External Hemorrhoids Cure

External hemorrhoids as the name suggests occur near the opening of the anus.  Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal.  External hemorrhoids cause a lot of discomfort and though less harmful, they cause a great deal of pain.  If left unattended, this can lead to blood loss and result in anemia.  You will continue to experience pain, discomfort and bleeding.

Symptoms include passing of bright red blood on bowel movement, pain and itch in the anal area etc.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

According to the age old Siddha system some factors that lead to occurrence of hemorrhoids are:

• Genetic reasons, the condition may run in the family

• Excessive food intake, resulting in difficulty digesting

• Skipping meals and not taking food in time

• Frequent suppression of the natural urge to defecate

• Intake of foods that are hard to digest

• Traveling for hours together in cars, buses and trucks

• Sitting for a prolonged period of time

• Frequent intake of hot foods containing excessive chilies etc

• Working in a hot environment, for example near boilers etc

• Absence of rest after hard day’s work

External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Some Siddha preparations given below go well with the above-mentioned regimen.

The tender flowers of pomegranate are collected and dried under shade and powdered. A teaspoonful of this powder is taken with honey first thing in the morning for seven days. This is a harmless remedy for hemorrhoids.

Similarly the outer peel of the pomegranate fruit is collected and burnt to ashes. A spoonful of this ash is then mixed in 200 ml of water. This mixture is used to wash the anal region. This is done frequently for seven days.

Remedies made from yam are known for their curative action on hemorrhoids. These remedies are available in Siddha medical stores. A Siddha or Ayurveda expert can guide you in this process.

Treatment Options for External Hemorrhoids

Conventional treatment options include home treatment, non surgical procedures and surgery.

Home treatment will include measures like Sitz bath etc which can relieve the pain, cleaning the anal region after a bowel movement with moistened toilet paper, applying ice to the region several times a day etc.  These help relieve pain as well as avoid worsening of the hemorrhoids.  Also change in diet is recommended which include intake of more fiber and water.  These will help prevent constipation as well as soften stool and facilitate easy bowel movement.

Fixative procedures include rubber band ligation and photocoagulation.  Rubber band ligation causes excessive pain that can hinder day to day activities.  In some cases this procedure can lead to infection which is potentially dangerous and may necessitate emergency room visits.  Photocoagulation is successful in treating small hemorrhoids and the pain is less when compared to rubber band ligation.  Here, heat, laser or electric current is used create a scar tissue.  One fact to consider though is the lesser success rate of photocoagulation in treating larger hemorrhoids.

Surgical intervention is recommended in case of pain and persistent bleeding in spite of home treatment or fixative procedures.  Some side effects of surgery include pain in the anal region for weeks after surgery, difficult and painful bowel movement even with soft stool, bleeding, and inability to pass stools or urinate.

Ways to Prevent Occurrence of Hemorrhoids

Some changes in the daily routine can help in preventing constipation. Since constipation is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids, prevention of constipation should be the foremost task.

• After the morning chores of brushing, cleaning your mouth etc, 2-3 glasses of lukewarm is taken. This is found to help in easing your bowel movement. Walk for a few minutes after this.

• Take a ripe guava every day. Pineapple and sapodilla  are good alternatives for guava. These fruits are rich in fiber content.

• Add spinach to your diet. Spinach is a healthy green full of fiber. It helps in treating ulcers of stomach and mouth.

• Have a tender coconut at around 11:00 am. Pure lemon juice with no sugar is an ideal alternative.

• Vegetable salad and yoghurt in the afternoons.

• Avoid deep fried and oily foods at all cost. No potato chips or anything fried in oil.

• Spicy hot foods are a strict no.

• Alcohol intake should be stopped. Alcohol tends to speed up the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

• Smoking and tobacco chewing disturb the digestive process and hence should be stopped.

• A good night’s sleep helps in digestive process. Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours at night.

• Take easily digestible food at night.

• An open air walk in the evenings for one hour is recommended.

• Avoid coffee and tea. Take green tea instead.

Adopting the above-mentioned lifestyle changes will gradually reduce the size of the external hemorrhoids.


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