FRS Healthy Energy Drink - What You Need to Know

FRS Healthy Energy Drink Introduction

FRS Healthy Energy is a fairly new, healthy energy drink. While the energy drink market is huge, it is full of unhealthy energy drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup and lots of artificial stimulants. There are very few healthy options, so FRS is a welcome addition.

FRS stands for "free radical scavenger" which is another name for antioxidants - the healthy substances that neutralize free radicals in our bodies before they can do their damage. FRS is packed with these healthy flavonoid antioxidants.

Since FRS packs a punch with all the antioxidants, it allows your body to use its natural energy, since it's not bogged down with free radicals. And FRS does this without a lot of extra crap ingredients!

Everyone from top professional athletes to busy moms uses FRS.  As with most energy drinks, supplements, etc., it probably won't work for everyone, but it does happen to work for me, so I'm happy with it.

Ingredients That Make FRS Healthy

As I mentioned, FRS contains a large amount of antioxidants, specifically Quercetin and Catechins. To put it in perspective, one serving of FRS is equivalent to 3 servings of blueberries, 6 servings of red onions, or 8 servings of raspberries.

Plus, FRS provides 100% (or greater) Daily Value of many vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

The actual ingredients vary by the exact product, whether you're using an FRS energy chew or the powdered drink mix or something else, but some you might see some of these:

White grape juice concentrate, Orange juice concentrate, Quercetin, Green Tea Extract, Riboflavin, etc.

FRS Product Selection

FRS has products for everyone. They have the typical cans, a powdered mix, a liquid concentrate, and even "health chews."

FRS Cans

FRS in cans is the most convenient way to have FRS is you are lazy, and it's also the best tasting option because it is mixed right at the factory. However, it's also the most expensive.

FRS in cans comes in all natural orange, all natural lemon lime, low cal orange, low cal lemon lime, low cal peach mango, and low cal wild berry.

FRS Powder

If you want to store FRS easily, you can get it in boxes of powder. The powder packets are like little tubes, so you don't have to scoop any out or measure anything. Just dump the packet in a cup, add water, and stir.

The FRS powder doesn't mix perfectly, but it mixes well enough.

FRS Liquid concentrate

Another way to save space but avoid the powdery drink issue is to use liquid concentrate. Since it is already liquid, it's extremely easy to mix, and it tastes great.

But you will have to store an opened container in your refrigerator to keep it fresh.

FRS Chews

Perfect for athletes or anyone on the go, these are like little pieces of chewy candy, but they contain the FRS healthy energy formula. They are individually wrapped so you can take them anywhere.

There you go, a look at all the FRS products.

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RMAC 8 years ago

This stuff is a scam don't order it!

Harvey Miller 7 years ago

Where has it been proved that taking anti-oxidants yields extra energy? What is the exact biological mechanism for this allegation? Where has it been shown that taking antioxidants, outside their normally stored bounds (within the context of micro-nutrients- note that apples have, along with quercetin, numerous adjunct micro-nutrients that may need to be there while the body utilizes this powerful anti-oxidant). Where are the scientific studies that cooroborate some of the outrageous claims of this company? Why does FRS dabble in tricky marketing techniques where they charge credit cards without permission and make it difficult to get your money back? How come little is said about the above?

wbttk 7 years ago

Harvey Miller, you're 100% correct. What I love are reviewers on other sites "feeling" an energy boost and attributing it the antioxidants, not the caffeine. Since when do antioxidants give you energy? Funny how FRS tries not to attribute any energy boost to caffeine. Their claims are ridiculous and unsupported by science. Their website repulsed me because it was so cheesy and decieving.

It's annoying when people with little to no understanding of nutrition and supplements start reviewing health products. I see no true analysis of FRS, only repetition of FRS' own message about what it has to offer. Nothing useful has been added by this article.

Boston 7 years ago

But it has been shown that antioxidants reduce problems in your mitochondria, and let's them operate more efficiently. Your mitochondria, in turn, help create more energy.

Coach Levi 7 years ago

From what I have seen, no one is claiming that antioxidants produce energy. Antioxidants help your body manage free radicals, which eases the workload on your body. Therefore, you should have more energy, since there is less stress on your body. That's the theory that I go by.

Ryan 7 years ago

How much did FRS pay you to put this up Coach Levi?

Coach Levi 7 years ago


Probably the same amount that Red Bull paid you to post your comment.

Kenan 7 years ago

FRS, if anything, lacks company ethics they have a pop advertisement from their website that features and attractive woman wearing headsets with a caption that says "Lisa, FRS customer service rep" when in fact "Lisa" is an istock photo purchased from the istock website and certainly doesn't work for FRS. They also use a picture of another woman on their mapmyride advertisement who they say is Maddie Karlsson, an endurance runner and so far I haven't been able to find any information on Maddie Karlsson, probally another stock photo. I can't comment on the quality of their products but I will not do business with a company who has a totoal lack of ethics.

Richard 7 years ago

Company ethics aside, this stuff tastes horrible.

runner 7 years ago

maddie karlsson is hot in that photo. I don't care about ethics, I want more maddie.

runner_X 7 years ago

Ditto what runner said! :) Seriously, I tried FRS when they first came out...they were giving bottles of the stuff away for the longest time, and I really enjoyed it. However, I could not tell if it was scavenging free radicals, and resulting in more energy. I say they should release the studies to support their claims...

Trainer 7 years ago

I'm a professional trainer at a famous global franchise. I train athletes and regular Joe's and I can tell you that this is nothing but another marketing tactic appealing to the senses. It does not increase your energy levels any more than a cup of coffee. It's not high in calories which is good but what they claim is totally false. I suggest to my clients to stick with a multivitamin after every meal and plenty of rest in order to get the energy they need for pre and post workouts.

Spokesperson 7 years ago

Hey! Maddie is a runner, cyclist, and yogi. She’s 26, lives in Los Angeles, CA and has been drinking FRS for 6 months. Her favorite FRS product is Low Calorie Orange Concentrate! Don't you dare besmirchify Maddy or FRS Health Energy Drinks - they are both paragons of integrity.

z1ny 7 years ago

yes yes, Maddie Karlsson for vice-president!

Patrick 7 years ago


I'm in marketing and just about every company does what you claim is unethical....sorry, there is no santa claus either.

Unregistered 7 years ago

>>I'm in marketing and just about every company does what you

>>claim is unethical....sorry, there is no santa claus


That makes it OK!! Everyone is behaving unethically so it's fine! Wheeeee!!! No consequences!!!

Lawl 7 years ago

Spokesperson has a great hyperlink!

Kel 7 years ago

I noticed the pictures aren't who they say they are either. I've looked up Maddie Karlsson because I'm an art student and that was a great picture of someone in motion to practice drawing. My search led me here and no where else is there any mention of that runner that I could find. Makes me wonder about them.

Easley 7 years ago


Unless "Maddie" was a big-name athlete, you wouldn't be giving out that kind of information about her. unless, of course, it was a made-up name so you could use her as a marketing ploy. America is so screwed up anymore.

Anthony 7 years ago

Not that FRS makes any claims that quercetin improves performace (only that you'll feel you have more energy), but I found this study that states there was no benefit to performance in a study performed at the University of Georgia:

So if your looking for it to improve your performance you may want to think twice as it seems the science doesn't support such results will be obtained.

Mike 6 years ago

Maddie Karlsson is on Facebook, folks - look her up.

wayne's world 6 years ago

bunch of crooks-this is gonna bite you in the butt scammers!

bob 6 years ago


Bill 6 years ago

Pen15 no doubt.. and maddie karlsson is on facebook because the "spokesperson" created a fake account for her. :p

Running Dr 6 years ago

Maddie is hot and that is how I ended up here. Would I drink FRS? No! That is what your body is supposed to do when properly nourished whether that be through your diet or vitamin supplementation - scavenge free radicals. One example is glutathione. Anyway. Have a good day all. And whoever is in that pic on MapMy_____, is definitely hot, that was my real point.


What? 6 years ago

I think we are all forgetting someone....lance armstrong!! surprised his name hasnt come up yet in this debate. He's got hella credibility, right?

me 6 years ago

I miss Nora Tobin, WOW

Sooooprize 6 years ago

Sorry to bust the cynics' bubbles, but Maddie Karlsson is more than real. I've met her many times.

She's also a sweet, charming person who works like heck at her profession.

The one time I tried a sample of FRS I liked its effects right before a run. No other personal experience with it.

I suspect it's good stuff.

Maddie Karlsson 6 years ago

I may be a real person but that picture on the website is definitely not me.

PGage35 profile image

PGage35 6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

I personally have not tried the FRS Energy drink, but I keep hearing people talk about the ordering scam. I have seen the product on the market and also heard that the company has just raised 24 million dollars to further market the product. This site ( alot of information about beverages.

NEW TO THE PRODUCT 6 years ago

Just read the ingidents for the 'Healthy' chews starts with sugar then corn syrup (5 gms in every two chews) followed by artifical flavours.

Rationer 6 years ago

some of you people r stupid, and think you know what ur talking about! FRS contains very little caffiene, so that is not what give you the boost. coach levi is right, but add in the fact there are some vitamins in there that ARE proven to work with the other ingredients to give you enuff getup n go without any jitters. BTW if ur a big junk eater/drinker your not going to feel it like you would if you lived a more healthy lifestyle. get edjucated before you slam stuff!

Edjucated Person 6 years ago

Wow Rationer! You do sound "edjucated". I will take your word for it.

Sara 6 years ago

This is how real Maddie is and it's definitely her in the photos

Ronnie 6 years ago

Wow. This is interesting..

Funny..Im a full time athlete and live a very healthy lifestyle. I started using FRS not long ago and can tell the benefits almost immediatly. I have done alot of personal research on all supplements I use including this one. Alot of you skeptics sound very...stupid! most of you probably do not live very active lives & get online to complain with your sorry little friends. I have had no problems with the product or auto ship please do us all a favor and shut the F&*k up....thank you!

Craig 6 years ago

For what it's worth, I tried it and really did notice a difference. Felt like a clean energy. Not jittery or anything like I get from coffee(hence why I don't drink it). I noticed a very very noticeable difference in the endurance I had in my long distance runs.

I'm a believer.

Source: high level, previous D1 athlete who has tried a number of supplements through the years and as a result is fairly well in tune with his body.

Andy 6 years ago

Most people that "feel a difference" when they take this stuff are have a psychological effect. They perceive they feel better and the brain (which is all powerful) makes that happen. I'm sure if they ever did placebo testing on this stuff they would find out (like every other super drink / mix) that eating a healthy diet has the same exact effect. Not that there is anything wrong with someone "feeling" better when they start taking something; good for them. For me though I'll just eat right and save my cash to buy some Maddie Karlsson posters.

so u know... 6 years ago

Ajay Chhabra 6 years ago

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purity12lover 6 years ago

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Energy Shot, have one today!

karim 6 years ago

did Lance Armstrong use frs during his tour wins? iam not sure but it is a new product. i tried it and fell asleep after a glass !!!

bob 4 years ago

the anti whatevers dont create energy, they fight the stuff thats blocking our body to make energy. so our bodies make the energy themselves. im a regular guy and have been useing it since it came out. frs works for me and my friend is a lab researcher and showed me how frs works when i didnt believe it at first

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