Facebook Can Trigger an Asthma Attack, Really?

What is the relation between the facebook with the Asthma disease? It was indeed difficult to imagine to know the relation between these two different variables.

But, unlike that experienced of the 18 years old Italian. Asthma suffered by teenage boy are expected to recur after broken-up the relationship by his girlfriend on Facebook. Not only that, his ex-girlfriend also remove the teenager from the list of friends.

According to the doctors, in fact some time ago, his asthma was cured. Even, the medical records on asthma disease history shows that teens are already free of this respiratory disease.

The teenager's mother, said his asthma relapsed after his breakup. And he also often monitor his ex-girlfriend Facebook pages. He could not accept the fact that his ex-girlfriend has a new male friends on Facebook.

Intrigued by reports the mother of the patient, the doctor asked the patient to wear a mask airflow, and measure the respiratory flow, every time he access Facebook.

Sure enough, his breathing volume fell as soon as he logged into Facebook, sometimes more than 20 percent.

After getting help from a psychiatrist, the patient is determined not to log in to Facebook again and stop asthma attacks.

Patients known to have no other physical problems that didn't want in the medical history. They concluded the attack was due to stress when logging on Facebook that trigger asthma.

"Psychological stress is a cause of asthma attacks",as quoted by the Daily Mail. "This shows that Facebook and other social networks could become a new source of psychological stress."

Claim the doctors in Italy had received support from a number of observers of asthma in the UK. Because, almost 70 percent of patients with asthma had an attack in times of stress.

A group of doctors in Italy suggested that people with asthma to be careful in using the social networking site such as Facebook. As quoted by The Lancet Medical Journal asthma attack triggered by psychological stress.

Another information relating to the internet and being in front of computer too long.

According to Imperial College London study, exposure to electric fields from electronic equipment such as computers in the long run in the room may be increasing the risk of disease.

As a result, respiratory inflammation, infections and even asthma by small particles such as bacteria and viruses can invade the body.

As quoted from ITNews, Imperial College asserts that the risk of this disease may be much larger than previously thought.

But the good news, simple measures can reduce the risk of the disease. The influence of the electric field will make disease-causing particles accumulate in the skin and lung tissue thus increasing the likelihood of infection and interfere with the respiratory system.

In fact, these particles can pile resulted in the number of toxins out of bounds and the cause of asthma.

Furthermore, particulate contamination is difficult to overcome because the numbers continue to rise rapidly under high voltage electric field.

In addition, the electric field is also known to reduce the amount of molecular oxygen, a kind of useful ions enhance biological function and kills harmful microbes in the human body.

Meanwhile, the level of the electric field that occurs is also influenced by the level of air humidity. Humidity below 20-30 percent increases the likelihood of the incident particle buildup and infection.

However, minor precautions can be done to overcome such risks to ensure the cable is revoked if the appliance is not used, make sure the air is not too humid and use materials that can reduce the level of the electric field.

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sangre 5 years ago from Ireland

Voted up!

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WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thank you sangre for stoping by, and being affirmative

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parrster 5 years ago from Oz

This was interesting, especially the bit about the impact of electronic devices on health. voted up

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WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Hello parrster, thank you for reading and commenting

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KateWest 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA


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WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thank you KateWest, please come back :)

anemometers profile image

anemometers 5 years ago from Anemometer Installation Areas

This was interesting for me because I have a problem using Facebook. Some people got the idea that I was potentially in a higher income bracket and started following me on Facebook. I can't believe how many people want to follow me so now I don't login to Facebook anymore. I think that it could be dangerous for certain professionals to use it.

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

thanks anemometers for reading. I'm not a celebrities who have many fan, so I don't need to add many of follower. I only add friends whom I know well especially old friends who we had nice memories in the past and are far away, and only share with them.

Too bad you don't login to your facebook anymore...

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BeatsMe 5 years ago


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