Extended Wear Contact Lenses

There have been marked improvements in the types and materials used for contact lenses in the last few years. If you dislike wearing glasses and are seeking an alternative, contact lenses may possibly be the solution. One of the most popular and comfortable types are extended wear contact lenses which have many significant advantages over the other types of lenses.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses - Advantages

These types of contact lenses have some significant advantages over other types of lenses because they can safely be used for a long time, even overnight.  They can be cleaned a lot less regularly than most of the other lens types which need daily cleaning. They are safe, even for these extended periods and do not dry out your eyes or cause any damage. However you should visit your optician on a regular basis to ensure your eyes are healthy.

A big advantage of extended wear contact lenses is how comfortable they are. Nearly everyone finds them extremely easy to insert and are not able to feel them once they are in their eyes. Now and then some tenderness could come about but this often happens when they are not inserted correctly or they have are torn. These types of lenses are generally recognized to be the easiest to use and most comfortable of all types of contact lenses.

For those who have very poor sight and have difficult just getting to the bathroom without your glasses, extended wear contact lenses are recommended. You won't have to search for your glasses to go to the bathroom to insert your lenses! With extended wear contact lenses you can leave them in while you sleep and have perfect vision on awakening in the morning.

Buying Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Lenses for extended wear are not expensive but it's a good idea to shop around and compare costs from various manufacturers. Buying on the net, using a prescription from your optometrist, is a good plan as there are frequently good deals that are not available in your local shops. Money off coupons can be found by doing a quick internet search and it is very often easier to compare prices than looking in all the local stores.

Before you shop online however you must consult your optometrist to make sure you know precisely which types of lenses are most suitable for you. For those who haven't worn contact lenses before you will be shown the correct way to insert them and take care them properly.

In Conclusion

For most of us extended wear contact lenses are usually the perfect choice since they are easy to look after and comfortable to wear. These types of lenses can be place in the eyes then worn for extended periods so they are far easier to manage and you will have perfect vision all the time.

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