Why our Body Needs Fern-C?

VITAMINS are the secret weapons why our body always on the go for everyday living. People at work or at home are doing something. That something may be lighter or heavier depending on the nature of work or activity they are into. One would really need a supplement in a form of a vitamins in order to keep the body functional and healthy. But among which, I do like Vitamin C and of all Vitamin C, I like most Fern-C.

Wonder of Fern-C

In my case, I am the living witness why I could say Fern-C is not just a vitamin but a medicine as well. Aside from the fact that it is very rich in Vitamin C, it happened to me one time that I had a fever. I had taken prescribed medicines from a doctor but I still have fever for about four days. I was a bit fearful that moment considering the fact that I was chilling at dawn time two times for two consecutive days plus the presence of some dengue case patients in our place. Without any longer, I decided to try Fern-C. I dissolved five (5) capsules into a one fourth-filled glass of water and I drink every four (4) hours for four times only and I was amazed because the chill stops and my fever was gone. I was not expecting because I thought it would only work as vitamins.

How Fern-C Changed Me?

From then on, I always take one (1) capsule in the morning before breakfast and another (1) in the afternoon before supper both dissolved in a one fourth-filled glass of water. Making it habitual has helped me a lot because I feel energized all day.

That scenario has opened my eyes how important vitamin C to our body. Well, it is also important to eat in a balanced diet, get involved in physical fitness activity like exercises and proper hygiene to avoid sickness or even at least minimize the chances of getting sick. But the very tip that I can share to everybody is Fern-C vitamin twice a day.

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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Wow, Voted up, good info, sounds great! Welcome to hubs!


productcorner profile image

productcorner 5 years ago Author

Thank you Pollyannalana. I'm just sharing what Fern-C can do.

patriarca_jennifer 5 years ago

good day poh! applicable po b s mga batang edad 5 yrs old ang fern c?

productcorner profile image

productcorner 5 years ago Author

Definitely yes. There was one time that my 3-yr old niece had also a fever. My sister-in-law brought the baby to the health center. The doctor gave her a Paracetamol Calpol. She replaced the Calpol with Fern-C because Calpol was out of stock at that time. She dissolved the capsule's powder in a 1/8 filled glass of water and let the baby drink every 4 hours. The fever was gone after 3 takes.

angel angelus 5 years ago

i consider myself as blessed because i never got sick in just maintaining my health,i always take ascorbic acid as my vitamin-c but,it hyper my acidity and if im sweating my shirts under arm line and collar line becomes yellowish in color and it is not easy to wash.im doing water theraphy everyday that really workout for my health eversince!i change with fern-c now after i attending a seminar with dr.obusan about cardio vascular diseases.after a week of taking fern-c,i never suffer for acidity anymore!thaks to fern-c...iy really works great for my health.GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

theresa 3 years ago

can a 2 month old baby take this?

Donn Darryl Dagangon 3 years ago

sir/maam would you mind if i offer you something? im Donn from Maxceemum Corp, our product is also non-acidic vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) 600mg

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thank you

bonnie 3 years ago

hello gud day! ask ko lang san kung pwede uminom ng fern c kahit my lagnat? natatakot kasi ako ng bka may dengue ako 2days plang naman ako may lagnat iniicp ko sana palakasin imunesystem ko para malabanan ang virus. tnx

luisa damicog 3 years ago

nothing.. gsto klang malaman kung anong benefits' ung makukuha ko' sa fern un kc vitamins ko' thankz.

jeremy from paraƱaque 3 years ago

umiinum po ng fern c yung bhe ko then ni recommend nya ito sakin!and my question is Ano po b mga benefits ang makukuha dito.

profile image

lilym49 3 years ago

Since I have been taking Fern C by dissolving the powder in water I noticed that the powder is all white and dissolves easily. Lately.. when I open the capsule the powder is discolored and do not completely dissolve in the water. I'd like to know if it is still safe to drink the discolored powder.. I wonder if the Fern C I am taking is fake or it has expired. Pls. advise

rydes 3 years ago

hello po.ask kolang po kung magtetake ako ng fern c..mawawala poba ang ashma ko..

vangie 3 years ago

Ask ko lang po kung pwedeng uminom ng fern c ang my GERD?

lea 3 years ago

pwede po ba yan sa buntis

jazlovesyel 2 years ago

Sir pwede po ba tanggalin tung powder tapos imix yun sa.tubig tapos iinumin na ng diretso hrap po kasi ako mklunok ng capsule

vanessaquiambao 2 years ago

fern c vitamins good for skin

zandeseo 2 years ago

Nirecommend sakin ng sales director ko ang fern-c kc panlaban din daw ito sa cancer cells sa ating ktawan...meron kc aqng cyst sa breast kaya nirecommend nya ito sakin... I hope it will really helps!

joji 2 years ago

may fern c store pa rin po ba sa robinson galeria?tnx po

geng umbal 2 years ago

gud day pwd po ba uminum ng fern c ang may gerd at highblood???

evelyn 2 years ago

gud day poh! pwede po ba ang fern c s may tubig ang lungs at heart attack?

Larz 2 years ago

Fern c is also good for the relief of Dengue fever...I even experienced and lot of people experienced also that after taking Fern c 3 to 4 times, blood platelet count become normal

eMerchandiser 2 years ago

Have more info about FERN Products visit http://www.fernship.org

geng agan umbal 2 years ago

helo po ask ko lng pwd po ba ang fern-c sa my gerd at hb?

may 2 years ago

Pwede bang uminom ng FERN-C? Kung umiinom ng antibiotics. Pra sa non tuberculosis.

Rea laurico 2 years ago

pwede rin po ba uminom ng FERN-C? kung umiinun ng multivitamins and minerals amino acid.

lallaine ambrosio 2 years ago

San po pinakamalapit na outlet dto sa manila.dto po kmi nakatira sa malapit sm san lasaro.gustu ko po sana mag member tnx po

liezel 2 years ago

Pwde po ba sa gabi?? Before matulog?

bong 2 years ago

Where can we buy this fern c, since wala na po yata eto sa mercury or other leading drug store

Ton ton 2 years ago

Can I drink fern c if I haver gerd problem?

chanberling 2 years ago

ang ganda po ng fern c kase nag take ako nito every morning at ok nman po sya kase di ako nagiging sakitin kahit nag under go ako ng medication kase nag kasakit ako sa baga at ok din sya panlaban sa mga sakit lalu na sa ubo at sipon kase mga kapatid ko may ubo at sipon ako lang ang wala kaya very effective sya kung mag ka ubo o sipon kayu take two capsule per day hanggang sa mawala ang ang ubo at sipon nyo :)

ms.curious 2 years ago

I,have a gallbladder stone is it ok to take fern-c evyday?

josephine cerdan 2 years ago

dati po akong fern c user and member,gusto ko po uli i-a ctvate ano po ang pde kung gwinmahusay din po ba ang fern c sa fatyt liver

cherrie 2 years ago

Sodium ascorbate is not good for those who has an highblood it is true or not

pablo 2 years ago

ano po ba talaga ang color ng fern-c pag tinanggal sa capsule? white or fading brown?

vic 2 years ago

pwede po bang uminom ng fern c ang may ACID PEPTIC DISEASE o GERD?

Marilyn tagudar 2 years ago

I am am a fern c user....and a membet....I would like to activated my membership ....thank you....

rochelle 24 months ago

Ask ko lang po pwede po ba ang fern c sa umiinom ng pills?

Richelle 23 months ago

what's the benefit of fern c if you have heart burn? thank you.

Cristina sevilleja 22 months ago

Pwede po ba ako uminom ng fern c ang may hyper acidity?

Jean 20 months ago

Puede ko ba painumin Ang anak ko 3 years old?

Anne 20 months ago

Hello po sa inyong lahat...ang galing ng fern c...my gerd ako..one day ko palang iniinom i felt the relief..subukan nyo.hindi magsayang pera nyo..after meal ko sya ininom..ok sya..

Elaine 20 months ago

Pano po itake ang fern c? Pwede po ba cia after meal?

Anne 19 months ago

Pwedi po after meal.sa akin after meal ko ininom..

juvy 19 months ago

Pwede ba magtake ng fern c if nagbblood thinner warfarin.

mharia 19 months ago

Pano mg pa member sa fern c

Anne 17 months ago


joy 16 months ago

Recommended b sa buntis ang vitamins c na 750mg

eden 4 months ago

maganda po tlga ang fern c sa akin at sa pamilya ko..di inuubo at sinisipon ang anak ko pagnakakainum ng fervnc

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