xeno 5 years ago

Kind of sad. Looking around this forum I see all these desperate people. Yet nobody strives to help. There is also no organisation here. Nobody gets the help they need or any serious answer from an authentic source. I also came wanting to post my question. Yet looking around I see no resoultion. To bad...

jezi-d 5 years ago

heya...im in grade 9 n I have a big butt for my age(i think)...im one of the fastest runners in school but its just my butt...it sticks out...never even tried the exercises but i think ill go for the lunges....i really love sports but evry time i run i feel my butt going up n down...hehe!!

Knapple 5 years ago

I'm in 7th grade, and I'm really skinny and all (5' 5 and 98 pounds), but I have a rather big butt. I eat pretty healthy, in fact I barely eat at all. Anyway, I hate exercising and I don't have much time for it anyway. Sometimes I hear guys whispering (or say personally to me) that I have a big butt and it's really annoying, so umm, how do I make it smaller?

RoRo Do  5 years ago

Im in year 8 and I'm really skinny but my butt is big!

Im a runner but my butt doesn't get any smaller when I run!

Please help! :(

Emily 5 years ago

My body is similar to many who have commented on this; my butt is huge compared to the rest of my body... I've been doing exercise for a while, but it doesn't seem to want to 'leave'.

I would gladly accept any (nice) advice!

No trolls, please!

Also I must say, Brit, that wasn't nice. What difference is it to you how high her social status is?

With that being said, I wish you a good day

Chuck 5 years ago

Plz Helpppp Me.

I'm a boy with a big butt. I wanna make it smaller

Plz give me a good sugestion. i like swimming

But i can't my friends laugh on me. that's why i can't enjoy...

Plzzzzzzzzzzz Helpppppppppppp me.Plz plz plz.

Wistful 5 years ago

I know plenty of girls that wish their butts were smaller, and most of them weigh 90-115 lbs. If anything, I should be the one getting a smaller butt. I have a 26-inch waist but 37-inch hips. I hate my big butt and thighs.

Wistful 5 years ago

I know plenty of girls that wish their butts were smaller, and most of them weigh 90-115 lbs. If anything, I should be the one getting a smaller butt. I have a 26-inch waist but 37-inch hips. I hate my big butt and thighs.

HELP!  5 years ago

Hello (:

I have a really really big butt and I always have trouble wearing my tops because I like tight fitting and I can't wear them because down my back there will be a huge bump. I hate it. Please tell me what I should do to get rid of it. I also have a up coming performance in June. I really need to get rid of it ASAP! Please tell me how many days I need to do it a week and something easy I can do.

Please help me out [:

Brit.. 5 years ago

I'm 18 and weigh 100 pound Im skinny but my butt hangs out of all regular bathing suit bottoms and I feel very uncomfortable about it but I don't want to wear shorts instead

HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! 5 years ago

um i have never done this before so its kinda embarrassing dunno why. anyway im 13 and im not obsessed or anything but my but isss huuugggeee i was trying on a bikini tday and some fat was just like hanging out it was horrible i mean im skinny and everything it just doesn't look right oh and brit that was soooo mean for all u no taylor culd be popular its not really ny of ur business

Danielle 5 years ago

Im going into 9th grade this year and im going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in less than 3 months. I'm 5 ft tall and weight 95 pounds, my waist is small and flat and im pretty curvy but my thighs,calfs are too big, and butt is too big and they don't match my waist. I would really like some advice, help me please! :)

Kayla 5 years ago

Stop worrying about how big your butt is. Learn to love your curves! Nothing is more attractive to a guy than a girl who is comfortable with her body. I'm 5'3", 110 pounds, and no, and I don't have a small butt. My waist is 24 inches, and my butt is 32. Accept yourself the way God made you, and embrace what He has given you.

no name x 5 years ago

I just turned 15, i'm 5'6 1/2 and I weigh around 105lbs although I everyone says I look skinny but I think I want a smaller butt because I'm a bit self conscious. 

Here's what I'm doing (although I want to find out if there's something more effective) I'm jogging everyday to get rid of any fat so it's just muscle, then when I start gaining muscle I'll half what I'm doing to keep fit.

Btw i don't want any haters. And Brit why are you writing here if you're just insulting some people who find it hard to talk about this.

PLEASE HELP 5 years ago

im 12 and i weigh 140 and my but has stretch marks and so does my thighs someone help me :( if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it

8uuuiiyuu 5 years ago


Robinson Dickson 5 years ago

am about to try it and i hope my big buttocks will become smaller.

Lauryn 5 years ago

Tayl0r-I have the same problem minus the popularity and i'm in the exact same grade. Do you or anyone have any tips?

Alithea 5 years ago

ug i have a good rest of my body kinda well i am trying to loose weight and i keep looseing tummy fat but my butt is to big ug i hate it

tips 5 years ago

first of all, you should try to love your body! i know it's hard but that's what your goal should be :)

also, in order to get a smaller butt, you need to lose weight overall. so cardio is key. running, swimming, biking, dancing, sports, skipping.. anything you like! find an exercise you really enjoy so you'll be having fun and next thing you know you'll be getting in shape too! group fitness classes are a great way to get in shape! they are offered at most gyms. spinning classes are also a great cardio workout! and zumba is a really fun cardio dance workout too! you should pair cardio with some muscle conditioning (2-4 x a week). squats, lunges, leg lifts.. theres are tons of variations on these exercises to mix things up and target all areas of your butt! :)

intervals are a great way to up your calorie burn! its also important to do a variety of exercises so your muscles don't get used to them and you plateau. by always keeping your body challenged you can resist the plateau! plus, you wont get bored of doing the same thing all the time!

Lastly, usually the first place you gain will be the last place you will lose it.. unfortunately :(

so when you start to workout and lose some weight you may think your butt is getting bigger but it is probably just the rest of your body getting smaller! just keep at it and you will see results!!

best of luck! :)

lili 5 years ago

i'm in seventh grade and my but and legs are huge! my waist up id normal size but the rest is horrible. people at school make up names for me and it really hurts. plz help

Lily 5 years ago

I'm 14 and a half years old. I'm really short - 153 cm, which is about 5 feet - and I weigh 95 pounds. I have small bones so I don't look fat, but I know I am. I'm really insecure about my body :( But I'm really lazy and it's summer now so it's even harder to make myself exercise in the heat. Whenever I do exercise though, I just power-walk or jump. I really want to focus on losing fat from my bottom half, what can I do?

Paris 5 years ago

Hi, I'm very skinny (as I'm told by everyone) and I'm 16- sporty and toned. However, I feel extremely self concious as I have HUGE bum!! I can't wear skirts or jeans without having to cover my bum with a cardi. I would LOVE to have a FLAT SMALL bum so I can feel comfortable and start wearing tight fitting clothes without feeling fat... Please can you help me??! Thanks x

lea :P 5 years ago

hi. im in grade 10, i am 5'6 and i weigh about 146. my butt is really big. but i don't want a small butt cause larger buts are actually attractive to a guy. but my butt does piss me off. i am very athletic and have a lot of muscle, so i know im not fat. but i wont wear spandex shorts or just a bathing suit bottoms. when i go swimming i wear shorts over top cause i don't like the way i look. i just want a little bit of a smaller butt.i work out a lot and my butt doesn't get any smaller. and i eat very healthy too. sometimes i think that my butt is so big because its very muscular..is there even such thing as a muscular butt and that's why i cant make it smaller, it only gets bigger when i work on it??...and my best friend just had a baby and gained pound especially in the butt, and me and her are working out together and eating the same stuff but she has already lost most of the baby weight in the butt she put on and i haven't at all:( HELP!!

sakshauuyrjuwej 5 years ago


sakshauuyrjuwej 5 years ago


lalahelp 4 years ago

i'm in the seventh grade and have no confindence in my butt.i'm skinny but i have a stinkin large butt! help me!plzz

tim 4 years ago

my butt is to small how can you help?i am 48 but my but looks like a 24 yeasr old ?

Dude 4 years ago

I am in 10th grade. I am skinny and i have a very toned body. I work out and i play soccer. I am actually the fastest runner in school, but there is a problem. My butt is a little big for my slim body. i hate how it sticks out every time i wear jeans or a slim fit shirt. Will this exercise help me with my problem? :(

:( 4 years ago

hey! I'm 16 and in grade 11, and i hate my butt! I'm around 5'4 and weigh 115 ish, but my butt is literally huge! not exaggerating either, the last time i got it measured, it was 72 cm sooo like 28 inches? idk what to do about it! whenever i put on a skirt, which is always sadly cause its my uniform, the back gets so much shorter than the front cause theres just so much butt mass! i really don't know what to do...:'(

jaja 4 years ago

well i have a big butt and i don't know how to let ut go lol boys like though but one of my exfriends recently said you look better without your butt soo i yelled at him but now i am wondering if its true and should i change it HELP!!!!!please and thank U

Katrina 4 years ago

hi im in 7th grade and i have huge huge thighs calves waist and butt. what's best to shrink everything?

Hannah 4 years ago

I need to fit into my prom dress. I have a massive donk! Even my family calls me "Butt Butt". Ya know, like moto moto... it's so nice you have to say it twice :P I like it (so do the boys) I just need to shrink it for a month or so. I can't have my dress busting open while I dougie on the dance floor. Any suggestions?

Percy 4 years ago

Hey, i'm percy, i'm 16 and i need help!

i would say that im the in between kind of person (not to skinny but not too large) however, my bum is very big! no its huge! and i always feel self concious because of it.

I take 40 minutes of walking at a fast pace up and down hills, roads etc, everyday but i see no results...

I am concerned about what food i should and shouldn't eat but im not sure, could anybody please inform me on what foods to avoid? and what else i should be doing to keep my bum on the small size?


lucifron 4 years ago

Hi everyone!

I also got a big butt, and i am really tired of it! I have done almost everything to get rit of it, but nothing ectually worked for me.... yet! I have trained bodybuilding in the last cuple of years, and my upper body is now way more huge than it was in the beggining. But my butt and my legs is too big in my opnion, and that makes me " little" because the difinition on my body is wrong. I have now tryied to cut down some fats, but it seems like my butt wont cut any fat. I am eating a very good diet, and i get less calories than i burn. My weight is falling, but my butt is still too damn huge... Any advice or something?

Buu 4 years ago

@lucifron - that could be due to your genetic composition. Some people can easily reduce one part of their body but have difficulty with other parts. I would say try and reduce your bodyfat to under 10% but remember that diet is still the key. If your body detects that overtime your are not feeding it enough calories it will simply stop fat burning and instead start to store fat in those areas where the genetics tells it to or its easy for it(in your case, glutes). Have the occassional big unrestricted big meal to keep telling your body that everything is under control so it doesn't go into starvation mode.

Plus, for everyone one else asking questions, most of your answers are in the article and if not, do some research on the internet as there are plenty of good advice.


carolyn 4 years ago

Im in 8th grade, and i really don't care that much about my body shape, i don't have the best diet and im not really in shape. Im thin and i have a big butt, but it doesn't look good because of my body shape (im pretty flat as well). Usually i don't care about my butt but for a dance coming up (1 month) i need to look good in a tight dress, and the butt ruins it. I don't nedd flat, just smaller. Help?

Edwin 4 years ago

That is fantastic. Hope you always keep it up. I'm gonna try this

Katie 4 years ago

Hi Everyone!

I've been reading all of your comments, and thought i should share my story.

I have always been a bit chubby as a child, at the age of 11 i got kind of heavy, That lasted until i was 15, always wining about it, wondering what i could do, Until something just snapped in my brain, If you don't WANT to loose wait, but i mean REALLY want it, it probably wont happen, I started working out 6 days a week, going to the gym, and as i was doing all these excersizes that we just read ( wich actually really work when done properly) I was really using my brain instead of only my body, Girls try and really concenentrate on the breathing and clenching of the glute. And you need to do a hell of a lot of cardio, get your body sweating, I used to put on a black plastic garbage bag (cut a small ole at bottom, for head and 2 on sides for arms) and wear in like a dress... Tuck it into your trousers and under your sweatshirts. ALso, changing your speed whilst doing cardio, every 5 minutes do a 2 minute sprint , then go back to your normal speed. And of course really watch what you eat, i only drink water, no fizzy drinks, no sugary ice tea and no gas. No bread, no candies, and NO fried foods. Stick to healthy veg, steamed or boiled food. Carbohydrated such as pasta are very good to boost energy, try and keep it ligh,( like with Fresh cherry tomatoes and basil) none of those fatty sausaes!!!!)) Now i really have to say, its taken me 6 years, im 23 now, but I do have a good body. SIx pack and all! Its all what you set your mind to girls!!!!! I hope i helped!!! xxx

Kayla 4 years ago

I'm about 5'4 and weigh around 100lbs and I look pretty average but I think I have a big butt... I wear shorts frequently and although the shorts fit just nicely (as in at the waist and legs, etc.) it's always a little bit tight at the bum.. But if I get a larger pair of shorts it becomes too loose, thus I have no choice but to stick to the current size.. I do exercise frequently, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get a smaller butt :( I've tried doing wall sits a few times a day for 10-15 mins each time but it doesn't seem to be helping. Appreciate some advice:)

:/ 4 years ago

I have a huge butt and big thighs!:( I think my butt is around 26-27 inches???? And my thighs are like 24-25 inches?? I have a 23 inch waist and I believe that makes my butt and thighs look bigger in contrast. Help!

:/ 4 years ago

Sorry I meant 23inch hips.

:/ x 4 years ago

i have the biggest bum out of all my friend and i am bigger but i am on a diet,but my bum and thigh wont shift so i am going to try these exercises and see if they become smaller

My butt makes me feel uncomfortable.. :c 4 years ago

I feel kind of awkward in public. One of the reasons is because I have a 'big butt'. I can't even tell if I'm standin up straight because of it. :[ It just makes me feel awkward. EVEN MY BFFL SAYS ITS BIG!... Well, she has a smaller butt than me. I'm skinny though... I JUST FEEL SO AWKWARD IN PUBLIC BECAUSE OF IT. ;[ I'm kind of lazy, I eat a LOT of junk food, and..... I always feel like somebody is staring at my butt ._.

4 years ago

Actually, I do want a flat butt. I find it more attractive. Sure, go ahead. Call me a weirdo.

biggass 4 years ago

you know you know putting on weight is easy but losing it is hard i feel sorry for all u girls once i read these comment they made me feel a bit better its not that i want a flat bum just smaller my good friend (that's a boy)says its alright so when im in my bikini i seem to always see him looking at it i don't like him that way but im attracting the wrong guy i tried this cardio but it doesn't work!plz help we don't need shit that takes six years i need it in two months proms coming up i don't want a fat bum for the rest of my life

JENNY QUINTAL 4 years ago

how to get your butt relly relly big you want to eat lots of candy

Simone 3 years ago

Hey guys ! I'm 13 in year 7 and I have a big butt which I would like to go away and not get anymore people paying me out !! So could anyone !!! Please help me ! :)

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