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Facial Appearances

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Facial and Physical Fitness

Having a lean, fit body is not for a privileged few but for anyone with a desire to get in shape and stay fit. If you want a fit, lean body, you'll have to go to the gym or start a fitness program such as cycling, jogging, walking, something cool as yoga or do at least twenty crunches before retiring for the night. It doesn't matter how you feel about exercising, only physical workouts could really tone and shape your muscles. The question to ask yourself is, why wouldn't you include training your facial muscles as well to prevent wrinkles and elongated jowls?

Forehead Lift Yoga

Facial Workouts
Facial Workouts

Fitness and Facial Yaga

Just about everyone will love to retain a youthful, unwrinkled face but unfortunately for us, the little facial defects come with age. The first signs of crow's feet appears visible around the age of thirty. Nonetheless, if you exercise your facial muscles as you do with the rest of your body, you could actually get the same results or effect as a cosmetic face lift. You could retain or attain your youthful features without surgery.

Have you ever noticed a great, fit looking woman or man with sagging facial muscles? It's not uncommon. That's mainly because most people have never considered incorporating facial exercises as part of their fitness program. It's needless to say, muscles need to be exercised to stay tone and firm and the facial muscles are no exception. Simple face exercises can provide effective results. A few minutes per day of facial exercising can tone your features. How much more would it complement and complete your appearance? Maybe like looking great without the sagging features?

Face Lift Yoga

Wendy Wilken facial aerobics practitioner
Wendy Wilken facial aerobics practitioner | Source

Healthy Complexion Exercises

The following exercises are simple, very easy to do but should be done daily for best results. You don't even need to put aside time or start a routine. All that's needed is a bit of improvisation with whatever you're doing or where ever you may be. For instance, the exercises can be practice in the car, while watching television or even while browsing the Internet. By exercising your facial muscles, your circulation will improve and your muscles will gain firmness and volume. With daily workouts, you can achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. Your facial muscles will become tone and tighter where they sag. Your skin will glow with vigor and vitality. Facial exercises are a natural anti ageing solution. The best time to start the following face exercises is right here, right now, so give them a try!

Facial Yoga Exercises

Exercise 1:

With lips firmly close, draw your mouth as far as possible to the left and then in the opposite direct far to right. Repeat the left to right movements at least twenty times. For newbies, do ten times per side then release, relax. Repeat another ten times per side. Do not strain nor sprain jaw but make an effort to become fluid with the movement.

Exercise 2:

Say 'a'. Say twenty times with gaping mouth 'AAA'.

Exercise 3:

Making the same gaping sounds with the following letters E, I, O, U, C, M, W, Y and Z. Emphasize the pronunciation of the letters, the more facial muscles you use, the better.

Exercise 4:

Create the shape of a kiss with your mouth and then stretch your mouth as wide open as possible. Repeat movements twenty five times. When first starting, divide into ten per session, release, relax in between sessions.

Exercise 5:

Inflate your cheeks as much as you possibly can and hold inflated cheeks for as long as you can. Then pucker your lips and slowly let the air escape from your mouth. Repeat ten times. Good for removing laugh lines and crow's feet.

Exercise 6:

This one takes a bit of concentration but it's a good exercise for the eyes as well. With mouth close, open your eyes as wide as you possibly can without raising your eyebrows, but focus on opening eyes wide open. At the same time making sure your forehead completely clears. Hold for a moment, then release, relax. Do this thirty times. Start with sessions of tens, relax in between sessions.

Exercise 7:

Open mouth wide, stick your tongue out stretching it until you can actually see the tip of your tongue. Hold for three seconds, relax for five. Do this ten times.

Getting Rid of Day Wrinkles

Prevention is always better than cure, which means protecting your skin from the sun as well. A good, natural sunscreen with lots of vitamin ā€œCā€ works really well. Remember to do your daily facial exercises and let everyone wonder what is your secret to radiating a vital glowing complexion.

Many Faces of Facial Yoga

Use Your Facial Muscles to the Max
Use Your Facial Muscles to the Max | Source

How to Remove Bags From Under Your Eyes with Face Exercises!

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