Face Lift Yoga or Face Lift Surgery?

Cheek Option

Firm up droopy cheeks
Firm up droopy cheeks

Mother Nature's footprints

Facial yoga can be the answer to the age old question - "Can I maintain a youthful appearance in my latter years”. Should I spent time to avert the aging process of Mother Nature's footprints across my face? A valid question. However, activities will keep a muscle strong and tone while inactivity will deplete any muscle. The face is made up of several muscles and facial yoga is an easy effective way of keeping the facial muscles active, firm, youthful and glowing with vitality. It's a perfect anti aging solution.

You can certainly turn back the clock by using facial yoga resistance and isometric muscle contractions to tighten and firm up your facial features requiring the use of only your thumbs and fingers. This does not mean that you will instantly regain your youthful appearance to rivals the results of any plastic surgery method but in due time you definitely can.

Facial Yoga

Without Face Lift Surgery
Without Face Lift Surgery

Stopping Facial Muscles Elongation

Cosmetic surgery offers a temporary solution to looking younger. However, the tightening of facial muscles, is a technique that's supposed to provide longevity to the surgical operation but muscles deflate with age and when inactive; plus the surgery carries risk to facial muscles and nerves. Facial skin tightening involves the pealing back of your facial skin, the removal of excess fat and skin, then the skin is stretched back and sown into place. Nevertheless, due to the skin's ability to sag without activities or to stretch out over time with age. Eventually, the surgery will have to be repeated in due time, maybe again and again. With facial yoga, your muscles become stronger with exercise, the skin becomes tighter, looks revitalized and firm. And to your conveniently, facial yoga workouts can easily be performed any time at home.

The muscles of the body will elongate as they become less active while we age or even for a young person living a sedentary lifestyle. In time, The facial muscles will elongate just like the buttocks or arm muscles. Facial muscles need activities just like the muscles of the body to retain it's firmness, tone and vigour. In reality, by the time one reaches the age of fifty-five, the muscles in the face are usually elongated to about a half inch from it's original point. The demise in muscle tone is due to the results of muscle atrophy and the nature of gravity.

Facial Yoga

Chin and Neck Yoga
Chin and Neck Yoga

Effects of Muscle Atrophy

As we age, our muscles eventually deplete, especially our facial feature due to lack of physical activities. As a matter of fact, we talk, sing, laugh, shout, chuckle, etc. to a much lesser degree resulting in less facial activities. The lack of physical activities soften the muscle tissues, basically causing us to age with muscular atrophy. Thus, The only way to safely and effectively rejuvenate your facial muscles is through facial yoga. Facial exercises will strengthen, tighten and firm-up the facial muscles to better support firmer, glowing, healthier skin.

The facial muscles elongation effects can be seen all over a person's face. There is almost an extra half an inch added to the length of the forehead, the eye area suffers to the downward movement that compresses the eyebrows. For instance, the cheeks "apples" may not be that prominent anymore, even when a smile is made, instead of viewing firmness higher in the cheeks, the muscle tissues seem flatten halfway between the nose and mouth.

Forehead Yoga Lift

Facial Yoga exercises
Facial Yoga exercises

Starting a Facial Yoga Program

How to Start a facial yoga program and successfully incorporate it as part of your daily fitness routine. You'll be doing exactly the same daily workout but including a few simple facial yoga exercises to keep your facial muscles firm, tone and well conditioned like the rest of your body. It's not unusual to see a fit person with a sculpted figure without any contour to the face. The person's body is fit and in good shape but the face is aging and lax from years of inactivity.

The benefit of facial yoga apart from bringing beauty to your features is, it's easy, simple to do and even easier to initiate. These simple procedures will remain with you for the rest of your life and they can be done anytime or anywhere at your convenience. The first thing I noticed after a facial workout was the adrenaline rush, it sort of awakes you with the extra circulation to face or the head but I certainly got a rush. And that's the precise reason I started my daily fitness workout with 15 minutes of facial yoga before and after my workout.

Plastic Surgery

Wrinkle Free Facial Yoga
Wrinkle Free Facial Yoga

Anti Aging Remedy

Before starting facial yoga, take a few photos of your face, especially the areas you need to improve upon. This will help to track your progress but will also inform you as per which facial area you need to exercise more. Update your photos every week in a linear way as to compare before and after results within a certain time frame. After a few months, pay attention to family, colleagues and friends as they begin to notice and mention that something is definitely youthful about you.

Facial Yoga is literally a challenge in regainning the youthfulness in you. You will be in possesion of methods that will allow you to maintain a youthful appearance for the rest of your life. Your face will glow with radiance from increased oxygen supplied to firm features that was once sagging and drooping from inactivity. Now anyone in need of a face lift can in time glow with radiance with face lift yoga without surgery.

Facial Yoga versus Facial Surgery

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