Faith Healing and Bible Scriptures- Is There Only One Way for God to Work Miracles in People’s Lives?

A number of people have been practicing a limited form of faith healing. In some cases, men, women or children have died because these individuals thought that Jesus could only heal in the way that they expected. SallyTx recently wrote an article about this situation.

What is Faith? - Trust in God

I personally believe that this speaks to a deeper issue. The issue of how we expect God to work. Yes, God can heal us without us having to do anything at all but He does not always heal in this way. Sometimes we are required to take some sort of action.

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I think we’ve been sold an idea that all healing by God must take place spontaneously and without any type of action on our part and that just isn’t so. Miraculous healings take place every day.

Surgeons who God has guided and blessed through all the years of medical school, take their place alongside other qualified medical personnel and remove tumors that would seem impossible to get out without killing the patient. That is a miracle. The hand of God is present in all of those situations, guiding the hands of the people who are working.

The Bible clearly states that in him we move and have our being. This means that in actuality, we cannot do anything without the power of God at work, whether we acknowledge it or not.

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Faith is a verb. We exercise faith in order to see results. Faith is what we have until we actually see the thing that we are hoping for come to pass. When we have faith, we produce actions, such as soaking a throbbing foot in warm water, in accordance with that faith.

For example, if you believe that God has placed plants on the earth that can fight cancer, you will search and do the necessary research until you find those plants. Your faith would drive you to take action. It would be strange to think that you would just step right outside your door and find a plant that specifically tackles pancreatic cancer.

It may happen in one or two cases but most of the time people have to go further to find what God has already placed on the earth. So why then would people assume that because God healed someone they know of cancer without using a route that involved a surgeon that He guided, or a plant He placed on the earth, or some other method, that He must do the same for them too?

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It doesn’t work that way. God is the Creator. That’s the word we get creative from. That indicates that He always finds new and different ways to create. Expecting God to take the same route with healing every time is like expecting an artist to keep painting the same exact picture all the while.

Please look at some of these examples of healing in the Scriptures to find just a few of the diverse ways in which God heals people:

2 Kings 5- Naaman’s healing- Naaman had to get involved in his healing. He had to take action.

John 9- The man born blind. Jesus was present with the man but still choose to use materials from the earth in the healing.

Mark 5:21-43, Matt 9:18-26, Luke 8:40-56- Once again, God did what seemed impossible. However, He did not do it in the way that many people would have expected. Jairus was open to Jesus working in any way He saw fit. As a dedicated father, Jairus didn’t go in with an expectation that one particular method was the only one that God could use to heal his daughter.

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SallyTX profile image

SallyTX 3 years ago from Only In Texas!

Very good points JTrader, and thanks for the mention! It's like that old joke about the man sitting on a rooftop waiting to be saved from a flood. He turned away a boat and helicopter because he was waiting for God to save him. Eventually, he was overcome by the flood and drowned. When he faced God he asked why he had not been spared and God said, "I sent you a boat, and I sent you a helicopter. What did you want?"

Voted up and awesome! ;D

jtrader profile image

jtrader 3 years ago Author

I remember that one ;-)

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