Extreme Weight Loss Program

Extreme weight loss is not ideal for everyone but for some specific kind of people who have been having severe problems handling their weight issues. Extreme weight loss pills are often recommended for people who have a body mass index measurement {BMI} of higher than 30 and it is not recommended for people having a mass index measurement below 30.

Extreme weight loss pills are often recommended for people with obese stature. They are pills that work with the brain sending it wrong appetite sensation and it appears that an individual appears full when he has only eaten little amount of food. An extreme weight loss pill is often used for a fast and effective effect but not for long term usages because it can be addictive.

Some of the commonest extreme weight loss pills available include; Ephedria, Phentermine, Orlistat, and Phendimetazine.


Phentermine is an extreme weight loss pill which act as neuro-transmitters in the brain. It gives the brain wrong signal that you don’t need much food and in so doing, your appetite is greatly reduced and you lose extreme weight. Phentermine is an ideal extreme weight loss pill which must be used in moderation because it might result in serious side effects including; insomnia, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure.

Orlistat is another popular extreme weight loss pill which does not act as an appetite suppressant but blocks the absorption of fat in the digestive system. This weight loss diet pill work by inhibiting a pancreatic, fat-dissolving enzyme and it can be included in any extreme weight loss diet.  When consumed thrice daily, it can block up to 30% of the total fat consumed daily.

An extreme weight loss diet itself is a safe way of getting an extreme loss of body fat especially when non essential fat is withdrawn from everyday diets. An extreme weight loss diet is required to have less than 5% of fat and less than 15% of carbohydrates.

Losing an extreme weight loss fat require some essential extreme weight loss tips. One of the most essential extreme weight loss tips is that no successful weight loss is achieved in quick time without the addition of physical activities and good diet plan. You need to find out how many calories you need in a day. You can calculate it by knowing your body weight index and your daily activities. This will help you determine how much weight you need to lose through calories.

You also need to watch your food portion size and eat around 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables contain fibers and antioxidants which can boost any extreme weight loss diet plan. Cutting your food portion size to two-third of your usual meal size will also help you eat less and burn fat very fast. It is also ideal not to skip meals to prevent eating more later in the day.

Extreme weight loss must not be done without the monitoring of a medical expert so as to prevent serious side effects that may accompany such weight loss programs

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